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 Scientist Says UNLESS PREVENTED SUN EXPLODES July 16, 2024 [ 0 comments - 2260 reads ]
 10-08-14 Two Tests Show Gravity Propagates From c To Instant At What Distances [ 0 comments - 2279 reads ]
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"I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act." Buddha

Here is our fate unless we act.
"Missing Earth" crop circle.

by Dan Alter, scientist, co-inventor of the N1CL. Patent# 8566730 issued 10/22/2013
Short Autobiography

A list of the latest changes, revisions, etc to the N1CL.

Latest 11-25-15
revised Can we determine the location of our A-M conservation debt? Disconnection has at least two more opportunities. The e|Phi article is relevant.

Why CO2 STOPS absorbing infrared well below 400 ppm. I believe we can not cooperate to stop Earth's Anti-Matter debt unless we can handle this easy to resolve public scientific disagreement first. Why discussed below.

The solution is simple, use the N1CL to answer public challenges to our "leaders" often deliberately incorrect public assertions.

The Missing Earth link shows the original working picture I used to discover the asteroid conjunction shown in the ME, mis-spelling included. The ME is 346' in diameter and was placed down on the night of June 25-26, 1995.

Now that is a serious statement to make about someones home planet, isn't it?

Anybody think whoever did this was joking?

Is there a theoretical mechanism that does predict why and how living planets will eventually go missing? There is: I deduced this mechanism from first premises in February 1991. The Feb. 1, 1992 Science News cover shows what Earth's complete vaporization looks like.

The theory that predicts this event for all living planets that stay alive long enough, directly implies it can be prevented. Prevention requires we know precisely where our A-M debt is at. Can we determine the location of our A-M conservation debt?

I thought the rest of you might be interested in taking a flier at preventing this fate. Prevention requires public cooperation.

"No fate but what we make." from "Terminator 2".

Since I have been warning you in public since April 2005 on this site not one stranger has asked me a question about it, not one. You or any of our leaders could have asked me a question like, "Why can we prevent this event?" or "How do we verify this prediction?".

Instead over 4.5 million hits later, not one question which raises the question WHY?

Partially because I haven't said it well enough, but mostly because we are a not self aware society shown by our refusal to speak honestly in public. We are semi high tech lying savages. A stage we grow out of or Earth dies.

Example: Most of our leaders get away with lying to us publicly by not answering challenges to their facts. Not answering lets them be greedy, short sighted, and scientifically illiterate. The result, their power and privilege come before the public good.

So why do the vast majority of US citizens and citizens of other countries tolerate lies and bad facts from our tax paid public servants and other leaders???

I think it boils down one thing. No internet means no way to challenge and correct incorrect public information and lies quickly. Human nature means confrontation takes time and effort and we tend to laziness and the fear of reprisals is real, so with no central place where exposure of bad information is rewarded and protected, then this lack ensures liars and psychopaths can and do take control of our governments.

The Solution, a No 1st Cost List.

The No 1st Cost List lets us easily and quickly bring our public liars to account. As you will learn below, time is running out for us to act. Letting public lies go unchallenged seals our fate.

What is the present result of letting our leaders get away with lying to us?

No one in Earth's news, scientific, and political establishments talks in public about seeking the public = for all of us "objective" truth. The results are obvious, especially in the USA, we are fed lies, cover-ups, and propaganda leading us towards nuclear war with Russia. The US leaders want to be "Kings of Earth". An old, old story throughout our recorded history.

I am a free man, I bow to no man, especially a king. Do the rest of you think you are free persons? Then act so.

Preventing our leaders public lies quickly requires we use an invention, the No 1st Cost List. The N1CL enables any of us to verify/modify/disprove each others public assertions immediately from anywhere by using the internet, creating an immediate public discipline on those who report news to all of us.

"Objective": It takes at least two of us to create an "objective" fact. It means we agree that we can actually or inferentialy see or measure the same thing, i.e. "the fact(s)".

How do we use the N1CL to Verify its public reports?
When you report to all using the N1CL you agree to answer Challenges To Your Public Assertions from anyone using the N1CL Q&A procedures.
Real scientists and actually honest people will answer because they seek the truth, cowards and liars won't.

