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#1: Obama must be brought to Law now for murder most foul. Author: DanLocation: USA : Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:00 am
Re topic: "Obama says he can assassinate at will.". On 10-02-11 He did by murdering Anwar Al-awlaki with a predator drone.

10-6-2011 Secret whitehouse panel can put Americans on 'kill list'.
10-06-11 assassinating the constitution-The Daily Caller
Whitehouse: Secret panel can order Americans assassinated

I am sick to my stomach. No honest patriot can stand silent in the face of this brazen claim to the right of extra-judicial murder by a president.

We fought a revolution to stop politicians from ordering the execution of there citizens without due process. Our Laws, common law, and the constitution require sworn witnesses to evidence of a crime.

Once we allow any high government officer to get away with executive murder, our trial of democracy is done unless we enforce our Laws on these murderous leaders.

The step from one murder to many necessarily follows, and then we have a Stalin/Hitler/tinpot despot running our lives.

Everyone in the executive branch who knew and helped carry out this unlawful order is an accomplice.

The executive now claims its action was legal but refuses to publish its reasoning. It's secret because there is no legal justification.

It is reported every lawyer in the administration said nothing against this proposal. That makes them knowing accomplices to this extra-judicial murder of an American citizen.

This is the worst kind of murder because it directly poisons every principle our country was founded upon.

We must demand justice. Obama must be brought to Law now for murder most foul.

We will because we must or this vision of Liberty and Justice for All dies from our inaction, and with it our children's future.

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