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Deciphering the E-T "When Stop Sun From Exploding" warning"

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PostPost subject: Deciphering the E-T "When Stop Sun From Exploding" warning"
Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:41 pm

revised 5-17-17. Good summary.

7-11-12. There is a possible further out date on July 16, 2024 than July 16, 2012. I finally explained two unnecessary dates in the Missing Earth crop circle(ME),
1. When it was placed down on June 26th, 1995, "Why that date?"
2. the July 17, 2003 date shown by the positions of the remaining three planets in the ME, again "Why that date?". These two unexplained dates have always bothered me.

I had always assumed the clock started ticking when the Barbary Castle crop circle hit the ground on July 17, 1991 at about 1:35 UT, but as you will see below unverified assumptions almost always lead to "mistakes".

The E-T's warning message came in three parts. It used two pictographic very large complex crop circles that show several precisely interrelated dates and times. Between the appearance dates of these two circles, the E-Ts used the impact of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet on Jupiter on July 16, 1994 at 8:13 UTC to show the base time unit they used. It struck exactly three Earth sidereal years after the first circle hit the ground on July 17, 1991 at 1:35 UTC. The third and last piece of their warning was first seen on June 26, 1995. The "Missing Earth" circle was kick in the gut clear.

The "Missing Earth" circle includes an elegantly indicated asteroid conjunction that used two of 65 large asteroids to show when this event will start to the nano-second and its result, the Earth is gone.

How they put their message into our calender must have been refined by many trials. It uses universal geometric analogies to incorporate Earth date/times and sidereal years to show us exactly when.

This "pictographic" description exactly matches the base prediction of a Moebius geometry based Grand Unification Theory(GUT) which predicts that life bearing planets must create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter to remain alive. Since this prediction was made by me in February 1991, every single base causal link has been confirmed by our scientist's published reports; thus confirming this theories accuracy at a fundamental level.

The three part message starts on July 17, 1991 at about 1:35 AM UTC with the Barbury Castle crop circle. First, it says "The Sun will explode sending out a huge lance of Gamma Rays to strike and vaporize Earth in less than two minutes. This event will start in 7 units of time."

2. "Our time unit is three Earth sidereal years." shown by Shoemaker-Levy-9 hitting Jupiter exactly three sidereal years later at 8:13 on July 16, 1994. Thus 3 x 7 = 21 years.

3. "The 21 year countdown starts on July 17, 2003, the date shown by the position of the remaining three planets in the "Missing Earth" or Longwood-Warren crop circle." The E-Ts put the ME down on June 26, 1995 exactly 1440 days after the Barbury Castle and 21 days before July 16th. The June 26th date and the July 17, 2003 dates are completely unnecessary unless they were modifying the Thesis message to show when the 21 year countdown started, i.e. they could have put the Missing Earth down on July 16, 1995 and used the positions of the remaining three planets to show July 16, 2012.

4. (5-14-17 Not our A-M debts arrival on other side of Sun, but when Earth is struck center to center as shown in BC circle.) "The asteroid conjunction will show us exactly when our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter will arrive on Earth's orbit on the other side of our Sun, about 26:04 minutes before the immense beam of Gamma Rays from the Long Term Gamma Blaster leaves the Sun to strike Earth about 8 minutes & 30 seconds later, leaving an "Afterglow". Our astronomers felicitous and accurate description of the ball of hot gasses of Earths remains.

For over twenty ears I had assumed the countdown started when the Barbury Castle circle hit the ground. But once I realized 1440 was four 360 degree revolutions around a circle, then I realized they had neatly transformed Earth sidereal years, annual planet revolutions around a sun, into mathematically pure circle based units, i.e. one annual planet sidereal year = one 360 degree revolution around a circle = one pure math unit as measured by planet days. This method would apply to warning any planet with a conservation debt. From the beginning, I have always felt this was a very old, refined by many iterations warning method.

5. Hence, "21 days from June 26th to July 16th = 21 years to go starting on the date shown by the positions of the remaining three planets in the Missing Earth crop circle = July 17, 2003, as June 26th is exactly 4 pure math three year 360 degree circle units later = 1440 Earth days after the Barbary Castle circle hit the ground on July 17, 1991.

Conclusions and To Dos,
1. Date of arrival of our A-M debt = July 16, 2024 at (look up on Redshift).
2. This gives us enough Time to actually develop and do FTL, at least interplanetary.
3. With FTL theory and its implied technology we will be able to see and measure the existence of our own Planetary Spirit Line, and when its Fixed Ray portion jumps annually. These annual jumps will confirm exactly when our A-M debt will arrive.
4. A vacation, we need to relax and dream anew about waking the rest of us up.

Thank God I was wrong about July 16, 2012. I always had to assume the closest possible date my imperfect understandings allowed. I started with six years then seven, then July 17, 2003, then July 16, 2009, then July 16, 2012, and now I am out of discrepancies to explain in the E-T warning message.

One last thing, I am up to here with our political establishment's denial and cover-up of what they know about E-Ts. Damned liars.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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