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We invented the N1CL to improve doing science.
Last post by Dan in On doing science. on Jan 25, 2014 at 20:09:25

How & Where we can go Faster Than Light
Last post by tbwar in n1cl-1 Dan Alter's forum on Dec 25, 2013 at 09:26:51

On using GRACE to measure Gravity speed from Sun.
Last post by Dan in n1cl-1 Dan Alter's forum on Dec 06, 2013 at 22:05:57

Engineering principles that apply to doing science.
Last post by Dan in On doing science. on Oct 19, 2013 at 12:31:15

Short autobiography
Last post by Dan in n1cl-1 Dan Alter's forum on Jul 16, 2013 at 19:19:14

Why CO2 STOPS absorbing infrared below 400 ppm(12-20-13).
Last post by Dan in Find climate change causes & how anything else affects Earth. on Jul 07, 2013 at 17:42:58

Gravity moves from c to instantly over fixed distance.
Last post by Dan in n1cl-1 Dan Alter's forum on Apr 18, 2013 at 02:22:49

What would Summation crop circle look like?
Last post by Dan in Captain's Log for Earth on Apr 05, 2013 at 23:56:59

"Global Temperatures Highest in 4000 Years" is Not True.
Last post by Dan in Dispute Public Facts on Mar 12, 2013 at 12:35:37

"The Hat" political party
Last post by Dan in Politics on Mar 10, 2013 at 22:36:19

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The No 1st Cost List
is essential for creating trusted, verified "objective" NEWS about anything, especially scientific reports like this one.

Earth is going to be vaporized on July 16, 2024 at 16:32 UT unless we cooperate in Public to prevent it, = unite to face a common danger or all die.

This prediction is NEWS that needs to be checked out quickly.

Since NEWS is for all of us, then any of us must be able to correct inaccurate public assertions ASAP. By registering as a Full Member, you can show you stand behind your words because you have agreed to respond to questions from anyone, as I have. Of course anyone can comment in the non question forums anonymously.

by Dan Alter, scientist, co-inventor of the N1CL. Patent# 8566730 issued 10/22/2013

The N1CL is the only way we can use the internet so everyone and anyone can help verify or disprove anyone's PUBLIC assertions. For example my scientific claim above.

How is the question?

The N1CL uses Questions from Anyone(Q&A) to verify the accuracy of anyone's reports on the N1CL public record, as long as the questioner agrees to respond in turn until an agreement on Ending the Q&A Dialogue is reached using the N1CL's Question & Answer Procedures(Q&A).

Then the rest of us can comment and vote on whether the Question was resolved.

Why do we need it now?

Because real disagreements with what our politicians are doing, how our scientists 'prove' their assertions, and how businesses conduct their business Are Not Answered. In short, the big ignore. We will all die by inaction should we let our leaders get away with Not Verifying the above prediction, which can only mean my fellow citizens, especially those of you who claim to be scientists, have chosen to be blind eyes.

Fellow citizens you now have a way to stop our leader's crimes. We will see. Deeds speak, not silence. You do believe our leaders serve us, not we them, don't you?

A Scientific Assertion That Needs Public Verification ASAP Using Public Questioning.

Life only becomes possible when the spirits that animate our bodies can defer the cost of initiating movement by our life forms. The bill has come due.

Yet none of you want to verify that all living planets, including Earth create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter that will eventually make their Sun explode in a unique manner. A strange response, since there is a chance to prevent your own and your loved ones deaths.


Right now, by tacit agreement, no one admits they are wrong or mistaken in public, and rarely in private. At the top of the "never wrong" list are those who publish news and ads for all. They refuse to answer questions from anyone about what they publish, especially questions by those who challenge their facts and conclusions. This makes it impossible for us to create verified "objective" news for all. Without verified good information from one another, dishonest people wind up running our governments, guaranteeing bad times and death for all.

We have evolved this behavior over millennia because we don't know how the universe works. Priesthoods get paid well to pretend they know. Yet one thing is sure, we know in our bones our conservation debt exists, because we spirits are physically attached to it. Because we don't admit we are spirits, we avert our eyes and minds from what we can not seemingly control. The second part of the answer is plain old laziness, which is reinforced by thousands of years of conditioning by our sociopathic "pecking order" based leaderships who brutalize people who criticize them.

Our leaders get away with their Never Answer Public Criticisms behavior by stepping on whistleblowers. A suicidal behavior in a universe that is trying to kill us. This behavior by our leaders can be stopped by making our leaders use the N1CL.

Our present scientific and political leaders won't/can't verify that that E-Ts have warned us our Sun will explode on July 16, 2024, almost certainly because the E-Ts have not directly told them.

Even though it is a FACT that our leaders do business with E-Ts which is confirmed by the over 500 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses sworn by the Disclosure Project.

Since the E-T warning confirms my scientific discovery that we spirits must create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter to create and move our life forms around, it behooves us to take their warning seriously. We need to talk about what must be done in public.

That mandates we use the No 1st Cost list, so anyone with relevant information can be heard.

Our Present Leaders Get Away With Directly Lying By,
Changing The Subject When Their Lies Are Challenged,
Mostly They Lie By Omission To Hide Essential News From Us.
Stopping That behavior Means We citizens Must Require Public Servants To Answer Questions From Anyone With Relevant Information.

Their lying is exemplified by their refusal to answer those who disagree and dissent.
Instead they ignore, call dissenters & whistle blowers names, and retaliate against them,
showing they put their gain over the common good.
They richly reward themselves for serving just themselves; not We, the People.
They are the anti-thesis of doing "Objective" Science & dispensing the honest justice liberty requires.

1. To stop our Sun from exploding on July 16, 2024, we must re-confirm the existing scientific reports that have verified the theory predicting Anti-Matter Conservation Debts cause life bearing solar system sun explosions.

2. Do the Public Gravity propagation TESTS that confirm the basic Moebius Strip Geometry our universe is based upon.

These Tests Will Overturn Our Present Scientific Paradigm,
Which Means Almost Universal Opposition By Existing Scientists.

