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1. How do you invest in the No 1st Cost List?
2. What are WOUs?
3. Can I buy WOUs with CC or PayPal?
4. Is this real money?
5. How do I make money from WOUs?

1. How do you invest in the No 1st Cost List?

You buy WOU(We Owe You) units. These are loans to the N1CL that are repaid with 5% of Full Member monthly dues and 5% of gross advertising revenues, in perpetuity.

The gross revenues are divided equally between total number of WOUs issued = 100 million(100,000,000).

Revenues are held in a separate bank account and are distributed as soon as they reach a $1 per WOU, or once a month.

Owners may 'save' their distribution, and interest earned less 5% will be added to their WOU account.

2. What are WOUs?

They are the loan certificates that are repaid with 5% of stipulated gross revenues of the N1CL. After Dan Alter transfers ownership of the N1CL to its members; then the WOUs bought by investors plus the remaining WOU units held by the N1CL will be repaid collectively by members with 5% of stipulated gross revenues in perpetuity. I could not issue stock, as shareholders (owners) could sell out the purpose of the List for personal profit.

Since we can borrow money from anybody and repay it on any terms agreed to; then borrowing takes away the intrinsic conflict of interest that issuing stocks implies. The intent and structure of this interface has to be protected in perpetuity for all future users.

By making WOUs perpetuities = stipulated income stream to owners of WOUs, then as our revenues increase, the value of the WOUs increases very fast. Think of how a long bond works as interest increases on a fixed principle.

3. Can I buy WOUs with CC or PayPal?

Both, you can use your paypal account to buy WOUs or use your CC(Credit Card) through the paypal website.

4. Is this real money?

Yes, WOUs are purchased with real money and you can buy and sell them at will as long as you register transfers of ownership and terms. i.e. How many and at what price.

5. How do I make money from WOUs?

5% of our stipulated gross revenues = Full member monthly dues and advertising are divided equally between the total number of WOUs issued initially = 100 million.

Example: Gross revenue = 2,000,000 per year
Total WOU Units = 100,000,000
2 mil divided by 100 mil = $.02 each or 2% per year.
4 mil divided by 100 mil = $.04 each of $% per year.

4% is about the present par value of our 30 year bonds. Thus, as our revenues increase the capital value of the WOUs increases exponentially. At 4%, the market value of WOUs would be a dollar each.

However, once gross revenues start increasing rapidly, their future expected market value should increase even more rapidly.

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