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1  2. What are WOUs?
    Preview: They are the loan certificates that are repaid with 5% of stipulated gross revenues of the N1CL. After Dan Alter transfers ownersh ...
2  4. Is this real money?
    Preview: Yes, WOUs are purchased with real money and you can buy and sell them at will as long as you register transfers of ownership and t ...
3  3. Can I buy WOUs with CC or PayPal?
    Preview: Both, you can use your paypal account to buy WOUs or use your CC(Credit Card) through the paypal website. ...
4  5. How do I make money from WOUs?
    Preview: 5% of our stipulated gross revenues = Full member monthly dues and advertising are divided equally between the total number of WOU ...
5  1. How do you invest in the No 1st Cost List?
    Preview: You buy WOU(We Owe You) units. These are loans to the N1CL that are repaid with 5% of Full Member monthly dues and 5% of gross adv ...