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#1: 12-28-19 Where on Earth orbit does A-M debt appear? Author: DanLocation: USA : Fri Jan 09, 2009 1:08 am
Edits12-28-19, 12-02-19. 3-09-17 First written 1-08-2009.

Exactly where on Earth's orbit does the A-M debt 'wormhole opening' appear?

3-9-17 Its location follows Earth around it's orbit so as to stay in a location on our orbit that when an A-M debt appears moving at .5 c, it will strike the Sun so that the A-M debt's Gamma Ray spear will strike Earth at the asteroid conjunction time shown in the Missing Earth crop circle, i.e. my original question:

"Where is the point on Earth's orbit that gives the Minimal Time for a ball of frozen A-M Hydrogen moving at .5 c from Earth's orbit, striking Sun, sending out a laser of Gamma Rays that decelerates A-M ball to zero velocity at center of the Sun, while the Ray reaches out to strike Earth at the time shown by the asteroid conjunction?".

3-9-17 The instant the ray from A-M debt strikes Earth's center as shown in BC circle is the start time of the 33 sidereal year countdown to our vaporization.

The Mass of A-M Ball = the Q of frozen A-M hydrogen explosively combined with an equal amount of Plus matter needed to accelerate our by Sun .3 kms.
A hunch, the distance the Sun is pushed towards Mercury's orbit will be how far it is pushed off its normal orbit by the force of the blast in 21 years at .3 kms.

The Ray stays fixed on the Earth as the A-M Ball's impact face always rotates to constantly face Earth.

Comments on displaying results: 1. Given any time of impact of the Gamma Ray Beam upon Earth, one can draw an instantaneous line from Earth's center through Sun's center out to Earth's orbit on other side of Sun.

2. Show the point where A-M debt arrives on Earth's orbit with respect to this 'instant' line from Earth to its orbit on other side of the Sun: About 26.5 minutes to go, or at 28 kms, the debt's arrival point on Earth's orbit is about 40,660 kilometers back from instant line point(17 minutes x 28 + 510 x 28 = 40,660 km). At .5 c it takes 17 minutes to hit sun, and about 510(8.5 minutes) seconds for tongue of fire to hit Earth.
Last edited by Dan on Sun Dec 29, 2019 5:03 am; edited 4 times in total

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