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We invented the N1CL to create honest PUBLIC science.
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PostPost subject: We invented the N1CL to create honest PUBLIC science.
Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:09 pm

1-28-18 A summary from Front Page.

In 1984 I made a fundamental discovery in economics that destroyed limiting liability for anyone,
especially large corporations and governments, with the exceptions proving the rule. My Phd Professors told me
I was right in private, then blocked publication. I vowed I would figure out a way that self-interested insiders
would not get away with this again, thus the N1CL.

Once you show that there is no limiting the costs of damages in a conserved universe,
only a choice about who we make pay for the cost of the damages.
This implied what the basic geometry of our universe must be
for a conserved universe to exist. A Moebius Strip geometry.

This geometry directly implied that when we self-aware spirits make our life forms move,
then we spirits must create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M) to move our life forms.
A conserved universe enforces Strict Liability = No Free Lunch forever.
i.e. the bill has come due.

We invented the List because I was blocked from receiving public credit for a fundamental moral, political, economic, and scientific discovery: I proved the answer to this question, "What Rule of Liability for costing other equals must we must enforce to maximize the Quantity of Goods & Services Exchanged, the food we eat, life and Liberty for all?". The answer is exactly what you know to be true, "You cause the damage, we make you pay for it."; "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, ...."; is a statement of justice, you do not pay more than the costs you caused.

After getting over anger, I asked the key question: "How must we life forms value costs to ourselves?" for this result to be true? The answer: "By minimizing the time we spend to get what we need or want." All life forms unconsciously try to spend as little of their own time as possible to obtain what they need to stay alive and propagate." Our time is the one thing common to all that we do. Life forms survive that maximize their time alive, the driving principle of evolution.
"What Is The Common Objective Measure of Value That All Life Forms Use To Stay Alive?"
In an expanding conserved universe choosing to remain unconscious of how you and all other life forms actually value things very reliably gets all of us dead.

Own Time Cost Minimization is the only possible causal premise we can use to create a Grand Unification Theory(GUT), because that is how we spirits/souls all unconsciously structure every sensory input = all information in order to keep our life forms alive. A GUT "objectively" ties the basic forces of our universe together from this common point of view.

This causal premise, spirits create life forms from inanimate matter, inexorably led to the discovery that creating and maintaining life forms on a planet must create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter which, by the conservation premise, must eventually cause our Sun to explode unless prevented.

The bill has come due. We either choose to live and govern ourselves as a civilization of free persons consciously in the very near future or we all die at the same time. To make this public choice requires a No 1st Cost List so we can verify anyone's public news = for all.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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