Big benefit: Once we prove where and when Gravity propagates Faster Than Light(FTL), then FTL solar system and interstellar becomes possible in less than ten years, making prevention possible.

Obvious but necessary to say, those who presently call themselves scientists are deeply resistant to being shown up by an outsider. Toughies, science is for all, anyone honest who wants to discover and tell the rest of us "objective" discoveries gets to play. Show and Tell subject to questions from anyone is the game honest scientists play.

A Summary of What, When, Why, and How.

The real question is will we unite as a community to face and try to prevent this certain danger?

Explaining the danger we face begins with defining the purpose of science and the methods this purpose requires. Thinking well, not panicking or ignoring this warning can save us.

The purpose of science is brutally simple. Explain how our universe works from its most basic level up in terms of Cause and Effect. All scientific information is organized by this one basic principle: Causes always precede effects.

"Objective" facts are consensual. They take at least two of us to create one. We do so by agreeing we 'eyewitness' the same thing. Scientific "objective" facts are the hardest to create, since all competent persons must potentially be able to 'eyewitness' them.

Calling yourself a scientist means you have a duty to help see to it that proposed "objective" tests are done that can prove or disprove how a base natural law of our universe works. This is an implied job requirement for a scientist.

Gravity is the mystery force. Present scientists can not "objectively" Show & Tell why and how Gravity ties into the other three fundamental forces(Electro-Magnetism and the Strong & Weak Nuclear forces). To show how requires devising tests that measure how fast G propagates over what distances between masses and thus what geometry our universe must "use" to explain what we see.

There are three easily done, cheap tests that will prove how fast Gravity propagates: The three choices are
a) G propagates at at c over all distances(Einstein),
b) or instantaneously at all distances(Newton),
c) or from c close by, then increasing exponentially FTL until G propagates instantaneously at a fixed predictable and beyond distances between all masses(Alter). The idea for resolving the disagreement between Newton and Einstein was apparently a shared hypothesis by Profs. Randall & Sundrum challenged below.(see below).

In attempting to get the above three tests done, I discovered that our foremost scientists apparently don't want to learn how Gravity ties into the other three base forces when someone not approved by them proposes the tests. Only those anointed by our establishment insiders are allowed to do science.

Their blind refusal to look has occurred despite the fact these same theoreticians say that the fundamental unanswered question in physics is: "How fast does Gravity propagate?" and, "How does G tie into the other three base forces electro-magnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces?".

Why the contradiction????? This reaction shows they think science is just for the few, and not for the good of all.

Thirty years ago I learned that our academic "scientists?" will block publication of any discovery that exposes the present corrupt structure, culture, and practice of science and our corporations. In the present case, these academic's refusal to admit that I have pointed out tests that can prove what Gravity does and why, will kill us all unless some of you PHDs start acting like you are real scientists = good citizens who seek the truth about how our universe works.

As a full N1CL member I have agreed to answer public questions/challenges from anyone about what I put on the N1CL public record. These Question & Answer dialogues proceed in turn until we reach an agreement to agree or disagree, using Q&A Procedures that rest on using
Not Responding in time by the questioner Gives Consent to the answer(36 hours).
Of course you can take back an inadvertent non-response on your next logon.

Some of us are not afraid to answer criticisms from anyone, right now, by inspection, most of you appear to be cowards, afraid to seek the "objective" truth about how our universe works for all.

There are three reasons why we need to use the No 1st Cost List now.

1. To confirm or disprove publicly with the three tests described below that Gravity propagates instantaneously from faraway, and at c the speed of light close by. One test is On using GRACE to measure Gravity propagation speed the from Sun.

Confirmation by GRACE that G propagates FTL from the Sun along with the two other confirmations shown by the "cannonball" test will confirm we live in a Moebius Strip Geometry universe.

This geometry causally explains what and where the Dark Matter & Energy and Anti_Matter are, and many other scientific observations that, "We don't know how to explain using cause and effect.". In short a scientific revolution.

2. An immediate implication is that Faster Than Light travel becomes possible. Only conscious willing public co-operation between politicians, scientists, engineers, and others will make swift development possible. We are going to need FTL in order to disconnect our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter before July 16, 2024.

3. Last but not least, we need the N1CL to stop our public lying. No society can expect to survive whose citizens tolerate public lies from their leaders or themselves.

October 19, 2013: The fact I have to explain why we need to verify public assertions for their truth and accuracy is a stunning indictment of our present news, scientific, and political leaders. Bad information kills in case you haven't noticed. So why is our world run by people who do not seek the truth. Instead they show by deeds their power and privilege come before all. This is shown by their refusal to ever admit they are wrong about anything.

The reason why leaders use the Big Ignore/Not Respond tactic is simple. It gives them control. By ignoring criticism and buying legislators a few rich insiders soon control the major news media. Now the only news you hear never mentions anything challenging their control. Soon almost everyone never admits they are wrong about anything. The result an inevitable economic collapse.

Sudden Collapse is the certain result of letting ourselves get away with Not Responding to challenges to what you say to ALL. No society can ignore real costs and dangers to all and expect to survive and prosper. Instead the inevitable result is a massive economic collapse. As history shows, the Big Ignore will continue to happen until we insist a Non Response means Silence Gives Consent in our Public Exchanges of information. Ergo, we must use the N1CL to create good public News.

As a scientist, I can not change what's in the hearts and minds of our non-scientific leaders. Only one thing makes most of them put the General Welfare before personal gain: Real retribution for their lies and crimes.

But I can change the behavior of those who claim to be scientists. Each of you claimed scientists have a conscience. By definition, you claim to seek the cause and effect truth about how our universe works. Again, by definition, in the end science is done for the good of all. We can not use retribution on you, except when you actually break our Laws, so all I have, we have is an appeal to your honesty. We can not do real "objective" science until you wannabe scientists start using the No 1st Cost List.

You claimed scientists face a public choice, unless we act together in public to prevent it, Earth dies on July 16, 2024; because the conservation debt we spirits must create to move our life forms around will make our Sun explode. Yes I can prove it is preventable.

