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**Theory behind mechanics for stopping Sun explosion.
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PostPost subject: **Theory behind mechanics for stopping Sun explosion.
Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:24 am

The premise is simple. A Moebius is a single surface with two sides. Look at one observer. A Moebius geometry universe maintains conservation by balancing half of its matter and energy on each of the two sides of its surface. Entanglement is a test of that premise.

Thus there must be a space between the two sides maintained by a straight line Repulsive Force that pushes 'matter' on opposite sides away until the matter pieces can't 'see' each other because of the Moebius' curve. The arrangement of Dark matter and energy is a test of this implication. Dark matter encircles our galaxy at a distance.

Gravity ties it all together that is why we can detect Dark matter on the other side because of its gravitational effects.

Once the Anti-Matter(A-M) debt created by we advanced life forms reaches a 90 degree twist away from us on the other side of the M surface, it must come home virtually instantaneously via a "wormhole" through the space between the two sides of surface.

By geometry in a life bearing planet's case, it shows up on the other side of the planets sun going at .5 c heading for the planet, hits the Sun on the way and Kaboom, a Long Term Gamma Blaster, which leaves the white hot gas and dust cloud remnant from our now vaporized planet that our astronomers so nicely call "the afterglow" on one side of the now exploded Sun. This "afterglow" fades away over the next few weeks.

Our life form's Moebius geometry spirits are directly connected to this A-M debt which is separating at the speed of light from it starting point, .5 c on one side and .5 c on the other. The further we separate the weaker the Planetary Spirit Lines hold until in the last year it drops to just over half.

Since these A-M debts go away when the planet dies before its A-M debt is due, then all that needs to be done is kill off over half the large life forms on the planet in the last year, or simulate death of over half by making over half literally go to sleep or by not moving and thinking.

Even better, do this in the last half of the last year.

I had deduced this mechanism within a week of realizing a disconnection was possible in theory, I just could not figure out how to kill or put over half of us to sleep for the hour leading up to the due date, so I tried to figure out another method. the "drop a ship down the wormhole" when it opens at the last second

The Macondo re leak may do the "Kill over half of us method" nicely, BUT since we humans account for a disproportionately large share of this half on the A-M debt, it is crucial that if we save a high percentage of us; then we must agree to "SLEEP or mediate" in the hour leading up to our A-M debts arrival.

Dan Alter

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PostPost subject: Re: Science for stopping Sun explosion- Macondo re-leak.
Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:22 pm

It looks like too late now for re-leak to work. It would have to be like a 5 mile plus in diameter asteroid. I, given my seat of the pants analysis of the physics of the Macondo oil field, just do not see that as possible in six months.

An extra month or two would make a huge difference, but to have the smoke cloud from the 'firestorm' cover the planet in time to destroy world wide crops and phytoplankton, we need at least seven months plus.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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