The Benefits
With a open to all central meeting place for News of any kind, we can discover inaccuracies in reports to create verified news we all can rely on. Above all, we can expose when and how our present leaders use lies, propaganda, assassinations, and many other illegal acts to separate the citizens of Earth from each other by causing wars. Criminal practices we must stop if Earth is to survive.

Above is a terrible prediction. To prevent it demands we seek the truth together in public. The No 1st Cost List enables us to do that. Your choice. We will see.

Since the N1CL's News interface enables anyone to report, criticize, defend, or independently verify any kind of NEWS for all to see.
Therefore the latest changes and corrections to previous reports are crucial.
11-25-15 A list of the latest additions, edits, revisions, changes to N1CL site.

Latest edit of this Front Page(FP) was done on 11-25-15

In order to figure out "What Must Be Done?", we first must figure out "What is our exact situation?" now. Started 5-08-15 below.

Some crucial recent changes:

Revised topic 11-22-15, 11-11-15, 9-28-15 Can we determine where our A-M conservation debt is?

7-17-15 There are two questions that must be answered to do a disconnection using a FTL star ship. 1. Why is the speed of light exactly 186,000 miles per second? That answer comes from deducing the basic geometric ratio in a Moebius geometry universe that directly predicts the speed of c across M surface using Planck's constant. Done??(How & Why please). 2. Exactly where is our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter, so we can go to it with a FTL star ship and deflect it from its course? By using the Pythagorean Theorem properly this can be done. See e|Phi article.

A real need is, "I need some useful questions from the rest of you.". My getting upset over no questions is no help. I brought it on myself. I am a loner, I decided on this way and I stick to my guns. I have finally come to the realization that staying steadfast with this site and then you will be given the piece of public information needed to trigger public action. So being human sooner would make me feel better. Deeds speak.

Added topic 3-21-15, The one basic civic duty required of all citizens who want freedom.

Edit 2-02-15: A ToDo by others ASAP Tests proving Gravity propagates FTL

Edited 4-22-15 On using zero to create the base Moebius equation.

12-23-14 Two Message Tree entries, one on unnatural conjunction between two asteroids in the Missing Earth crop circle shows exactly when our conservation debt arrives on Earths orbit across the Sun from us. It will be moving at half the speed of light. Twenty five minutes later our vaporization begins as the Barbary Castle circle shows.

12-11-14 Edited Why the asteroid conjunction in the "Missing Earth" shows us the time left to prevent Earth from being vaporized.

Edited 4-27-15 Where & How we can go Faster than Light

"How to figure out What Must Be Done"

There is one sure way of stopping this event. When well over half of the multi cellular life forms on Earth die in less than one year before July 16,2024 . Since, by inspection, we are NOT a unified people who know how the Natural Laws of our universe work, we could not cause or simulate this die off for ourselves unless we agree in public to do so. A little over nine years to go. Fortunately there is a less expensive prevention method.

What do I think our situation is? Started 5-08-15, last edit 7-17-15.
Below this section has not been edited and contains redundancies, I will get to them soon.

Above all, we are a people without an agreed upon Public Moral Standard

6-13-15 A ToDo The result of no agreed moral standard is shown by your universal refusal to answer public objections to your facts and reasoning. Everything I have said above amounts to a massive public objection, yet not one response. Below in the next section I insist we deal with one FALSE scientific assertion that CO2 can cause global warming. It is easily proven that it can't. A practice run. Unless you are willing to out this scientific fraud, you obviously can not be trusted to deal with our Sun danger.

Since such a standard does exist, proven by our own actions, then those who live by this standard and who have the means control our fate. Right now that is the E-Ts, since we let our leaders keep secret the E-Ts control over them.

How we deal with the E-Ts is the key to saving Earth.

After realizing only E-Ts could have put down the Barbary Castle circle on February 19, 1992, I have worked on explaining their behavior towards us. Since only someone who had made the theoretical prediction that these living planet vaporizations occurred would recognize the warning, the circle was more to assuage their consciences than us.

David Jacobs in his book "Secret Lives" on E-T abductees reported this exchange between a lady abductee and her E-T abductor. "You have no right to do this to me." the E-T answered, "Yes we do.". A moral question with a moral answer. Notice the E-T said "we", implying a societal decision.
The crop circles are obviously very old ritual hieroglyphs, elegantly said.