We can not deal with the July 16, 2024 prediction, until we reform how our present pseudo scientific establishment does science.

The present corrupt public practice of science is directly shown by how our academics have dealt with the prediction that CO2 causes Global Warming.

How reform? Admitting your predictions are wrong when shown so in public ASAP, is essential to being an honest scientist. That CO2 causes global warming is a perfect place to start educating present PHD advocates of global warming that a real scientist admits when data shows your predictions are wrong. For example, as soon as you learn your cause(CO2 increases) always occurs after the effect(Earth warms) it is supposed to cause.

Why? By inspection of the ice core data from Greenland and Antarctica, warming precedes CO2 increases by hundreds of years in every case. Causes can not come after the effect they are supposed to cause.

Instead of respectfully answering the "deniers" criticisms, "warmists" call them names and get mad, apparently because they claim to be doing good for all. When you claim to be doing good for all, you have an absolute obligation to get your facts straight.

All ice cores show CO2 increases hundreds of years after the Earth has started warming during inter-glacials. Why is simple, the Beer-Lambert Law shows CO2 stops absorbing infrared well below 400 ppm, no matter how much more it increases in our atmosphere.

Why they don't answer challenges is obvious and been pointed out many times before over the centuries, it is mostly unconscious personal gain. Their paychecks and power depend on blocking publication by people who can show them wrong, or who can upset the agendas of their paymasters. We don't have the time for that game anymore.

How do we change this seemingly bred and educated to Never Admit You Are Wrong PHDS into doing real "objective" science?
Make doing the Big Ignore to challenges to their 'wrong' public assertions a publicly costly No No. How? Only publish through the No 1st Cost List. Soon no one will listen to them because no one can trust what they say.

First N1Cl challenge below concerns preventing our Sun from exploding. It is based upon a real causal premise and every link is verified by published scientific reports.

The three cheap easy Gravity tests described in detail below. can prove me wrong; or they will prove the causal base of my theory that we live in a Moebius Strip geometry universe which makes Faster Than Light immediately possible.

So PHDs, are you going to let yours, mine, everyone's children die, and yourselves, just so you can never admit you are wrong to an "outsider"? You really do seek the "objective" truth about how our universe works, don't you? Join the List and pitch in, then you can look our children in the eyes.

First N1CL Challenge

Our Sun will explode on July 16, 2024 unless we unite to prevent it.

Yes it is preventable. Our choice.

I challenge any of you to show why my premise, that we are objectively real spirits/souls that must create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M) when we cause our life forms to move, to the published evidence confirming every causal link in this theory's chain of cause and effect, or why the above date is wrong.

"Objective" facts are consensual. They take at least two of us to create one. We do so by agreeing we 'eyewitness' the same thing. Scientific "objective" facts are the hardest to create, since all competent persons must potentially be able to 'eyewitness' them.

This challenge is addressed straight to our present NOT doing "objective" science establishment. Your peer review system embodies the oldest fallacy of all, an appeal to authority. Phds defend their authority by saying only those bedecked with degrees and awards can explore the unknown. High academics decide what can be discovered or questioned. Amazingly, anything and anyone that contradicts your pet theories and conclusions is excluded by you. As the invention of the N1CL shows, Au Contraire! Science's job is to explain the unknown, not defend incorrect theories by ignoring challenges to them.

To those of you who deny we are real physical spirits/souls that build and trot our bodies around, you don't have to say anything, you can wait for us to build the tools needed to see them.

For the religious who claim we are in fact spirits, this should be good news to you. Judgement day is upon us, and we decide whether we all live or all die.

Above all, this discovery means we have a political problem. Our political leaders act like they are well bought and paid for by special interests from Earth and off. Yes, over 500 ex high government civil service and military eyewitnesses swear under oath that we have been and still are being visited and doing business with E-Ts. Keep letting our leaders get away with their graft and crimes and we all die.

Proving the base of this theory rests on doing three tests that will show how Gravity links to the other three basic forces, the Strong and Weak nuclear force and electromagnetism. Doing these tests is for now seemingly blocked by two members of our scientific establishment. Therefore my challenge to them below. The N1CL's first one person to two person challenge.

Once these tests confirm my Gravity predictions, we have a GUT which means one more of the means of prevention is ours, i.e. almost immediate Faster Than Light(FTL). In the unlikely event the tests prove me wrong, we are down to one method of disconnection. That's why I insist on supervising them myself. The devil is always in the details. Meanwhile we can start talking in public about What Must Be Done in the conclusions below.

How ending the big ignore, the "non-response" creates trustworthy news for all.

Very few of our scientists, news reporters, and politicians will answer challenges to their reported facts from anyone, especially eyewitnesses, will they? They either ignore the question or change the subject, don't they. They don't give a real response to the question, do they? Bad information is the certain result, isn't it?

The N1CL's agreed upon time limit for responses to questions and challenges ends the means our 'leaders' use to get away with lying to us, by not responding. The time limit for a response enables us to use "silence gives consent or acceptance" as an answer, which causes real responses by both sides in any Question & Answer Dialogue.

This is one practical result of the patent. Go here to learn how you can profit handsomely by helping build a honest public NEWS place for all with N1CL We Owe You(WOU) units.

Answering in public to anyone is how we find out who stands behind their PUBLIC words. The only way to prove you stand behind your words is become a full member of the N1CL. For big businesses, your potential customers will have a simple choice, do business with a company who stands behind their words and products, or one who won't.

I am not afraid to stand behind my public words or admit when I am shown wrong. Why are the rest of you?

Why did we invent N1CL?

My wife and I invented the N1CL because I did not get credit where credit was due for this fundamental political/economic discovery, which implied the fundamental economic discovery, What "objective" thing do all life forms use to measure(process) personal value(information)?. Once you discover this measure, then you must conclude that Economics is the mother logic of science because its logic is posited on everyone using the same "objective" measure to personally value all possible sensory inputs. This conclusion means we are physically part of everything we do, especially creating scientific descriptions of reality.

Present physicists explicitly leave us, the theory makers, outside of their theories, that's why their theories must be and are inaccurate and incomplete, e.g. they can not tie gravity into the other three basic forces.

