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#1: Where & How we can go Faster Than Light Author: DanLocation: USA : Tue Sep 02, 2008 9:56 pm
(edit 2015-4-27) One can go Faster Than light(FTL)
when light from your destination has not reached your starting point yet.

Causation on the surface of space-time is carried by light, so when light has not reached your location yet, both you and your destination have not exchanging causal light info.
Gravity, however, is a special case and manipulating it properly enables FTL.

How is achieved by measuring how fast you are moving with respect to c, the speed of light, then adjusting appropriately. The actual technical details of doing this "adjustment" are patentable.

(edit 06-16-14) refined description of how to see Bow Tie points and line on an Moebius.

(edit 10-19-10, changed title from "Why & How to go FTL to the stars shown by where light is." to "How to go FTL shown by where light from your destination is.")

Is with respect to what? Where you sit right now, as a life form sitting on the surface of our Moebius geometry universe.

Of course this raises a question; "Where is one on the surface?", i.e. with respect to what intrinsic geometric point(s) that are common to all Moebius strips?

On a Moebius strip we can use its two Bowtie Line end points. They are unique and can only be seen from a minimal distance or more from outside a Moebius' edge. From the outside or upper unique BT point on the Moebius' edge you can sight down the BTL between the two sides of the M's surface through the inner Bowtie point and down to the center of the inner backside of the M. It looks like a bowtie as in an X.

(10-25-10) To construct a Moebius strip cut a 1.5" strip off the long side of an 8" X 11' piece of paper. Bring the two short ends together and you have a wheel with two sides and two edges. Separate the ends and rotate one end 180 degrees and bring the two ends back together. Joila, a Moebius. Rotate it around until you see the Bowtie Point. That observation leads to deducing the intrinsic origin for all Moebius strips and thus the equation for our Moebius geometry universe, i.e. FTL navigation.]

You can go faster than light(FTL) almost anywhere on the surface of our Moebius Strip universe, as long as the light from your destination has not arrived at your starting point yet; and you know how to do two other things:

1. Make your 'ship' go zero with respect to c the speed of light, at where it sits.

2. Know where you sit on the surface of our Moebius Strip Geometry universe = a navigation equation generated from the intrinsic properties of M geometry = no outside origin for the coordinate system used. This coordinate system origin must be built into the Moebius itself. There is such an origin.

The mechanism for going zero with respect to c requires you measure the intrinsic properties of all M based universes using a base constant like h appropriately.

FTL requires that you go behind yourself in time. Since that violates causality, creates paradoxes like, "Go back and kill your father before your conception and you would no longer exist to go back in time to kill your father.".

Thus we need to define the bounded area on the surface of space-time that permits us to go FTL without creating paradoxes. Thus once we know where FTL is possible coupled with a real 'how', then real travel between the stars becomes possible. So where are these places??

A simple example will suffice. Take Alpha Centauri, our nearest star about 4 light years away. That means that light emitted by Alpha Centauri less than 4 years ago has not reached Earth yet.

Ergo with a means, e.g. by going between two sides of our Moebius strip geometry universe at FTL(How and why elsewhere); then one can go to Alpha Centauri less than 4 years ago, before its light has had time to reach Earth. Therefore, actions on Andromeda could not have affected our FTL travelers causally since any info going at c from Andromeda had not reached Earth before our FTL travelers left Earth.

In short:

1. Visualize yourself sitting on the surface of a plane = Moebius surface. Since all of the M universe exists simultaneously, then at c the speed of light, light from a vast percentage of universe's surface has not reached you yet.

2. Draw a circle starting with you at its center. The radius of the circle is determined by how far you can 'jump' at FTL to where light has not reached you from yet.

3. The edges of the circle represent the boundary between where light has reached you(inside circle) and 'not reached you' = outside the circle.

4. This circle will turn into a cone as you progress thru time.

A causal relationship requires a real physical sequential connection.

We can return to Earth, as long as arrive after we left, AND ?? also we arrive back after light from where we went at FTL has arrived????.
Does causality imply this conclusion?


1. The conclusion by present day physicists = 'prediction' that FTL is impossible is based upon the fallacy of the excluded middle. People used Einsteins equations left out the parts of space-time that were not yet causally connected in sequence by 'c', the speed of light. i.e. The light that has not yet arrived at the observer's location from elsewhere.

2. Physicists concluded that because we can not go FTL across the surface of space-time(correct), that therefore FTL was impossible, did not know that our universe is based upon a Moebius geometry, which, by inspection, must have a distance between the two sides of its single surface. Otherwise the atoms on the two sides would occupy the same space points in space-time = not possible.

3. Einsteins rejection of an absolute space-time, ala Newton, is mistaken. A Moebius is a conserved geometry that, by inspection, describes all points on its surface as existing simultaneously. e.g. Four years ago, light from Andromeda was emitted and I was also alive here on Earth 'at the same time'.

3. How do we construct an absolute clock? By going zero with respect to c.

4. The above explains How the E-Ts who visit us do star travel.

5. Since the massive amount of UFO reports and the many large complex crop circles put down overnight, that could not possibly have been put down by mankind's present technology, testify to E-Ts visiting us; I suggest the rest of you wake up and smell the roses about their graphic warning telling us when our A-M debt arrives = July 16, 2024. Wake Up!
Last edited by Dan on Sun Nov 01, 2020 8:45 am; edited 16 times in total

#2: Re: Why & How to go FTL to the stars shown by where light i Author: DanLocation: USA : Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:04 pm
Edited it today. Tying it to BP well leak. Make me wrong.

#3: Where we can go FTL is shown by when starlight arrives. Author: DanLocation: USA : Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:04 pm
I have been thinking about time and conservation. Last edit 1-24-14.

We see that conservation always holds locally. when we get done slicing and dicing the e = mc^ equation always holds, BUT we have an expanding universe and we do not know where the anti-matter is.

Conservation must mean that the PRESENT simultaneously exists which is confirmed by entanglement. i.e. you and I simultaneously exist = at the same time.

Therefore the past can not be changed except by moving slower than c across the surface of space-time to change what is the record of the present = the NOW to create the future = keep our life forms alive in an entropic universe. Expansion = entropy.

OR we can go FTL to where light has not yet reached us from, the vast bulk of the universe, as that does not violate sub light speed causality across the surface of space-time with respect to your starting point.

Implication = we can not go backwards in time, so each new FTL trip excludes whole regions of space where light has reached your destination and also your original starting point.

Plus of course Planetary Spirit Lines physically exclude FTL space ships from large regions of space-time so as to exclude these ships from going behind them in time and changing a living planets future. This puts a severe constraint on FTL travel.

How do you see these reefs between the two sides of a M surface so as to avoid them? First construct instruments to see ours.

11-11-11 Synchronized General Relativity clocks separated by less than a meter can show differences in a gravity well.
In the same inertial frame of reference Special Relativity clocks do not; ergo by combining clock pairs at right angles in the same inertial frame of reference = a spaceship; then that ship can measure where it is with respect to an outside gravity well.
Last edited by Dan on Fri Jan 24, 2014 8:27 am; edited 2 times in total

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