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How we Theory Makers view reality is theories premise
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PostPost subject: How we Theory Makers view reality is theories premise
Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 11:58 am

A scientist(a life form) makes a theory which is used to explain "How the Universe Works" back to all people = rational sentient life forms. Ergo, since a theory begins and ends with us, "What Are We and How Do We Unconsciously Perceive Reality?" is crux to creating real 'objective' theories for all to rely upon.i.e. How we theory makers(life forms) perceive reality is the only possible actual 'point of view' theories ARE made from.

For life forms that 'point of view' is obvious: We like to stay alive = we maximize time alive. Ergo, this raises this question, "How do we unconsciously MEASURE how any possible change in our "particular circumstances of time and place"(Hayek) increases or decreases our time alive?"; i.e. "What do we measure value to ourselves with?".

CONCLUSION: But present scientists do not know what "Measure of Value" they as life forms unconsciously use to organize all their perceptions of reality with, therefore it is impossible for them to construct accurate theories of how the universe and we 'life forms' work.

IMPLICATION: That can only mean, discovering what "Measure of Value" all life forms use essential for doing science and keeping life going on Earth. It would be the biggest scientific discovery since soft ice cream.


I figured out what we = all life forms 'measure of value' is in 1984 after I demonstrated why Ronald Coase's conclusion that allowing No Liability was wrong in
his paper "The Problem of Social Cost" Journal of Law & Economics, October 1960. It is called Coase's Theorem. In it he asked the question "Who do we make pay for causing a cost?"; by inference, he was actually asking, "Who does our 'conserved universe' make pay for causing a cost?". Guess what the answer is, "You poop it, the universe makes you scoop it in the end.", what a surprise.
By showing what Coase's logical error was, we can see how to proceed to an "Objective" premise for a real Grand unification Theory (GUT) that shows how the universe works from our own special point of view, i.e. "own time cost minimizing life forms" = spirits trying to keep their life forms alive forever in a 'conserved', but growing universe.

It ain't easy, let me assure you.


Objective = we both agree on what we see using our properly working sensory apparatus.

For scientists this means, if we can not possibly perceive = test our predictions, it ain't science. However, just because it is hard to figure out a test, does not mean it can not be done, but the test better be 'theoretically' possible.

Conserved = We start with ONE unit of everything; so when we get done slicing and dicing all the pieces of what our theory is trying to explain, the result still adds up to ONE. So when we see a 'Discrepancy', we know that nothing is lost, just not 'accounted for'.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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