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#1: Fixed Ray of our Planetary Spirit Line explained Author: DanLocation: USA : Wed Feb 27, 2008 2:30 am
Fixed Ray of our planetary spirit line:
Our spirits go between the two sides of the surface of our Moebius universe; then go under the Sun and on to our A-M debt. In the direction pointing at where our A-M debt will come from, a 'Fixed Ray' is formed. It jumps in equal annual increments until it reaches Earth's orbit = our A-M debt due date.

In effect, our FR looks like a hour hand of a clock that does not move, while the second hand with Earth at its end keeps going around annually.

Planetary Spirit Line: Our spirits physically stretch to maintain constant contact with our A-M debt for three very good reasons that I can deduce and there are probably others
1. It keeps anything from going behind us in time. Self-explanatory.
2. It gives us an anchor point for use in splitting particles in two.
3. It gives us the means of staying under the Sun so we can replace the matter we are sending to our conservation debt.

In order to maintain local conservation here on Earth, we suck 'plus particles' from the Sun and send them back to our bodies to replace the piece of A-M we are sending to our conservation debt.

Science News article from about five years ago; "Sun Burns Anomalously", in it the authors state that the the deviation from how the Sun is supposed to burn would be explained if a 'Small Black Hole' sat at the center of the Sun; i.e. the plus matter particles being sucked from its center by our spirits.

Spirit Properties:
1. We are very, very long and old Moebius strip shaped spirits.

2. We can split particles to make our bodies move.

3. U Shaped Channel: When we split a particle here, we must attract the A-M part and send it automatically to the other side = a U Shaped Channel. Ergo, as this minus particle moves along our spirit's channel, it must change its polarity of attraction to attract 'plus' particles = suck plus particles from Sun to send back to our bodies Maintaining Local Conservation.

It has taken us billions of years to create this wonderful biosphere we now live on. Over many lifetimes, as we reincarnate, our spirits grow longer.

The Cost of splitting these particles in two parts:
A 'plus matter' part we use to move our bodies around = trigger a neuron in our brain.

A 'minus matter' part = Anti-Matter = the cost.

We automatically put this cost on the other side of our Moebius Strip universe creating a lump of A-M(It is only A-M on our side of the surface, plus matter on the other side).

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