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About the No 1st Cost List

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PostPost subject: About the No 1st Cost List
Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 2:32 pm

What is a No 1st Cost List?
It is the first two sided Public Internet Interface where [b]Anyone can Dissent, Disagree, Recommend, or Ask[/b] simple questions of its members. Its procedures cause its users to identify their public disagreements with reasons why. It has a questioner side and an answer side. Either side can be potentially used by anyone without exception to exchange(XC) information through the Interface with anyone else. [b]Public[/b] means that any of us can use it equally, all of us are treated impartially, When the 'consequences of the rules' are triggered, they are applied to everyone automatically without exception by the 'Interface'.

The N1CL is based upon legally enforceable contracts. Its foundation agreement is the list of people and organizations who have 'agreed to answer' questions from anyone about what they put on its public record. Questions can not get an answer unless someone agrees to answer first. Public dialogues begin with a question from anyone put to anyone who has agreed to answer questions from anyone else about what they put on the N1CL Public Record. Both parties to this Q&A dialog agree to respond in turn until an agreement to agree or disagree(giving reasons) on the answer is reached. The result is verified, accountable to all, tested public information we all can rely upon, we all can survive upon.

DON'T WORRY, the interface is simple and it treats us all alike. By construction, the N1CL's Public Interface uses software, computers, and the internet to carry out and enforce the procedures and agreements stated above automatically. Live people will fix the inevitable software and hardware screwups. The interface gives no special breaks to anybody.
Our public record starts with a clean slate. Don't put it on the N1CL public record as a member or No/Yes person, unless you want to answer questions about it.
Courtesy and humor go a long way towards preventing unnecessary disagreements. Lets seek the truth wherever it lies together as equals. Enjoy!

Those of you who just want to watch and comment may register as a non-member questioner; or use the 'Ask a Member or ''No/Yes' person a Question' button above. (also put link here, after registering upon hitting submit they should be returned to the link they came from).

You can go use the community forums. Pick a topic and fire away. Anything on this site is fair game for your comments, criticisms and suggestions. We will read those brought to our attention by Beta members.

The N1CL Interface Creates Great Opportunities For Business, Personal, & Public Profit for Honest People
For $20 a month you get to show six billion plus strangers that you can be trusted to do science, business, or politics with, that's a good deal. An even greater gain comes from eliminating by open competition, those businesses, politicians, and individuals who now get away with lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering; often 'legally' by exploiting the darkness caused by having no No 1st Cost List.

Other N1CL Benefits:
1. The N1CL Not Recommended List, a huge savings for everyone. It is created by n1cl members who can list incompetent, do not keep their promises and dishonest businesses, politicians, public servants, etc; on an open to all public record where the listed or anyone else with direct knowledge can question any listing.
2. A safe way to blow the whistle, we don't need to know where you are to verify who you are.
3. A Permanent public address from wherever you are.
4. A clear sharp boundary between public and private communications. We can create real Legally enforced privacy for our internet info exchanges with some lobbying.
5. For scientists, open to all public criticism is an absolute requirement for eliminating logical and observational discrepancies to your theories and observations.

6. For reporters, you claim to be in the 'objective truth for all' business just like scientists. You must be interested in public challenges pointing out your mistakes then, right? We'll see.
Becoming a member means you would hear about these mistakes in private first, a common courtesy one would extend to anyone who is willing to answer top all in public.
7. For politicians, truly a high calling, now you can prove you actually answer to all of your constituents, not just those who pay you the most.

The N1CLs Greatest Benefit Is Political
Our planet faces a massive environmental and political crisis. Its cause is obvious, we and our leaders are collectively and individually dishonest towards one another. The cause of this dishonesty, no public place to safely and quickly question and challenge each other about those actions we take that hurt others. Its human nature, we are own cost minimizers; and so for personal gain, we can insure ourselves to our neighbors pain unless we can be challenged easily.

Why Do The N1CL Agreements and Q & A Dialog Procedures Let You "Show Your Honesty To All"?

Deeds speak! It takes a brave person to agree to answer questions from anyone about what you say on the N1CL public record. The N1CL public dialogue agreements and procedures described just above do the rest automatically. These Q&A Dialog Procedures treat all users exactly the same way by software design. Verify this for yourself. Read and then reread the agreements and procedures on Page 1 and Page 2 just above. Think through these agreements and procedures. You will see that the procedures exactly carry out these agreements to answer questions and respond in turn until an agreement on the answer is reached. Honest information for all is the result.

WOUS. The first 1% of WOUs = $10 each = $10,000,000. A WOU is a promise backed by all the members of the N1CL to pay a stipulated percentage of the N1CL's gross revenues in perpetuity. Right now that is 5% of stipulated gross revenues plus a percentage of profits from non-stipulated revenues.
Relaxing liability for 'pollution' instantly and always reduces 'Total Time Alive'. For scientific proof that this Natural Law exists go here.
article&sid=9]Coase's Theorem, Politics, and Scientific Publication[/url]

Today, science is in disarray, all our fundamental scientific views of the universe have been overturned by conclusive evidence(e.g. dark matter) that shows 'we' do not know where we are located in the universe, or what its geometry is. "Relativity' and 'Quantum' physics can not be fundamental when they can not explain where 99% of the matter = energy in the universe is. A fundamental theory must answer this question: How is it that conservation is confirmed locally, yet the universe continues to expand? My theory answers both questions directly.

Without discrepancies one can not do science. Real scientists know that all 'scientific theories' are provisional. Since scientific knowledge is for everyone, that means scientific assertions must be subjected to open public question, challenge, so anyone with evidence can contradict these assertions. Real science is in fact, an ongoing continuous revolution, CONSCIOUSLY PRACTICED using 'public show and tell' to expose 'discrepancies' in scientific theories.

All mistakes and lack of skill in exposition are mine. The 'disconnect out conservation debt' plan described below is 'What Must Be Done". We have just enough time left to act. As usual, just in the nick.

by Dan Alter n1cl-1 09-13-2006 to 02-04-2007


"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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