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#1: Measuring the Objecive Boundaries of Our Universe With Light Author: DanLocation: USA : Wed May 23, 2018 11:10 pm

Doing science rests on the ability by all possible competent observers to verify the predicted measurements.

Necessarily, these measurements require a scientist use a real piece of the universe as a common denominator measure to make comparisons. This process defines what we mean by 'objective'.

This method exposes the most common mistake made by those who claim to be scientists: The fallacy of non-attribution, which is "The failure to use a real part of the universe to make their asserted comparisons.". When I discovered "The Fallacy of Non;attribution".

Since e = mcc defines all the possible combinations of energy and matter with respect to the speed of light = c; then defining the possible boundaries of all possible observations with respect to 'c' is required for scientists to objectively describe our universe accurately.

PREMISES of Boundary Equation
1.The speed of light(c) is seen as a constant by all observers.
This observation has been repeatedly confirmed by many experiments.
2. e= mcc relates all clock speed/mass changes/distance traveled permutations of energy and matter with respect to c using the Theory of Relativity.
3. Planck's Constant - h is the smallest unit of time or distance that we can use light to see a difference with.


Time = the shortest measurable time Tick Tock and Distance traveled are seemingly not objectively equatable;

SO "How do we equate h time = ht and h distance = hd?"

This boundary equation shows how Planck's constant h at its minimal tick tock = ht is related to Planck's constant distance dimension i.e. hd. Let c = square root of e/m where e is a proton, then as the rest mass of the proton in the denominator is accelerated to (c - hd), then ht equals hd the remaining Planck unit. Thus equating time with distance using h.


This eq ht = sq. root e/m when m is accelerated to (c - hd) = hd shows the objective boundaries of observations using e = mcc as described using the Theory of Relativity.

Afterword Question

Why subtract hd from c in the denominator of our square root fraction instead of ht?

We are solving for the distance a ht Tick Tock travels. Using (c - ht) in our denominator of our square root equation would result in discovering ht = ht, thus telling us what we already know = nothing new.

Whereas by using c-hd, then the remainder must equal hd.
thus we have discovered where ht = hd.

-> On doing science.

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