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captains powers and duties FP

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PostPost subject: captains powers and duties FP
Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:31 pm

What Powers and Tools does a Captain need to prevent Sun exploding?

In May I decided to act as if I am Captain of spaceship Earth. That made me think of what POWERS and TOOLS you would need for a Captain to protect their planet while protecting the individual liberties and freedom of all Earth's citizens.

Duties first: 1. Protect the ship from dangers outside and self caused.

2. Protect the individual liberties of everyone on Earth. A Captain is not interested in your private business or affairs, but they do protect your right to come and go, associate with and speak about anything. Just don't threaten the safety of the ship.

3. See to it that any "objective" report of a felony by a sworn leader be immediately investigated and when found to be credible, prosecuted by local authorities first. When they fail to act, then the Captains prosecutors office will finish the prosecution. Prosecution for Sitting elected officials will wait until they are out of office unless murder and torture are alleged.

4. Protect, maintain, and enhance the N1CL. First and foremost, the only way a Captain can protect there planet is with a real public place where anyone can make a public complaint, charge a felony against a leader, ask a question, etc. In short a N1CL has to have been invented. We did that 25 years ago. I did not ever envision it being the essential tool for a Captain to run a huge spaceship.

Powers of Captain

1. Captain can tell anyone or any government to Stop Doing or Do something with no backtalk. You will be generously compensated for time and property used. Why is self evident.
Almost always there will be plenty of discussion, but emergencies always arise and those are the Captain's to handle.

2. The absolute power of pardon for any and all crimes by anyone, and the powers to forgive all debts public and private, that includes governments. This is an absolute necessity for our survival.

3. Setup and oversee a Prosecutors office to record and pass on to local authorities all "objective" reports on the N1CL of felonies by sworn leaders. The prosecutor will follow up in 30 days to find out what action the local authorities took and whether it was thorough and honest.

4. Power to see and when necessary declassify all government records and secrets. No one gets to withhold information that could endanger the ship. Personal information will not be divulged unless necessary.

Asking the E-Ts for help means our leaders must acknowledge the E-Ts existence and publicly reveal any secret contacts they have had with them. Right now I suspect the E-Ts will not help us survive as we are a very warlike species who tolerate Three Monkey Society leaders.

While there are three possible ways for us to disconnect our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter, only two remain. First, do it ourselves with the E-T technology our governments have, and second, publicly ask the E-Ts for their help. Given the E-T's warnings to us already, there help looks possible should a Captain ask for it in public after our governments admit meeting with them. All we must do is show we will mend our warring local governments with a Captain. We can change our ways on a dime if we choose to by confirming me as Captain before the United Nations.

Then after our disconnection We, the People can show we will bring our Three Monkey Society elected officials to Law for the future felonies they commit against their people with the Captain's office of prosecutors and investigators. all it takes is two witnesses confirming a felony.

When the local authorities won't promptly investigate and prosecute, and sentence under local Laws; then the Captain's prosecutor will so immediately. Should the charges be proven, then these leaders be sentenced to without the possibility of parole except by the Captain plus all their property. Sentence served where and how Captain directs. Local prosecution means local sentences. I suspect local politicians will prefer local justice.

Why we need to use the E-T blinkships our govt has to stop our Sun from exploding.

Why we need a Captain to save Earth is self-evident. No big ship survives without a Captain, plus with a Captain we can see to it that our Laws are enforced upon sworn leaders immediately upon receipt of an objective complaint.

A Captain must keep a Log.
Captain's Log for Planet Earth

Our community forums and Message Tree are free and open to all. No one has to answer questions there, just register to use, but absolutely no buying, selling, or advertizing, that is reserved for Full members.

Arguably the biggest benefit of the N1CL for citizens of a constitutional democracy of political equals under our Law, is to stop forevermore our sworn leaders from committing the most heinous crime possible in any democracy: When any sworn leader ignores, tolerates, covers-up, or helps any other sworn leader commit a felony.

Lets stop our elected and sworn leaders from being unconscious members of a Three Monkey Society(3MS) now, our survival depends upon it.

Conclusion: Think fast, think well, then act to help or we all die. Questions please.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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