When you know there is a certain method for saving a living planet and some of its inhabitants, a method that involves killing most of them, What is your moral duty?".

By the E-Ts behavior, the question is answered. The survival of the planet and some of us is worth more than the death of all. It is not a close decision, just awful to be forced to make it.

It looks like the E-Ts who warned us with the crop circles want to save the planet and as many of us as possible. It looks like they may, by inaction, help us by letting the USA goad Russia into a thermonuclear war. That would explain why our E-T visitors are not contacting us publicly and our leaders are building all these underground shelters for themselves.

The E-Ts are being ethical and as "humane" as possible given what they must do to try and save as many as possible. Clearly they do not believe we could knowingly kill most of us to save Earth. I prefer a less drastic method.

Since there is possibly another less drastic way of disconnecting our A-M debt, I think who gets saved and how we do it should be up to the citizens of Earth, not people from off planet.

Death smiles upon us all, are we going to smile back together?

I don't want to say more now.

As stated above, we deal with this false assertion by Obama and other politicians and many so called scientists before I will answer questions on my Sun prediction.

A glaring example of why the N1CL is a necessity to create accurate unfiltered News on any subject?

The blocking of public debate on whether or not CO2 can cause global warming.
The warmists call anyone who disagrees with them a denier and end all discussion. That is always a strong clue in any scientific argument that the proponents actually can't prove their case. Here I show that elementary gas physics says CO2 can't cause global warming, unless the 300 year old Beer-Lambert Law does not hold anymore, despite 300 years of published evidence showing it does hold.

This public debate on the public assertion that CO2 causes global warming, a possible big hole in the dike must be held now, or we will not talk rationally about a much bigger hole.

Now you can participate in demanding we have this public debate in a real unbiased central place in front of all, so the rest of us can verify or disprove the public assertion that CO2 causes global warming.

I Am Reporting A Real Hole In The Dike Our Leaders and Present Establishment Scientists Refuse To VERIFY.
Our Sun is going to explode and theory says prevention is possible.

Why we have a conservation debt that will cause our Sun to explode on July 16, 2024 unless prevented.

Fortunately, our debts existence is amply verified by many scientific reports and the theory that predicts this debt says
prevention is possible.

So far none of you want to talk about our Sun exploding. I do understand why and it would be nice to be shown wrong, but that takes public acknowledgement that the prediction exists.

So why don't we first do a practice run showing how a N1CL can correct public lies and mis-statements by our leaders about global warming. Then maybe we can step up to preventing a real global warming problem.

Calling someone a public liar is a strong charge,
but there is strong evidence this charge is true. Our leaders have caught knowingly feeding us public lies about global warming.
Someones in power have paid public monies to some so called scientists to deliberately falsify the long term worldwide official public records of temperatures. Falsifying data is a mortal scientific sin, and a felony when public monies are used.

Someones consciously falsified the data. I demand we find out who did this? We must stop this behavior by leaders. Why our leaders do this is because they have got away with lying. Since time immemorial leaders have not had to admit errors in their public statements and actions. If we continue to let them get away with lying we all die at the same time.

How do we fix this behavior?
Start with this proven public lie, the deliberate changing of temperature records to show non existent CO2 caused global warming, and demand retraction by the IPCC and the Obama administration.

Above all, it must be a mortal sin for a public official to encourage or tolerate anyone using public resources to lie to us.

A question for our leaders, while you claim CO2 causes global warming when elementary gas physics says it can't, why do you ignore many real environmental threats like my prediction our Sun will explode, especially since it could be prevented?

Does your greed for money and power mean we all have to die including you, as long as you don't have to admit your mistakes and crimes? As a scientist, I seek the truth no matter what, why don't you and why don't we as a people?

The No 1st Cost List is designed to help us seek the truth no matter what. The real question is do you want to? It is a choice each of you face who read these words.

Verification of News Reports uses
the N1CL Question & Answer Procedures
that treat everyone the same, so we can resolve disagreements fair and square.

The huge public benefit from having a central place where we can collect News presently ignored by governments and the Main Stream Media is that we can now identify real problems and crimes of omission and commission carried out by our establishments. This makes it possible to learn much faster how our universe and our governments work in front of all, on the record, thus creating honest, truthful verified information we all can rely on.

