Why no questions or anonymous comments?"
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#1: Why no questions or anonymous comments?" Author: DanLocation: USA PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:00 am
Think about it. 1.2 million hits and not a single question or comment from any stranger. A very strong confirmation of A-M debt prediction when you think about it.

In talking with family and friends it is obviously no ones favorite subject, but since I keep reiterating that it can be stopped, one would think there should be some interest.

I am beginning to see why tyhe E-Ts make such a minimal attempt to warn us. We may literally be at too low a level of awareness. We know not and don't want to be awakened.

The bible says we are created in God's image implying we intrinsically have built in all his free will and potential powers. Obviously we don't want the responsibility.

A lot of fear I think.

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