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#1: "Silence Gives Consent" proves Our Leaders Know Author: DanLocation: USA : Mon Apr 12, 2021 9:13 am

"Silence gives consent" is the oldest legal, debating, and scientific principle.
A failure to disagree with a charge. especially by silence, shows the charge is true.

In science, when you make a "go look and you will see this" prediction, it works the same way.
Except when that observation overthrows an existing corrupt scientific establishment, then their
first recourse is to block publication and totally IGNORE any prediction that shows them wrong.

By inspection, they could easily disprove my assertion THE STARLIGHT IS DISAPPEARING with a 12"
refractor/reflector telescope. When wrong, starlight past 2 billion light years ago would still exist.

Our leaders have not done so, showing by their SILENCE they have confirmed my prediction.

The reason for their SILENCE is simple. Our criminal leaders know they can disconnect our A-M debt
by killing more than half of us during the last year because I told them how using thermonuclear war.

Since a disconnection requires we STOP sending over half the A-M particles in the last year, then by
public choice, we could agree to try not moving FIRST, before using the last option, the nuclear war.

Public cooperation in making this PUBLIC CHOICE would mean we would by deeds, show we have
become a No First Cost based civilization and thus members of an interstellar group of civilizations.

Your choice, put your family, your liberties, and your fellow humans first now
because we are running out of time for your blind acceptance of our leaders lies.

Wake Up!

Last edited by Dan on Mon Apr 12, 2021 9:49 am; edited 3 times in total

-> Why The E-Ts Control Our Governments & Insider Scientists & How N1CL Takes Back Control Of Our Corrupt "leaders".

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