"Objective": It takes at least two of us to create an "objective" fact. It means we agree that we can actually or inferentially see or measure the same thing, i.e. "the fact(s)".

Our leaders think that starting wars is more important than saving Earth. What about you? Stopping war requires some us to use the N1CL to stop our leaders lying to us, and to verify the "objective" evidence for this scientific prediction,

so we can be able to prevent our Sun from exploding on July 16, 2024.

Why can we prevent this explosion?

Because it is literally life on Earth that creates a conservation debt made of Ant-Matter. Once we realize how and why we create our conservation debt then we have a shot at diverting it from hitting our Sun.

It is going to take full public cooperation by our political leaders if we are to survive. We must pay the public costs of demanding they report accurate facts to us all the time, no matter the political costs to them. It is the peoples responsibility to see they do, for the people not to do so makes us a favorite for our galaxy's Darwin Award. Good riddance to a species that chooses to lie to themselves.

Prevention is directly implied by the fundamental theory that predicts why our Sun will explode.

This theory is conclusively confirmed by published scientific reports, Why Earth has a Conservation Debt, Theory and Evidence.

Creating accurate Public Information is simple, real leaders and scientists like myself will agree to answer public questions from anyone about their public statements.

This Agreement to Answer is the operational foundation of the N1CL.
See the Question & Answer Procedures below for exactly how these Q & A dialogues work.

For Example. How can we quickly and objectively resolve this question? All it takes is an AGW supporter to challenge my assertion and science before all here on the N1CL..

Until we can publicly agree on scientifically why CO2 caused global warming is not possible, we are clearly incapable of working together to stop our Sun from exploding. God forbid that our AGW scientists and politicians admit they are mistaken in public. Oh, the horror.
Why CO2 STOPS absorbing infrared below 400 ppm in our atmosphere.

How does the No 1st Cost List
create trusted, verified "objective" NEWS about anything;
for example, preventing our Sun from exploding on July 16, 2024, or does CO2 cause global warming?

Simple, anyone who makes a public assertion potentially affecting all of us, has agreed to answer questions from anyone using Q&A procedures that cause the asserter and the questioner to verify or identify objectively what we are Disagreeing about. These procedures make everyone an equal before all.

So to create accurate scientific facts that confirm/disprove natural Laws ordered by basic theory then potentially any of us must be able to verify or disagree on an equal basis. That public ability is what the N1CL creates quickly if we choose to use it. Not just me, it takes we.

Proving this date, requires you to read and think, then help put pressure on our astronomers to verify the conjunction. Maybe a group of astronomers could confirm the asteroid conjunction shown in the Missing Earth crop circle. How to find which two asteroids are shown in the ME.

Why all living planets have an Anti-Matter conservation debt rests on a simple premise. Moving our bodies around without a visible cause is not free. A conserved universe means No Free Lunch ever, so stop distracting yourself by lying to yourselves and us.

"Objective": It takes at least two of us to create an "objective" fact.
We agree that we can potentially see or measure the same 'facts".

Right now it looks like our leaders are lying us into more wars, but public agreement to verify this prediction can put our wars on hold for a bit so we can prevent all of us from frying, and not only from a nuclear war. Cooperation gives us a slim chance. All live or all die, our choice to try.

The real question is: Why would the E-Ts give us the minimal warning without a "How To Prevent" attached? These conservation deaths of living planets can and have been prevented in the past through a rare disastrous "natural" cause, because the universe is expanding. However non-disastrous prevention requires Faster Than Light(FTL) space travel. For the E-Ts to disconnect our conservation debt for us would necessarily wind up giving us the time to develop FTL travel. And that is assuming they actually know how, which I suspect they may at best know in theory.

Given the complete failure by our political and business leaders, and all other citizens to agree and abide by an "objective" public moral code, Giving us or allowing us to develop FTL would be giving us the means to attack other E-T civilizations with thermonuclear weapons and worse, wouldn't it? The E-Ts are not suicidal, and our leaders like war, don't they?

Yet the E-Ts have an obligation to save life when they can as do we, so they have given us the minimal warning. We have been given the opportunity to choose to become civilized honest truth seeking intelligent offspring of the Great Spirit. All we have to do is choose in public to marshal the resources to do our own disconnection. In short, grow up.

