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#1: Olve Leaf Tea Author: DanLocation: USA : Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:52 am
3-06-18 A comment on a health site. Check it out.

I caught the flu a week ago…exactly….on a tue nite. Even tho i was very careful wiping my hands with bleach wipes every time i got back in the car from a store i still got sick. Maybe it was touching the dirty money or breathing in the air next to someone who was sick. In any case i was only sick for Two days! And only the first day was the worst. Tue nite i got chills and aches all over. I took a hot bath cuz i was cold. It didn’t help. I started to drink olive leaf tea as i had a bunch of bottles frozen and ready to thaw in a bowl of hot water. I sipped it all nite each time i awoke. Wed the chills and aches were gone. I kept drinking it. Thur. i was 90 percent better and friday 100 percent better. I had no head cold, no sniffles, no stuffy nose, no chest cough. I am sure it was the flu as when you get a fever you get chills. My thermometer was broken so i couldn’t test. I am saying that i believe that olive leaf tea will help/cure a lot of viruses. There is a cheap bk on Amazon about Olive Leaf by a Dr. Morton. It is supposed to kill the ebola virus and many others. 150 diseases it lists.
I get a big bag of the leaves from Amazon at a good price. It will last a long time. Whole leaves not crushed. I fill a crock pot with GOOD water, spring, distilled or well, not city tap. Add 4-5 handfuls of the leaves. Cook on low for 10-12 hrs with cover on. Or high for a few hrs then low. When done cool down. ladle into small plastic juice or water bottles. NOT glass! Freeze for emergencies. Thaw out in a bowl of hot water. Then leave the leaves in there and add HALF amount of water and steep again for 12 hrs. Bottle that up too. Then throw leaves away. Take as SOON as you get a small symptom. If you catch it quick the illness should last 2-3 days. As a preventive supposed to drink a half cup 2x a day. Tastes bitter. Better tasting if you add apple juice, half OL and half AJ. Will last in the fridge a month or more. If it tastes like water then it’s no good. Must taste bitter to work. Get the book. This is great stuff !! And buy some before it’s banned!!! Altho since it’s just leaves maybe they can’t, but still i don’t trust the FDA.

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