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#1: On the E-Ts visiting Earth Author: DanLocation: USA : Fri Jun 15, 2007 7:41 pm
Since my first confirmation that we had a conservation debt was via a crop circle clearly not manmade, I may as well confront the naysayers who deny the existnce of Extra Terrestrial visits.

My short response to them is, "You have not looked at the data because if you had done so honestly, it would be overwhelming.

My second response to them is, "You are skeptical because our governments and establishments have gone to a great deal of trouble to redicule and coverup their data and other public reports about E-T contacts, sightings, and other interactions eith us.".

My third response to skeptics is, "Why have our governments and establishments carried out this cover-up?" Answers later.

Most Important, "Why have the E-Ts gone along with our governments cover-up?".
a) Are they more advance ethically and culturally than us? Technology does not give one ethics?

Short answer, Once I realized that the Barbary Castle crop circle was a ritual hierglyph, the first thought that flashed through my mind was, "They are savages, just like us.". My father always told me you have to "Walk a mile in another man's shoes.", to have and understanding of why they behave they way they do. So I have always asked this question regarding what E-Ts do, "What would we do in their shoes if we were in their situation and had to deal with us?". They have not disppointed me, they have behaved just like we would. Ergo, they are savages just like us.

ERGO, they do not have "the equation", at least the ones abducting us and putting down the crop circles.

ERGO, they do not know about the Phi/phi ratio. I have just gone through all the crop circles going back to 1999 and I will finish the rest soon, but not one hint of the Phi/phi ratio in them. There science is all ad hoc, not apriori.

How strange that feels. I had always felt they did not have equation, but I thought it seemed like such a low probability event for me to be first discoverer in this neck of the universe that I rejected the feeling.
Also it gave comfort to think they were wiser than us and they could possibly rescue us. Hope and $2 will buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

That does not mean they can not help. Maybe they just need to be asked.

Heres Asking: One 5 mile in diameter UFO parked over the Whitehouse as close to 50 foot from the top of its roof without damaging anything. Wait for a day before saying anything. It might take George a day or two to look up.

You gave us the warning in hierglyphs. That to me implies an ethical obligation to say it "In English, In Public, when asked. I am asking.

Second question: I have some technical questions. e.g. How far can we go from a sun before we 'automatically' disconect from our conservation debt?
More later.

#2: Re: On the E-Ts visiting Earth Author: MargaretLocation: USA : Tue Jul 24, 2007 11:33 am
Why can't the ET's visiting us be more up front and get to the point they want to make? They certaintly must have the means and ability to do so.

#3: Re: On the E-Ts visiting us: Why can't the ET's be Author: DanLocation: USA : Wed Jul 25, 2007 2:54 am
They have been coming here for thousands of years. Sightings are reported from Roman times and some petroglyphs also imply sightings.

We were savages then. Why would they talk to savages. Now Earth goes away in a few years. Why tell us. The E-Ts do not know how to stop it, so why start talking now.

Finally, there is much testimony from reliable government witnesses that there has been secret contacts between E-Ts and some people in our governments.

See Disclosure Project link on Home Operations Page.

I think strongly that to star travel you must jump from life bearing solar system to life bearing solar system, unless special technical arrangements are made.

Also why would you want visitors dropping in unannounced from other star systems. Ergo, lets meet on neutral ground to do business. Earth is neutral ground.

Finally, actually talking to them would be nice. Then we could ask and see if my hypotheses are correct.

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