Below I am going to discuss why and how we choose to be so morally blind. It is a choice. That will explain why I am not going to give more explanations of the theoretical underpinnings for going FTL, until I am asked by you and our political leaders for help in public through the N1CL. We are going to all live on together with an agreed upon public "objective" fair and square for all moral code, or we are all going to die at the same time.

A poll. Just register, anonymous handle if you like, with a good email. We won't give your email to anyone else.

Are you going to demand our present leaders publicly check out my evidence and do my suggested tests?

Earth is going to be vaporized on July 16, 2024 at 16:32 UT unless we unite under a common "objective" moral standard to face an all die danger.

"How Are We going Prevent It?" is the question.

How is simple? When some of you become members of the N1CL. Full members have agreed to answer questions and challenges from anyone within a stipulated time,
as long as they agrees to use the N1CL Question & Answer(Q&A)Procedures.
For example, anyone who claims they do "objective" science, or run an honest business.
By registering as a Full Member, then you show you stand behind your public words because you have agreed to respond to questions from anyone, as I have.

The N1CL uses Questions from Anyone(Q&A) to verify the accuracy of anyone's reports on the N1CL public record, as long as the questioner agrees to respond in turn until an agreement on Ending the Q&A Dialogue is reached using the N1CL's Question & Answer Procedures(Q&A).

Then the rest of us can comment and vote on whether the Question was resolved, as anyone can anonymously comment in the non question forums.

Why do we need the N1CL now?

Two reasons, First, to answer the question, "Why July 16, 2024?"; and second, to stop our public lying to one another.

Every link in the causal chain describing these unique Sun explosions has been "objectively" confirmed by our scientists published reports, but predicting when requires measurements made from the other side of the Sun, except for one measurement our astronomers can do from Earth. The asteroid conjunction.

Fixing our public lying is required to checkout this dire prediction.

How do our leaders get away with their lies?

Because real disagreements with what our politicians are doing, how our scientists 'prove' their assertions, and how businesses conduct their business Are Not Answered. In short, the big ignore. We will all die by inaction should we let our leaders get away with Not Verifying the above prediction, That means, especially those of you who claim to be scientists, have chosen to be blind eyes.

Fellow citizens you now have a way to stop our leader's crimes. We will see. Deeds speak, not silence. You do believe our leaders serve us, not we them, don't you?

How Will Earth Be Vaporized? Public Questioning Please?

Life only becomes possible when the spirits that animate our bodies can defer the cost of initiating movement by our life forms for awhile. The bill has come due.

Earth's destruction looks like this. This is the Barbary Castle crop circle. One of Gerard Hawkins proofs of a geometric theorem never before published on Earth in ancient or modern mathematical literature explained in the Geometric Harvest article.

It shows the ray of pure energy coming from our Sun reaching Earth at the one spoke circle, pushing Earth further out and heating us up very rapidly shown by the six spoke circle, and then finishing up with the nicest 'you just been vaporized' symbol you could ask for. Takes about 85 seconds.

Yet none of you want to verify that all living planets, including Earth create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter that will eventually make their Sun explode in a unique manner. A strange response, since there is a chance to prevent your own and your loved ones deaths.

Why are you so unrealistic???

Right now, by tacit agreement, we are a Three Monkey Society. That's because we haven't had a No 1st Cost List to give us the means to know who can be trusted in public.

Without a N1CL no one admits they are wrong or mistaken in public, and rarely in private. At the top of the "never wrong" list are those who publish news and ads for all. They refuse to answer questions from anyone about what they publish, especially questions by those who challenge their facts and conclusions. This makes it impossible for us to create verified "objective" news for all. Without verified good information from one another, dishonest people wind up running our governments, guaranteeing bad times and death for all.

We have evolved this behavior over millennia because we don't know how the universe works; so priesthoods get paid well to pretend they know. Yet one thing is sure, we know in our bones our conservation debt exists, because we spirits are physically attached to it. Because we don't admit we are spirits, we avert our eyes and minds from what we can not seemingly control.

The second part of the answer is plain old laziness, which is reinforced by thousands of years of conditioning by our sociopathic "pecking order" based leaderships who brutalize people who criticize them.

