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12-28-19 "The Hat" political party
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PostPost subject: 12-28-19 "The Hat" political party
Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:36 pm

12-28-19 Reread and it seems necessary, as it retains executive privilege for internal staff discussions. We all need a private place to speak frankly with your close staff. It is the interactions with other citizens we must watch.

Summing Up: We watch them!
Our public servants can only invade our privacy after strict application of the Fourth Amendment.

By requiring all our public servants to use The Hat when they talk public business with anyone, especially campaign donors, we can eliminate the 'bribery' campaign donation system we have now, and their resulting corrupt Three Monkey Society behaviors.

The police above all must always use The Hat when on duty.

How The Hat works is simple. All it requires is an internet and a N1CL to create. Now our corrupt leaders are trying to use the internet and recorders to watch us. This is a two edged sword, now we can watch them and stop them from watching us, a free people.

Thus using The Hat ensures our Public Servants and our self-serving elites work for us, not we for them.

Honest citizens will love it, our corrupt elites will not, as it means we can now easily hold them accountable.

It will take legislation hence we must create "The Hat" political party to clean out this Augean Stable of corruption centered in Washington DC.

It is obvious the Republican and Democratic parties now only serve the rich and powerful. Deeds speak, neither party ever holds anyone in high places accountable despite them committing massive open public theft and fraud, e.g. our banksters, our defense contractors, the pharmacy companies fraudulent drug studies, other medical monopolies, etc, etc, etc.

Above all, these two parties just exist to feed our massive military/industrial war machine with their phoney war on terror, which they use to justify taking away our inalienable rights. Tolerating massive theft and fraud ain't free as we are all about to learn.

This painful financial lesson will teach us why honest citizens can never NOT hold our public servants and business elites accountable as soon as we learn they are breaking our Laws for personal gain and not working for We, the People.

The HAT works like this:
1. All sworn public servants must wear it when dealing in anyway with anyone, especially other sworn public servants besides their personal staff, regarding the public business. For example, when Obama or Boehner plays golf with wealthy donors, they must wear The Hat.

WE watch our public servants, they don't watch us.

The Hat is a real hat with video recorders going in four directions that records all our public servants interactions with other people when doing or talking about the Public Business. The only exceptions are when they are alone with their staff or with their family with no one else present.
Implementation requirements.

a. Anyone may record a sworn public official secretly in there home or offices. Of course when a non staff person/family is there, then that person may record with a secret on person recorder. Plus, the public servant can not ask to search you. However, they are entitled to confer with only their own staff and be at home privately.
b. We bug and record all there phone, texts, email exchanges, including their families. After all, they seem to think they can record all of ours with no reason. The Hat will cause them to try to get around its constriction on establishing donor bribery terms so,
c. A $500,000 indexed for real inflation reward plus any legal costs and other costs imposed upon collecting the reward, for recording a eyewitness confirmed discussion of the Public Business while our public servant is not wearing The Hat.
d. Immediate arrest and trial for the Criminal Felony of causing us to pay out the reward = theft. No less than 10 years at hard labor, and restitution up to the amount of all assets.
e. All public servant recordings go on the Public Record of the No 1st Cost List so interested citizens can keep an eye on our public officials.

As we have all learned giving our elected officials the right to meet campaign donors in private, has led directly to massive corruption at all levels of government. These so called campaign bribes called donations must be stopped. They do not get to secretly discuss quid pro quos on our dime.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Sun Dec 29, 2019 7:47 am; edited 5 times in total

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