These two economic discoveries showed how we tie into our theories making this base physics discovery possible: How Gravity ties into the other three basic forces, i.e. electro-magnetism, the strong, and the weak nuclear forces.

Unless we do the tests described below ASAP which will confirm that Gravity propagates Faster Than Light(FTL), then it is unlikely that we can Prevent our Sun from exploding on July 16, 2024. Actually knowing how to move space ships Faster Than Light is the surest method of prevention. Proving Gravity propagates FTL shows how going FTL is possible.

Earth's conservation debt made of Anti-Matter must be created in order to move our life forms around. The bill has come due.

Who can challenge on the N1CL? Since science is for all, then anyone can try to poke holes in our assertions. Answering public criticisms is the lifeblood of science or the creation of honest public news.
There are more but this is a good start. Eleven observations present scientists admit they can not explain that are explained by this revolutionary gravitational theory. It was induced by discovering what the basic geometry our universe must be, in order to keep separate Matter and Anti-Matter. This theory can be confirmed or falsified by the tests described below.

Our present "scientists" will not admit that I have proposed a new fundamental geometry that will explain the above eleven observations, among them, "Where the Anti-Matter is, and where/what is Dark Matter & Energy?". But most importantly, this conserved geometric theory explains how and why a planet wide living society can only remain alive by answering this question, "What Law of Liability must we enforce on our leaders and ourselves to create, maintain, and grow a honest peaceful civilization on Earth?". We all actually know in our bones what the answer is: Strict Liability upon our leaders and thus ourselves. The natural laws of our universe demand no less. This is the political choice we face right NOW.

N1CL CHALLENGE #2, a "one to two scientist" Challenge.

Criticism: Two high status academic scientists both refused to give credit for apparently their own hypothesis, "that the universe had two Branes(sides) and that Gravity propagates instantly faraway, and nearby at c the speed of light.".

To: Prof. Lisa Randall, Frank B. Baird, Jr. Professor of Science, Harvard Univ(Physics),
Prof. Raman Sundrum, Distinguished University Professor; John S. Toll Professor of Physics; Director, Maryland Center for Fundamental Physics, Univ. Of Maryland.

Challenge From: Dan Alter, Univ. of Washington, BA economics 1980. I started college at Seattle Univ. in 1957 at age 15. I told my parents after I was admitted. My H.S. GPA was 2.8. I was admitted because I scored at the 1 in a billion+ level on a geometry test and the 98-99th percentile on the others. Short autobiography.

In 1984 I proved a basic economic discovery, "Relaxing Strict Liability for crimes by leaders/corporations always reduces the Quantity of Goods & Services Exchanged."; ergo it always reduces the Quantity of the food we eat, our time alive, our wealth, our General Welfare. Always reduces, without possible exception. That means we face a political decision to decide whether or not we will actually enforce accountability upon our leaders.

This led to the fundamental scientific discovery, "The common measure all life forms use to order(value) all felt perceptions from where we each sit.". By definition, the only possible "objective" causal premise for a Grand Unification Theory(GUT), as all life forms do use this measure the same way to structure and filter all information about the universe while alive.

More importantly, you were informed there were easy tests described below that can confirm or disprove the three essential aspects of your(?) hypothesis.

You were asked three times by email and phone messages starting on June 8, 2013 and ending with a phone conversation on June 20, 2013 with Prof. Sundrum. He refused to help.

Since everyone's life on Earth is at stake, your refusal can not go unchallenged.

The question is why would two honored scientists not give credit where credit is due for a hypothesis, especially when it is apparently their own hypothesis??

Unfortunately the answer is obvious, they were educated, conditioned, and rewarded to act like this. Unconscious own cost minimization in action.
They embody the oldest fallacy of all, an Appeal To Authority, which makes them full fledged members of a scientific Three Monkey Society. A 3MS is the antithesis of doing "objective" science. Authorities don't determine truth, they block truth. They first ignore, and then attack those who disagree with their untrue assertions, don't they? e.g. Galileo. Lets see that does not happen now, word fighting is more civilized.

Above all, the members of our 3MS scientific establishment do not want this gravitational hypothesis made public for two reasons.
First, I parted ways with academic scientists after I learned they put their "authority" before truth in 1984.
Second; because it confirms the deadly warning prediction below. I have spoken with hundreds of them over the last 21 years about it. The result,they have refused to mention my prediction in public, hidden relevant data, changed names, and have shunned me. An old story.

This 'tie G to c' prediction shows where their theories are incomplete, and how to fix what is wrong with them at a basic level. Unless our present scientists, reporters, and politicians tell the public about this easily tested prediction, we all die.

I refuse to believe that Professors Randall and Sundrum or anyone else else who claims to be a scientist, reporter, or politician does not seek the truth about how our universe causally works at a base level. Admitting when your theories and hypotheses are shown wrong ASAP is also a scientist's duty, and certainly, any honest citizen's.

Earth faces a date certain PREVENTABLE "objective" mortal danger to all. Showing how Gravity ties into the other three basic forces is required to create a true Grand Unification Theory(GUT), which in turn is required to ensure prevention. Randall's and Sundrum's hypothesis(presumably) gave me the clue necessary to design three simple tests showing how Gravity links to c, the speed of light, and thus to the other three forces that we now link together by c, the speed of light.

First a premise, a definition, a little background, and then the Natural Law.

This GUT will strongly confirm the mechanics of our conservation debt, and thus show the ways we have to prevent this deadly event..

We must create a GUT based on a common causal premise. The single "objective" premise required to create a true Grand Unification Theory(GUT). Establishing the "objective" address from which all life forms observe/act on our Moebius Geometry Universe's surface, makes possible a GUT that makes dead on fundamental predictions about the interplay of the four basic forces and the geometry of our universe.

"Objective" facts take at least two eye witnesses to create. For scientific facts, potentially all can eye witness scientist's predictions about how our universe works. This definition rests on an agreement by these eyewitnesses that they perceive the same thing(s). "Objective" facts are consensual. They take a community to create. e.g. The words you are reading here on the N1CL front page exist as scientific facts because you or anyone else can confirm them for yourselves.

