Not reporting on Good for All = massive financial collapse!
-> Why Are Government controlled Scientists Telling Lies About Preventable Sun Exp;osion?

#1: Not reporting on Good for All = massive financial collapse! Author: DanLocation: USA PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:17 am
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A catastrophic financial collapse has started. How we handle it will determine our fate.

A single species inhabiting the same planet whose members will not agree on a common Moral Standard on how to treat one another = Don't Strike Another First, is willfully choosing NOT to put We, the People first, and thus is committing suicide.

Since most of us know what this objective moral standard is, why aren’t we consciously living by it? Easy answer, those who now profit from First Costing others lose money, power, and control, and many would go to jail.

They won't willingly start to do No First Cost. After all, they who control our politicians, banks, and news media seemingly control us. They hate the idea of losing control. They act like they are kings by Divine Right, just ask them.

Since none of you like to be struck or costed first without real cause, how are we going to switch over to No First Cost without terrible suicidal wars/ death and pain?

Luckily for us there is a way out, it arises from our cheating leaders prime mechanism of stealing from us, issuing what will be in hindsight, a humongous amount of bad debt. We have borrowed mountains of Future Time = monetized Work to fund our grossly stupid and immoral behavior towards one another. Stealing work time by others can not, by inspection, be repaid.

A paid exchange proceeds when both parties agree there is a profit for both of them. Lying, cheating, misrepresenting are First Costs = Bad Debts = Catastrophic Financial Collapse overnight. Literally in the blink of an eye

So "What will we do?", now that the bills have come due?

Will we go to nuclear War? Using force to settle a disagreement is a First Cost = more unrepayable debt. Not likely.

Using force against another country that has not attacked you is a First Cost and the worst crime of all.

Hide behind high trade barriers. They are are First Costs = cost you even more.

Not report our financial system just collapsed? Pretty hard to ignore, but our lying News Media will try I expect.

Lying, cheating, stealing and murdering are First Costs. They cost everyone time, and time is money in an exchange based society.

No First Cost is the only objective moral standard we can use to govern a society of free citizens endowed by there creator with certain inalienable rights.

Do any of you dare say that you are entitled to First Cost some other members of the human race?

If so, please explain to the rest of us right here on the No First Cost List why you are so special.

A catastrophic financial collapse is our narrow path to peace with one another. Wake up and take it.

We have six years left to work together to save Earth, we have a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M) = A debt that must be dealt with. We are experiencing an analogous financial collapse because we have issued way to much debt. Both debts can be dealt with by being honest with each other. Unless you want our Sun to be struck by this literally mountain of A-M debt, I suggest you Wake up.

-> Why Are Government controlled Scientists Telling Lies About Preventable Sun Exp;osion?

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