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Why unregulated "Free Trade" leads to corporate tyranny.

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PostPost subject: Why unregulated "Free Trade" leads to corporate tyranny.
Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:33 am


Adam Smith in the "Wealth of Nations" pointed out that businessmen with politicians help always meet to conspire to keep out competition, raise prices, and gouge their customers. The examples of this behavior by business, corporations, and independent providers of services like doctors, Lawyers, etc are literally innumerable. They all meet to buy politicians to protect them from outrageous competition so as to keep their personal profits high and legal accountability low.

So called Free Trade agreements world wide are a perfect illustration. For example, it lets a countries large producers of steel to literally use economies of scale to produce excess supply and then dump the steel on the world market at a loss. This puts most countries local producers out of business. Once most other countries local producers are put out of business; then this enables the few dumping producers left to meet and conspire to charge monopoly prices. The monopoly God is good to them, especially when you can buy politicians to ignore monopolistic behavior in the name of "free trade".

Honest competition is what keeps prices down and maximizes jobs for all.

Ergo, "free trade" proposed by corporations and promoted by their well bought and paid for politicians is a corporate scam.

Enforced honest competition and ruthless enforcement of anti-trust laws is the remedy.

In short, wake up. This list of cheating done in the name of "Free Trade" and "Protecting You" are a list of actions by people who intend to gain at the your expense: high license fees, limiting liability for pollution costs like China does, allowing public agreements to restrict output like OPEC, letting Pharmaceutical companies bribe politicians to outlaw proven natural remedies like homeopathy, restricting Doctors from considering proven non prescription remedies, e.g. blood thinners, depression, cholesterol that work without the side effects of Prescription drugs at literally 5% or less of the cost. The remedies listed for the three ailments listed have literally hundreds of double blind studies proving them. Notice your Dr. is not allowed to consider or suggest you use them. The AMA makes sure of that. A classic example of a medieval guild.

Summing up. There is no such thing as "Free Trade"; in an honest society we each are free to engage in "Paid Exchange". These occur when both sides are each responsible for the cost of producing their Good or Service and both reap a real profit = Save them Time and/or Make them money. Thus, paying someone not to hurt you or paying for monopoly profits is theft.

Any body care to disagree with my above assertions. Lets see what you can prove.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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