Scientists seek to discover the simplest "objective" cause and effect picture of how our universe works. We are trying to create an "objective" Grand Unification Theory(GUT) that explains how the four basic forces causally interact from Big Bang to Now from where we sit. These forces are: Gravity between all forms of matter, Electro-Magnetism, and the Strong & Weak nuclear forces. Right now our present not "objective" scientists can not tie Gravity to the other three forces.

We could not create public "objective" facts before computers, the internet, instant communication, and permanent storage for data.

Scientists explore the unknown and try to make discoveries that explain our many "We don't know how this works", with visible measures of cause and effect we all can see used. In short, make perfect "objective" predictions where we are not yet doing so. You don't start with perfect predictions, so you must use the wrong ones to improve your theories.

Scientific "objective" facts are publicly reported and recorded so that scientist's assertions can be tested by other eye witnesses. Since science is for all, then anyone must be able to poke holes in our assertions. Just what the N1CL makes possible.

By resolving two contradictory assertions about how fast Gravity(G) propagates, we can tie G into c the speed of light, and thus the other three base forces.

Newton(I also) postulated Gravity moved instantaneously at all distances. Einstein postulated G moved at c for all distances. Both were partially right. Resolving this scientific disagreement makes a true GUT possible.

Predicted Natural Law Resolves This Disagreement

Propagation speed of gravity increases from c, starting at a Planck unit of distance(h) between masses, to instantaneously at a constant number of h distance units and beyond, between any two or more masses.

Three Tests will Show Gravity's(G) relationship to c, the speed of light:

One conclusion, verifying this G to c relationship shows we live in a Moebius Strip Geometry universe.

A Moebius Strip geometry allows spirits to create and live in life forms, BUT in doing so, we must create a conservation debt made of anti-matter(A-M) that will cause our sun to explode eventually. We are fortunate, we can publicly choose to act together in time to PREVENT it.

Once we can tie G to c, we can do the measurements to verify when our A-M debt is due and disconnect it. See headline below. Other reports show our due date is close. Fortunately, verifying, modifying, or disproving "Threat to All" public assertions fast is just what the N1CL can do best.

Why does tying G to c make a GUT possible? The speed of light = c, is the common measure used to tie the weak, strong, and electromagnetic forces together at a local inter-atomic and intra-atomic level. All we need to do is tie G to c. Once these three tests verify that G goes Faster Than Light at what distances between masses, then we can precisely tie G to c at all distances between masses, making a true GUT possible.

With a real GUT, we can deduce how to do 'anti-gravity' and interplanetary Faster Than Light(FTL) travel almost immediately, as it shows that the speed of light is only a 'lack of understanding' speed limit.

To prove these bold scientific assertions demands "objective" confirmation by of our present non "objective" scientific establishment. They control the means of doing these tests rapidly. Of course, like me, they also must be subject to public challenge.

At present, a common characteristic of tenured Phd scientists is never having to ADMIT YOU ARE WRONG again. That is not science, it is the embodiment of the oldest fallacy of all, the appeal to authority. Once the N1CL exists, then any Phd tenured academic scientist can now show by deed that they seek the "objective" truth for all.

It takes a community of free people to create an accurate "objective" picture of how our universe works we each can verify/disprove for ourselves. We need this picture so we can govern ourselves honestly, as We, the people, are fully responsible for Earth's continued existence.

With the N1CL it is simple for anyone to help create "objective" scientific news, when anyone can point out discrepancies or other possibilities to your public assertions. Since 'public' requires a real PUBLIC news interface, then once you claim to be a scientist, you have to be a member of the No 1st Cost List. That's because the N1CL lists the scientists who have agreed to answer Questions and Challenges from anyone about the scientific assertions they make ONLY on their N1CL forum & Q&As.

The N1CL Question & Answer Procedures(Q&A) are designed to impartially identify our "objective" public scientific, political, and business disagreements.

Challenges and questions by cutting/n/pasting from the topic and going here to the Question Dan Alter Forum where you can question, challenge, and suggest how to help.

How To Answer Challenge & Possible Outcomes

1. Professors Randall and Sundrum face a choice to start doing real objective science by joining the N1CL. Are they going answer this Challenge?

Make your choice Professors, stand up and answer in public or you show in public you are not doing science for all. Deeds speak.

Personal Conclusions

1. I want to oversee these Gravity tests. In tests the devil is always in the details.
2. I will not work with you on the science of this unless you are a full member of the N1CL, that includes FTL investors and members of government.

Small Problem

For right now the Q&A procedures are disabled. In upgrading Q&A we created a bug. We can use comments to do a Q&A, and I will respond to Randall and Sundrum and the other scientists cc'ed. I have set up a challenge forum for just this Randall, Sundrum. and Alter.
We can use topic replies to do a Q&A when necessary. Read the Q&A procedures, take turns and when we don't agree, one of us can say "This is my last response." and the other has the last word.

What Comes Next
1. We need two to three months to get List and Q&A fully operational.
2. Regular registration and comments work fine. We will continue to sign up Full Members. We need their help.
3. Once any major media says in public, "Real Chance Sun Can Explode on July 16, 2024", then that is all the rest of you are going to talk about for a bit. There will be political and economic and social repercussions as there should be.
4. Certain Prevention requires someones develop Faster Than Light space travel. FTL requires we show why c = 300,000 kms and not some other speed, which then implies FTL navigation. FTL ensures we can disconnect from our conservation debt. It is well within our technological capabilities. I will be discussing generally how and why later in this forum About E-Ts, Going FTL, etc..

Those who wish to invest in FTL technology can register and contact me via the N1CL private message system. Only the serious need apply, a very large initial deposit will be required. After vetting, your deposit will either be converted to an investment or returned. Those with relevant data, technical expertise, and theoretical input will be welcomed and receive a share of the profits.

I will constantly change this Front Page until I get responses to my challenges. Latest changes to N1CL site.
List of changes made to improve N1CL public internet interface, do science, and Stop Sun Exploding July 16, 2024. The latest change on 10-21-13 has been added to the bottom of this list.

