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#1: Sun Exploding Author: Susan1 : Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:34 am
Keep everyone on track. If there is a chance of this, we are all obligated to do anything that is asked to stop the process. If we don't then we deserve to be lost and forgotten.

Susan 1

#2: Re: Sun Exploding Author: DanLocation: USA : Tue Jul 08, 2008 6:38 am
I agree, the amazing thing about this whole warning process is what it shows about us as a species and me. I unconsciously initially, and consciously just recently, realized that building the list and doing this warning shows the "state of our planets civilization".

Clearly, any society whose leaders will not check out warnings of 'Holes in the Dike' from anyone who is semi-competent, and I submit building the N1CL demonstrates competency on my part, and whose citizens are too self-satisfied and complacent to enforce their Laws upon Leaders is headed for certain destruction. If not by a A-M debt; then from any of the many environmental disastors that have resulted from not enforcing our Laws and not acting with common decency towards others.

About me: I am separating from the rest of you. We are taking sides. So far, just my wife and I and some family members and friends stand with me.

I want to know how many of you will "swear to speak honestly and seek the truth on the Public Record of the N1CL". So far, only one of you has registered in the last month. Speaks volumes about you.

Obviously, seeking the truth honestly sure leaves a lot of you on the other side. I would call that a dark side, indeed.

-> n1cl-1 Ask ?s of Dan Alter here.

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Our leaders and thus most of you will not seek the truth about our real place in the universe. Why is explained by ignorance and self service. Until our society openly deals with this easy to resolve scientific disagreement, I must conclude we will not act to prevent Earth from being vaporized.

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