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#1: Why Octonium Math Describes How A Mobius Universe Works Author: DanLocation: USA : Sat Sep 17, 2022 7:17 am

I learned about this math from an article in Quanta. The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie The Laws Of Nature.

The article said "Cohl Furey, a mathematical physicist at the University of Cambridge, is finding links between the Standard Model of particle physics and the octonions; numbers whose multiplication rules are encoded in a triangular diagram called the Fano plane."

On Tuesday, 2022-13 I received a call back from Furey and replied later that day with a short synopsis of this topic, which will be followed with a text linking to this topic.

First and foremost. The reason Economics is the "mother logic of science" is because a scientist is the one thing common to all scientific activity.

Economics' premise is that all life forms maximize personal "profit" = staying alive. That does not mean that we do that well, but we try.
Most present physicists act as if they are outside their descriptions of how our universe works, which means they don't explicitly consider how they interact with the reality they describe.

As the above article describes, Octonium Math requires an infinite 3-D space of No Resistance, within which a continuous curved single surface with two sides that have equal amounts of Matter & Anti-Matter on each side so it can grow by replication = a half twist Moebius Strip.

When you describe a half twist Mobius Strip from its center on the Bow Tie line, then all the associative and commutative properties of Octoniuns become clear because conservation between all points on both sides of our Moebius universe is maintained within 2 Planck time units. This implies two additional forces must exist; Instant Gravity(iG) and the Repulsive Force(RF) to maintain conservation.

This means our universe is self-aware = God. This means you are also self-aware progeny of God, an immortal soul.

Think fast, we have a deadline, 2023-09-01.

Last edited by Dan on Sun Sep 18, 2022 5:06 am; edited 4 times in total

-> Making scientific discoveries that advance basic theory.

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