Scientist Says UNLESS PREVENTED SUN EXPLODES July 16, 2024

There is overwhelming "objective" proof that UNLESS we act to Prevent it, Earth dies on July 16, 2024.

Why & How
It started with a theoretical prediction in February 1991 embodied in a thought experiment. I premised that we were physical spirits that created and moved our life forms around by splitting atoms or molecules on the surface of a Moebius Strip Geometry universe. It was just a thought experiment, I had no evidence of any kind except our life forms moved without any visible outside cause. As a scientist, when you see an effect = movement, ergo there is a real physical cause even if at first you can not see what the cause is. thus cause = a real spirit with some set of properties that enabled a spirit to trot a body down the road. the base property was the ability to 'split' matter.

Why Earth has a conservation debt, theory and evidence.

My first and astonishingly absolute confirmation of my thought experiment came after talking with Gerard Hawkins, a world famous geometric mathematician on February 10, 1992 about his article Geometric Harvest in the February 1, 1992 Science News. He had demonstrated that several of the early crop circles were elegant proofs of geometric theorems never before published on Earth.
The Barbary Castle circle pictured on the SN cover was one of them, the first large complex circle. It was a picture of Earth being vaporized in exactly the way I had predicted.

I was ecstatic, eye witness confirmation from a most unexpected source, only E-Ts could have seen these events; 30 seconds later I remembered what planet I was standing on. I became less ecstatic.

It took me three days to deduce that since we created our conservation debt unconsciously, then theory implied we could prevent it consciously. I have been warning you for over twenty one years since February 15, 1992.

How did I deduce theoretically why we life forms must create a conservation debt made of A-M?

Best too start at the beginning. In 1985 I discovered what the personal "Objective Measure of Value" is that all spirits(yes we can "objectively" prove we are) must use to keep their life forms alive. I deduced that in a conserved universe when we spirits make our bodies move then we will necessarily create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter. A conserved universe meant we must eventually repay the debt.

By February 1991 I had worked out a theoretical model of how this conservation debt worked. I assumed we had put the A-M debt as far as possible away from us, so it arrives at the last possible second from the other side of the Sun. This meant the Sun was between Earth and it, thus it must hit the Sun on the way back to Earth, making it explode vaporizing Earth. I had no evidence of any kind, then on February 10, 1992 in the February 1, 1992 Science News I saw absolute proof of my prediction as applied to Earth with a date included.

How and why I figured out the last possible date/time. Deciphering the "The E-T Warning Date/Time For When Sun To Explode."

There is overwhelming published objective evidence from our own astronomers and astrophysicists for every single causal step in this theoretical model.

Published scientific proofs confirm E-T warning of a PREVENTABLE Sun explosion on July 16, 2024

We are real spirits with objective physical properties that enable us to create and move our life forms around. Doing that is not free. What a surprise.

This theory premises that these real spirits are based upon a Moebius strip geometry, and that the spirits on all living planets including Earth must create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter when they cause their life forms to move. These spirits are called souls by the religious. Our bill has come due.

6-18-2012 Good news on how long it takes to confirm the conjunction shown in the 'Missing Earth" crop circle: Prof. David Aguilar, Harvard Univ. Astronomy Dept. Minor Planet Center said that, 'given known asteroids we can confirm their locations within two days.' Ergo, we can confirm the asteroid conjunction shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle in time. How to determine which asteroids are shown in the Missing Earth crop circle. The method used to show which asteroids are in the circle is gorgeously elegant.
Second piece of good news Why do Anti-Matter particles in cosmic rays mean easy disconnection?

7-03-12 Predictions:
1. The time indicated by the "two large asteroid conjunction" shown in the Missing Earth crop circle(Longwood-Warren) will be July 16, 2024 at xx:xx AM/PM UTC, 26 minutes before xx:xx:xx UTC July 16, 2024. Since this conjunction will be unnatural, thus someones that obviously could not be us caused it. An unnatural conjunction is conclusive confirmation we are being warned by E-Ts.

crop circle connector archives.

How do we prevent our Sun from exploding?

Our astronomers can quickly verify this non-natural conjunction. How to find the 2 conjunction asteroids shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle.

Expand on. Crucial. Should this conjunction occur at 26 minutes before xx:xx UTC July 16, 2024, then we will know exactly when our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter appears on Earth's orbit on the other side of the Sun, and prevention is possible.

Again, under either circumstance, our astronomers must verify the conjunction shown in the Missing Earth circle. Here is How to find the 2 conjunction asteroids shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle.

2. Regular citizens, you face a choice. You act like suckers who enjoy being skinned. We live in a 3MS, that can only mean you have elected to be skinned, conscious or not, since each of you has an equal vote. Not enforcing Strict Liability on sworn leaders ain't free as you will soon see. These facts make the N1CL essential to electing governments that ensure Liberty and Justice for All.
Choose to demand we do these Gravity tests and send some leaders to jail or choose death for all.
3. No real political choice in USA as our present two political parties in USA are well bought and paid for.
4. We need a Strict Liability for leaders party to clean house in Washington DC so we can select a Captain to run our disconnection. How do we stop this destructive political behavior?

5. Someone must be made actual Captain in charge of Earth's disconnection from our A-M debt by the United Nations. Then we must lay down our arms and consciously work to save all of us. We must do this in public, we do not have time for secrecy. Our leaders must release all information about E-Ts they now keep hidden from us, a tiny fact could make all the difference.

A captains first job is to explain the dangers we face and then get your political cooperation in anticipating them, so we can avoid or prevent them. To do this a Captain must keep the peace and see to it sworn leaders are prosecuted for committing felonies while in office after we first do a general amnesty. We don't have time to settle old scores. To do this disconnection, we must start with a clean slate. July 16, 2024 is coming on fast. Wake up and smell the roses. I am not sending this warning out again.

The second part of this show and tell, the whats, whys, and hows begins just below.

The Warnings
Every major causal link in this theory has been verified in scientific reports by our astronomers and solar physicists including those reports that prove prevention has been done before. Theory and evidence.

