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#1: 12-28-19, 1-08-12 Finishing base GUT Equation = FTL Nav Eq Author: DanLocation: USA : Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:08 am
edit 12-28-19, 9-22-14, 9-07-14, posted 1-08-12

12-28-19 Below on how we use zero to count more accurately is crucial to writing our base eg. describing the fprce?location interactions of our universe.

GUT = Grand Unification Theory.

9-07-14 How we add and subtract with respect to Zero in any coordinate system is the key. Right now mathematics does not use the ends of its assumed equal sized units to do subtraction, leading to error. Using today's MT entry lead to the solution: We need to divide by zero properly defined. "Between the moments there is an interlude." Kathleen Wacker 9-1-14 i.e. zero has two sides/ends like all units. Thus all points on inner surface of zero sphere become possible. Units/moments in any coordinate system have a start end = closer to zero and a second or ending end.Zero in a coordinate system is where direction can change in less than Planck's Constant. (h).

I have figured out how to use the ends of units to add and subtract so that we end predictably on one side or the other of the zero of your assumed coordinate system.

1-08-12 Added to Message Tree, "Locate yourself on a Moebius Eq: You only need three rays from a zero point to describe a 3-D coor. system, A Moebius has two sides to its surface, so any pair-points sitting 'back to back' necessarily have 3 rays on each side of M.(9-22-14 Why?) The question is, "What does this do to the 'plus/minus relationships between this two sided coor. system?".

9-22-14 3 rays from each point on surface is because a plane is defined by its surface and the 3rd ray goes to other side of surface between two sides of surface, A 3rd/fourth dimension is defined by the curve of M surface.

1-08-12 i.e. How do the +/- relationships describe the invariant = the hole = zero, the center of the coor. system for a Moebius geometry?

You will have to read the rest of the story below.

Discovering a Grand Unification Theory or a GUT is what physicists try to do. That means explaining how the strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravitational forces are tied together by a single causal premise or with as few premises as possible.

The single premise part is easy. Since we Homo Saps = self aware, free willed life forms are the ones writing the theory to describe how the universe works back to ourselves; then given the fact that we life forms all unconsciously measure good/bad for ourselves with the same personal measure over time; then that measure must be the causal premise.

This unconscious until pointed out is: stay alive = good/reduced freedom of action or dead = bad.

Ergo, we are all up to the time you read and understand this Unconscious Own Time Cost Minimizers = we each try to spend as little of our time alive as possible to obtain what we want or require to remain alive.

In a conserved universe and conservation is required for us to predict the shortest time alive path into the future, unconscious gets you dead very reliably.

So as a scientist trying to write a GUT from this premises point of view, I knew it was the premise, I knew the geometry it had to use = Moebius Strip geometry, etc. I knew a lot of its characteristics, yet I was stymied. Since we faced a time constraint described on the Front Page of the N1CL, I knew I was missing a the 'clue", the concept needed to finish the discovery.

When I am stuck, I gnaw at it, repeat parts over and over with little differences. Drives my wife a crazy sometimes, finally I throw up my hands and go onto other things, dream on it, and in this case I about gave up. What was the entry point?

Bingo! I read it in a post to a science board on "classical physics" I follow.

Invariant a physicist was describing that he had been taught to follow what stayed invariant through all transformations and changes in circumstances. Damn, I knew that! That is what a premise is-a constant, an explicit constant. BUT that was an assumption to me, not an explicit taught practical procedure. Did not teach that to me in grad school.

Implications = new questions

1. What remains Invariant no matter what 3-d forms a Moebius can take? Remember a mathematician proved that a Moebius can take on all possible 3-D shapes, as long as there is a Hole All The Way Trough It Someplace!. I have known that for 20 years at least.

2. So the question becomes: What are the characteristics of the Hole with respect to the two sides of the Moebius surface and the two corners of its edge?

Now once I or we figure that out, we can define more precisely the interaction of the frequencies that define any point on a M surface, thus giving us FTL navigation.

Enough for now.

1-08-12 entry at top shows the direction to go.
Last edited by Dan on Sun Dec 29, 2019 6:22 am; edited 7 times in total

#2: Re:Necessary constraints to complete = FTL Nav Eq. Author: DanLocation: USA : Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:47 am
There are a number of constraints and explicit physical relationships I have deduced over the years that are necessary to make this eq. work. I will start listing them and commenting how I think they relate to the Equation, but first the interplay of +/- s in this six dimensional coor system.

#3: Re: Finishing the base GUT Equation = only 1 way. Author: DanLocation: USA : Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:05 pm
There is only one way to do it. A set with one member.

I have been rereading my equation topics. I was surprised at how many there are.

A hole all the way through it somewhere defines all Moebius strips. That mean two ends to the hole. That's why you need to integrate two 3 vector coordinate systems with respect to the only common zero point they both can see.

Appropriate when you have two sides to its surface with respect to all observers.

We need two FTL ships dropped to be sure, three is best with a fourth one left over for the person doing the dropping to come home with, or to say Oops, when they see our A-M conservation debt come through.

#4: Re: Finishing the base GUT Equation = FTL Nav Eq. Author: DanLocation: USA : Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:28 am
Latest relevant news added on 2-03-12. See it below the 2nd Headline. It is good news. I discovered the objective identity that drives the 'your location' equation required for Faster Than Light(FTL) navigation, it shows where the "dark matter/energy" is, thus making it the base equation for a testable Grand Unification Theory(GUT) theory.

2-1-12 Removed from Front Page as redundant.

-> Making scientific discoveries that advance basic theory.

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