Our leaders get away with their Never Answer Public Criticisms behavior by stepping on whistleblowers. A suicidal behavior in a universe that is trying to kill us. This behavior by our leaders can be stopped by making our leaders use the N1CL.

Our present scientific and political leaders won't/can't verify that that E-Ts have warned us our Sun will explode on July 16, 2024.
It is a FACT that our leaders do business with E-Ts.

This fact is confirmed by the over 500 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses sworn by the Disclosure Project who say under oath that the USA government does direct business with E-Ts.

In addition to doing business with E-Ts, the E-T warning crop circles confirmed my theoretical prediction that we spirits must create a conservation debt was confirmed on February 10, 1992 during a conversation with Gerard Hawkins about his article "Geometric Harvest in the February 1, 1992 Science News. I have been warning us ever since.

These reported facts mandate we use the No 1st Cost list to confirm them in public. That takes public questions. So far, however, not one question from a 'stranger', since April 2005 when this warning was first posted.

What Must Be Done

Once we do start a public discussion of how to prevent this Sun explosion, we are going to need a planet emergency Captain to run the disconnection of our conservation debt. I nominate me because I have a good idea of what needs to be done. I suggest a personal services contract. Details later.

The first thing we need are Full N1CL Members to get this done. Who wants to help?

I started a practice Captain's Log to help think through what a planet emergency Captain would do and the powers required.

Latest Entry Captain's Log

Here is the heart of the List, the Q&A procedures.

They are how we question and answer one another on the record. These procedures are not for cowards. Below them are the two boxes that explain how anyone can become a member or post without cost with a message to all. Read and think.

Question & Answer(Q&A) Dialogue Procedures

Anyone can Become a Member!

Anyone can "Recommend/Not-Recommend, Warn, or Dispute Public Facts". The N1CL calls doing this a "Yes/No"!

Anyone can Question a Member's or Yes/No person's postings on their Public forum!

How Do Entries to N1CL Public Record Work:
You have 10 minutes after submission to edit, change, or delete your entry on your N1CL Public Forum or Q&A; then the entry is locked. You can always add more replies to your topic, or an answer in a Q&A dialogue to clarify until the other party answers. Also you can use open to all comment forums first to improve entry without answering questions on your comments.

To Ask a Question:
the Questioner and 'the Member or "Yes/No" person'
agree to respond in turn,
until the Questioner accepts the answer, or they agree to Disagree giving reason(s); using the 'Last Response' mechanism described below.

To Forward The Q&A Dialogue; either can check the "I beg to differ with you with reason(s)" box.

There are Four Ways to End a Q&A Dialogue:

1) The Questioner can check "I accept." and say something;

2) the Questioner can Accept by Default by not replying within 36 hour;

3) EITHER on their turn, can check 'this is my last response'; to which the OTHER can Accept by checking "I accept"; Or by Not Replying within 36 hours;

4. After stating reason(s) checks "I Disagree with the Last Response".

Changing an 'acceptance by not replying in time' to an 'I disagree' must be done during next logon.

Non-Members can not be questioned on the N1CL record about their Q&A dialogues with a Member or Yes/No person; but anyone can question their "Yes/No's".

The N1CL Interface's Best Feature

The Automatic Consequence giving users the Public workload each can handle: Unless your Dialogues are current; the N1CL Interface automatically blocks you from asking or being asked a new question.

Except for 'not replying' to a 'this is my last response'; Staying Current is a reply within 36 hours after your notice e-mail is sent. The block is automatically removed when you become current. Except for larger organizations, you can block new questions at any time by stating a reason; e.g. vacation, sick.

Show Your Honesty To All By Becoming A Member

Question a Member-'No/Yes' person |
Apply for Betamembership


Honest Businesses and People Are Not Afraid
To Answer Public Questions From Anyone,
Especially About Their Public Warnings.

FIRST WARNING & COMPLAINT stays Until Public Response On N1CL Public Record by USA President.

Scientist COMPLAINS Our Political Leaders & Scientists are IGNORING WARNING of Preventable Sun EXPLOSION on JULY 16, 2024

SECOND QUESTION "Why won't any of our elected leaders ask about a scientifically verifiable warning about a certain cataclysmic danger to all?".

