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2020-1-04 Short autobiography 3-08-19 revised
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PostPost subject: 2020-1-04 Short autobiography 3-08-19 revised
Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:19 pm

2020-1-04 edit

I am an autodidact. Given how most present establishment scientists work, I had to be self taught. They won't admit when they are wrong, a logical necessity when you are trying to discover and create "objective" science for all.

I started college at Seattle Univ. in 1957 at age 15. I told my parents after I was admitted. My H.S. GPA was 2.8. I was admitted because I scored at the 1 in a billion+ level on a geometry test and the 98-99th percentile on the others.

USMC 1959-63 honorable discharge March 1963, E-3, good conduct medal, Morse code radio operator, rifle expert four times, pistol expert twice, rifle range coach twice. The USMC taught me to think objectively under pressure.

Played poker for a living in public card rooms in Washington, California, and Nevada from 1965 to 1980. Worked for short periods when I got broke. Poker and the GI bill paid for college.

1970 found economics, the mother logic of science, because scientists, by inspection, must try to create(maximize) accurate theories from where we each(all) sit. Economic logic is explicitly premised on "from where we each(all) sit", i.e "We life forms are all insatiable own profit maximizers.". So once you discover what we life forms use to "objectively measure personal profit", then we can use the same measure to value all data from where we each sit. Economic logic is how we logically maximize (any x) by minimizing objective input(s). In the maximize time alive for all case, x = time alive and our input is time alive in a life form. Ergo we all try to minimize the time we spend trying to get what we want. Did not say wisely, but try we must using incomplete info.

On Dec. 15, 1975 I read Coase's Theorem and knew he had to be wrong instantly. Ronald Coase compared the Quantity of Goods & Services Exchanged (Q G&S XCed) under Strict Liability = you cost another, then you are held Liable versus No Liability = Someone costs you then you pay them to stop damaging you i.e. extortion and Coase found no difference in the Q 0f G&S XCed . Needless to say it was a controversial result.

Coases's conclusion drove me wild, in Spring quarter 1976 I took ten hours of in-completes and did not graduate, instead went to Vegas and thought on the problem. After three years I knew Coase's explicit logic was correct, which meant he had violated a hidden unconscious assumption. We met in Chicago twice and talked for several hours in the early 1980s.

Prof. Willis Konick called me in 1980 and said if I met him for a hour a week for ten weeks, he would give me A's in my ten hours of incomplete classesand I would graduate with a 3.0 GPA which meant I could be admitted to grad school.

In early 1984 I proved what Coase's error was, he had committed the Fallacy of Non Attribution = he had not used a a real "objective" measure to make his model comparison, instead he had used imaginary money prices. Physicists do this fallacy too = use imaginary can not possibly see dimensions tp predict objective results.

It meant a basic economic discovery, "Relaxing Strict Liability for crimes by leaders/corporations always reduces the Quantity of Goods & Services Exchanged."; ergo it always reduces the Quantity of the food we eat, our time alive, our wealth, our General Welfare. Always reduces, without possible exception. That means we face a political decision, will we enforce Strict Liability for the time I, you, and we unnecessarily Cost others or not?

This led to the fundamental scientific discovery, "The common measure all life forms use to order(value) all felt perceptions from where we each sit.". By definition, the only possible "objective" causal premise for a Grand Unification Theory(GUT), as all life forms do use this measure the same way to structure and filter all information about the universe while alive.

Married to Margaret Milanowski, three children, grand children, and blessed with a wife who puts up with a pinhead Nullius in Verba scientist.

I realized very early on, our so called 'authorities' did not really know how things worked, they just pretend they do while putting themselves first.

I left the Catholic church when I was 14 because they did not practice what Christ taught. He is my biggest hero; but just like the Church fathers I fail at always living the Golden Rule,

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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