Over 500 ex government, military, and intelligence community witnesses are testifying that our governments are concealing information and captured E-T technology necessary to prevent this explosion.

This means our political leaders Publicly MUST declassify all the secret information and technology they hold about E-Ts.

Could we get another E-T warning like a Summation crop circle? Very unlikely, we already have all the info from them we need, but What a Summation crop circle warning would look like.

There are four possible ways of preventing our A-M debt from striking the Sun on July 16, 2024.

The first and 100% reliable way is that over 50% of the multi-cellular biomass on Earth die within the last year, preferably in the last six months.

The second way is an implication of the first. When over 50% of the large life forms on Earth lie down and stop moving just before the event, then that stops A-M particles from going to conservation debt, simulating the 50% die off method. Getting that high a percentage of large life forms to do that will not be easy, but it is possible. For all methods, it could make the marginal difference. Lying down is easy to do.

Third, our only sure chance is for us to do a disconnection is using the "drop FTL ships down the wormhole" method on July 16, 2024 at literally the last second. That way requires our political leaders to release the E-T ships, propulsion systems, and technology the over 500 Disclosure Project witnesses say say the USA is keeping secret from us before July.

Four, A big if, there is a chance we can send a FTL ship and hit A-M debt before last second, but that is only a hunched theoretical possibility and requires technology that is probably a jump to far for us on such short notice.

We need these ships to do a disconnection since with the confirmation of how G ties to c with the three Gravity tests we can deduce WHAT NAVIGATION COORDINATE SYSTEM THE E-Ts MUST USE TO GUIDE THEIR BLINK-SHIPS AT FASTER THAN LIGHT. Yes FTL is possible and it does not violate the speed of light, there is away around that limit when you know where to look geometrically.

We still have time to prevent our conservation debt from striking our Sun, given these five things:

1. Disclosure Project witnesses claims that the USA government has captured E-T blinkships = capable of Faster Than Light travel,
2. I have figured out the basic Faster Than Light coordinate system for our universe which gives us FTL navigation,
3. and we have a good idea when and where our conservation debt will appear.
4. A No 1st Cost List, getting all necessary information out, pooled in one place where everyone can add, check, verify, and coordinate what needs to be done absolutely requires a real working Public Place.
5. A Captain to run the show. My prediction, my warning, my method of disconnection, time is short, I run the show.

Should all five of these things be true then we still have a chance, a slim one, to prevent our Sun from exploding. We need everyone's public help to prevent this danger to all. Maybe when enough of you rub our leaders nose in this warning, it will cause our political leaders to act fast in public.

Register to Question, Challenge, Disagree, Comment, and Help!

Crucial STOP Sun Explosion ToDos

Stopping this conservation debt from hitting our Sun requires us to go Faster Than Light(FTL) which requires FTL navigation. When the asteroid conjunction in the Missing Earth circle shows ~ 26 minutes before sidereal anniversary date of first piece of Showmaker-Levy comet striking Jupiter then we can determine exactly when can determine precisely when our A-M debt will arrive. There is a very narrow disconnection window that lasts ~ .0025 second. Determining which two asteroids are in conjunction and when it occurs, means we can use the "drop a ship down the wormhole" disconnection method.

'Einsteins Missed Implication' TEST Shows Relativity's Base Reference Frame

How to go FTL shown by where light from your destination is.

Why we are objectively real spirits that create life forms

Why Earth Has A Conservation Debt, Theory And Evidence.

10-1-11 Why does Earth need a Captain? Earth faces certain death for all next July 16, 2012 unless something is done to prevent our Sun from exploding. This Front Page of the N1CL has developed in this form because none of you like to talk about Earth being vaporized. Absolutely no questions from a 'stranger', only practice ones from family and friends since April 2005 when this warning was first posted. My theoretical prediction was confirmed on February 10, 1992. By February 14, 1992 I deduced that the theory that made this prediction also directly implied we could prevent our Sun explosion, I have been warning us ever since. Now it looks like our disconnection is out of our hands, we can only try and save as many as we can. That requires willing political cooperation shown by the UN confirming me as Captain because I have a good idea of what we face. We need Full N1CL Members to get this done. Who wants to help?

On CL methodology. Any single Captain's Log(CL) entry is made over time until short to long term conclusions on " Any given Situation" are reached as relevant reports come in. One can be done in a day, another months. That implies more than one can be going on concurrently. Once done, I cut/n/paste them to the Captain's Log forum.

Latest Entry Captain's Log

Here is the heart of the List, the Q&A procedures.

They are how we question and answer one another on the record. These procedures are not for cowards. Below them are the two boxes that explain how anyone can become a member or post without cost with a message to all. Read and think.

Question & Answer(Q&A) Dialogue Procedures

Anyone can Become a Member!

Anyone can "Recommend/Not-Recommend, Warn, or Dispute Public Facts". The N1CL calls doing this a "Yes/No"!

Anyone can Question a Member's or Yes/No person's postings on their Public forum!

How Do Entries to N1CL Public Record Work: You have 10 minutes after submission to edit, change, or delete your entry on your N1CL Public Forum or Q&A; then the entry is locked. You can always add more replies to your topic, or an answer in a Q&A dialogue to clarify until the other party answers. Also you can use open to all comment forums first to improve entry without answering questions on your comments.

To Ask a Question: the Questioner and 'the Member or "Yes/No" person' agree to respond in turn, until the Questioner accepts the answer, or they agree to Disagree giving reason(s); using the 'Last Response' mechanism described below. To Forward The Q&A Dialogue; either can check the "I beg to differ with you with reason(s)" box.

There are Four Ways to End a Q&A Dialogue:

1) The Questioner can check "I accept." and say something;

2) the Questioner can Accept by Default by not replying within 36 hour;

3) EITHER on their turn, can check 'this is my last response'; to which the OTHER can Accept by checking "I accept"; Or by Not Replying within 36 hours;

4. After stating reason(s) checks "I Disagree with the Last Response".

Changing an 'acceptance by not replying in time' to an 'I disagree' must be done during next logon.