Why is simple. They are all charter members of our Three Monkey Society(3MS) Leadership. They never ask, "How do my actions or inactions cost others(you)?.

I can scientifically prove why NOT enforcing our laws on leaders; always massively reduces our wealth and collective time alive. Our leaders will kill us all unless we make them act.

How we can measure a 3MS effects on the common good.

What Must Be Done

The only way we will survive this is with citizens and leaders who will swear to speak the truth in public.

A big personal benefit. Anyone can prove they "Stand Behind Their Word", especially people in government and business.

How to create Trusted News about Yourself or Anything else. Any person, business, or organization can join the No 1st Cost List after they accept these three agreements:

(1) You swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when using the N1CL Public Record;

(2) you agree to answer questions from anyone about anything you put on the N1CL public record, as long as you and the questioner;

(3) agree to the Question and Answer(Q&A) procedures and 'Best Feature' inside.

Anyone Can Ask a Question for free. No one can question a 'non-member questioner' about their Q&A dialogues.
How you can post a Yes/No for free. Anyone can post a 'Yes/No' (Recommend/Not Recommend, Warn, Dispute Public Facts), about the public actions of any person or organization; as long as they agree to answer questions from anyone, only about their Yes/No; subject to agreement (3).

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Why CO2 STOPS absorbing infrared well below 400 ppm.

Why is how we handle the massive scientific disagreement with the AGW proponents crucial to disconnecting Earth's Anti-Matter debt.

Answer: Our leaders and thus most of you will not seek the truth for all no matter what ASAP. When our society will not resolve this easy to resolve scientific disagreement, I must conclude we will not act to prevent Earth from being vaporized.

How do we prevent our Sun from exploding July 16, 2024?

9-21-12 How find the 2 conjunction asteroids in the "Missing Earth" crop circle?

This math is required.
How to use a circle to relate 'e' to Phi.

Some objective evidence.
Disclosure Project has 500 sworn govt witnesses to E-T contact.

Contact Congress

Crop Circle Connector

Disconnection ToDos

Who do we need? How can you help?

The Latest Changes Made To Site

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Dan: There is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily. George Washington
27-Nov-2015 00:05:16
Dan: OC Sure Zero Hedge comment 07/12/2015 "America We Have A Problem" The system is only "debt based" because there is a monopoly on the "monetary" system. This has everything to do with capitalism. If this were a capitalist system then the monopoly would not exist and, yes, institutions would fail. You are correct in this respect but for the wrong reason. The essence of capitalism versus all the other *isms is its moral premise. The counterfeiting system is only possible because of the use of force by the "government" i.e., the monopoly. That civilization flourishes under capitalism and the end result is that there is the highest abundance of values produced is only a bonus. It is not the economics that determines capitalism, or any other *ism. It is the use of voluntary exchange versus the use of force which determines the former and latter respectively. Again and as always, capitalism is a moral issue (that is, what are individual rights?) and the positive economics is just icing on the cake!
13-Jul-2015 06:27:57
Dan: Man can never be a woman's equal in the spirit of selfless service with which nature has endowed her. Mahatma Gandhi
02-Jun-2015 10:17:12
Dan: "Morality is the basis of things and truth is the substance of all morality." Mahatma Gandhi
02-Jun-2015 10:08:22
Dan: "Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." Helen Keller
24-May-2015 06:51:49
Dan: "I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act." Buddha
15-Mar-2015 19:49:40
Dan: Something most americans don't seem to realize, partly why we let our leaders lie to us. "To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race." Calvin Coolidge
05-Mar-2015 18:56:46
Dan: Doing real FTL star ship travel depends on redefining how we use zero in an Moebius geometry universe. Once you see its fundamental relationship with matter then what variables you must control become self-evident making building a FTL ship possible with present technology. Patentable of course. Who wants a ride off this rock? We can build a Noah's Ark simultaneously with ships needed for disconnection.
08-Jan-2015 12:10:34
Dan: Admitting we have a conservation debt in public has always been a moral question. Does original sin exist? It turns out it does for life forms to exist.
05-Jan-2015 23:13:33
Dan: To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. -Voltaire
29-Dec-2014 03:00:09
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