The Center Point of Scientific Analysis Is Yourself.
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Explaining why I/we are the center of scientific analysis culminated in "Why Economics Is The Mother Logic of Science". This conclusion and the discoveries that led to saying so, were all made possible because I was not given public credit in 1984 for proving Why the conclusion reached by Ronald Coase in "The Problem Of Social Cost" Journal of Law & Economics, October 1960 that we could relax Strict Liability for costing another person was wrong. I got mad and said to myself, "I will make you admit I am right in public." and here we are in a 'situation' none of us could have imagined.

The bottom line is I want our children, grand children, and Earth to still be alive after July 16, 2024. That means you are going to have to admit your picture of our place in the universe is WRONG. What a conundrum, the one action forbidden to politicians and PHDs, admitting you are wrong. Silence gets Earth vaporized, your choice.

You, me, every sentient rational spirit directed life form unconsciously or preferably consciously, ranks every sensory input by how it affects themselves staying alive for as long as possible.

Trying to keep your life form alive, a single output means we must minimize the time spent creating your physical needs, i.e. staying alive requires work which means using your time alive. Take too long you die. Economic science describes how we minimize using time alive to maximize time alive. This minimize/maximize logic applies to all possible sensory inputs for individuals and groups.

Since all possible sensory inputs comprise all possible ways of describing how the universe works with respect to us;
then Economic Logic is the foundation of all possible scientific descriptions of how the universe works.

To Maximize Time Alive Means We Try To
Minimize Our Time Alive Spent On Staying Alive

Economics is the logical science that describes how a same output-maximization/input-minimization logic works when you assume a universal measure of personal profit = Your life form Is Still Alive.

Economics big problem is that they have refused to acknowledge "time alive in a life form" is that measure. They claim profit is "subjective' = not objective = not doing science.

That means they don't know what "The objective measure of personal value(profit) all spirits use to maximize their personal time alive in a body.

Ergo, once the actual objective = see it for yourself measure of personal value is discovered, then Economics becomes the mother logic of science.

The Objective Measure Of Our General Welfare

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