Non-Members can not be questioned on the N1CL record about their Q&A dialogues with a Member or Yes/No person; but anyone can question their "Yes/No's".

The N1CL Interface's Best Feature

The Automatic Consequence giving users the Public workload each can handle: Unless your Dialogues are current; the N1CL Interface automatically blocks you from asking or being asked a new question.

Except for 'not replying' to a 'this is my last response'; Staying Current is a reply within 36 hours after your notice e-mail is sent. The block is automatically removed when you become current. Except for larger organizations, you can block new questions at any time by stating a reason; e.g. vacation, sick.

Show Your Honesty To All By Becoming A Member

Question a Member-'No/Yes' person | Apply for Betamembership


Honest Businesses and People Are Not Afraid
To Answer Public Questions From Anyone,
Especially About Their Public Warnings.

FIRST WARNING & COMPLAINT stays Until Public Response On N1CL Public Record by USA President.

Scientist COMPLAINS Our Political Leaders & Scientists are IGNORING WARNING of Preventable Sun EXPLOSION on JULY 16, 2024

SECOND QUESTION "Why won't any of our elected leaders ask about a scientifically verifiable warning about a certain cataclysmic danger to all?".

Why is simple. They are all charter members of our Three Monkey Society(3MS) Leadership. They never ask, "How do my actions or inactions cost others(you)?.

I can scientifically prove why NOT enforcing our laws on leaders; always massively reduces our wealth and collective time alive. Our leaders will kill us all unless we make them act.

How we can measure a 3MS effects on the common good.

What Must Be Done

The only way we will survive this is with citizens and leaders who will swear to speak the truth in public.

A big personal benefit. Anyone can prove they "Stand Behind Their Word", especially people in government and business.

How to create Trusted News about Yourself or Anything else. Any person, business, or organization can join the No 1st Cost List after they accept these three agreements:

(1) You swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when using the N1CL Public Record;

(2) you agree to answer questions from anyone about anything you put on the N1CL public record, as long as you and the questioner;

(3) agree to the Question and Answer(Q&A) procedures and 'Best Feature' inside.

Anyone Can Ask a Question for free. No one can question a 'non-member questioner' about their Q&A dialogues.
How you can post a Yes/No for free. Anyone can post a 'Yes/No' (Recommend/Not Recommend, Warn, Dispute Public Facts), about the public actions of any person or organization; as long as they agree to answer questions from anyone, only about their Yes/No; subject to agreement (3).

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Dan: We must say that there are as many squares as there are numbers. Galileo Galilei, Itis just that by inspection there are more whole numbers that are not squares than are. A Godelian result.
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Dan: Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so. Galileo Galilei
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Dan: "The more the laws the more corrupt the nation" -- Tacitus
13-Mar-2014 05:54:08
Dan: “In so far as a scientific statement speaks about reality, it must be falsifiable; and in so far as it is not falsifiable, it does not speak about reality.” Karl Popper
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Dan: Since 1998, more than 31,000 American scientists from diverse climate-related disciplines, including more than 9,000 with Ph.D.s, have signed a public petition announcing their belief that “…there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.” Included are atmospheric physicists, botanists, geologists, oceanographers, and meteorologists." http://www.forbes.com/sites/larrybell/2013/12/03/yes-the-overheated-climate-crisis-debate-is-settled-so-chill-out-and-relax/2/
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Dan: "ANOMALOUS GRAVITATIONAL FORCE A discussion of this phenomenon appears in the 4 October 1999 issue of Newsweek magazine (See also the December 1998 issue of Scientific American.) The mystery of the tiny acceleration towards the sun in the motion of the Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11 and Ulysses spacecraft remains unexplained as of 2006. A team of planetary scientists and physicists led by John Anderson (Pioneer 10 Principal Investigator for Celestial Mechanics) has identified a tiny unexplained acceleration towards the sun in the motion of the Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, and Ulysses spacecraft. The anomalous acceleration - about 10 billion times smaller than the acceleration we feel from Earth's gravitational pull - was identified after detailed analyses of radio data from the spacecraft. A variety of possible causes were considered including: perturbations from the gravitational attraction of planets and smaller bodies in the solar system; radiation pressure, the tiny transfer of momentum when photons impact the spacecraft; general relativity; interactions between the solar wind and the spacecraft; possible corruption to the radio Doppler data; wobbles and other changes in Earth's rotation; outgassing or thermal radiation from the spacecraft; and the possible influence of non-ordinary or dark matter. After exhausting the list of explanations deemed most plausible, the researchers examined possible modification to the force of gravity as explained by Newton's law with the sun being the dominant gravitational force. "Clearly, more analysis, observation, and theoretical work are called for," the researchers concluded. The scientists expect the explanation when found will involve conventional physics. An article in http://www.space.c om/scienceastronom y/mystery_monday_0 41018.html discusses the current thinking on the acceleration anomaly." from this URL http://www.nasa.go v/centers/ames/mis sions/archive/pion eer.html#.UsqyLRDH Igo
07-Jan-2014 01:19:45
Dan: A prime purpose of the List is to prevent missing data with a permanent public record; http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/12/20/the-vast-majority-of-raw-data-from-old-scientific-studies-may-now-be-missing/
21-Dec-2013 08:15:05
Dan: Steve Oregon says in Watts Up With That: December 20, 2013 at 7:06 pm “Greg Laden appears to be expressing a belief, not knowledge, which is a common trait among global warming alarmists.” Dear Mr Laden, You’ve been “Peer Reviewed” It’s a new day fella. You need to be more careful . If you and your brethren are going to express yourselves you better consider how little control you have over who checks your work for accuracy. If you can’t back it better keep it to yourselves. Otherwise it ends up in the light of day and “Peer Reviewed” by people who have no allegiance to you. Now I am certain your lofty selves scoff at the notion of non-distinguished people critiquing your opinions and work but you could just tell the truth if you try harder.
21-Dec-2013 08:06:30
Dan: "Creativity is merely a plus name for regular activity. Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better." John Updike
11-Dec-2013 09:42:08
Dan: "In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." Galileo Galilei
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