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How we create HONEST factual Public News.

The NO FIRST COST LIST(N1CL) Pays For "truthful, relevant, objective"
Scientific News, Political, or any other kind of News, verified by challenges from anyone.

"Nullius in verba," Latin for "Take nobody's word for it"

The N1CL lists scientific reports and issues using two criteria:
First, How many lives does this news affect?
Second, Can it be proven or dis-proven by objective tests?

Since the headline below is news that affects all of us, it stays on top.
We have six years to do What Must Be Done.

Our First Scientific News Report Listed April, 27, 2005:

Earth, our home, will be vaporized on July 16, 2024
Unless We Cooperate To Prevent It

We were graphically shown the result of not taking Public action.
"The Result Of Earth's Vaporization".

There are three conclusive tests that prove this prediction.
The question is: "Will you help get these tests done so we can publicly cooperate to save Earth?"

Second Relevant News Report

On June 13, 2018 an Expedited Patent for "A relative 'c', the speed of light velocity/vector meter" was issued. It makes possible entangled communication between any two or more objects at any distance moving at any speed/vector.

Because objects moving at different percentages of c have different clock speeds by the Theory of Relativity, then measuring what percentage of the speed of light an object is moving makes possible synchronizing clock speeds between objects having different relativistic clock speeds, thus enabling instant entangled communication between any two or more synchronized objects.

Building and using this tool is crucial for our successful disconnection so we need to start developing it ASAP. The full patent will be published on this site so anyone can help us develop it subject to the use of patent terms described below.

3-19-18 The Benefits of a Quantum Entangled Communicator Invention. started 3-08-18

The good news; our astrophysicists confirm these unique matter/anti-matter star
explosions come from all over the sky about once a week. Replicable tests show
that only a Moebius geometry universe makes these explosions causally possible.

So why don't any of you want to talk about it?
Not one of 8 million plus site visitors has questioned me?

The short answer is you would have to change your behavior by
publicly demanding that verifying this prediction be done now.

Presently we ignore the real costs of obvious environmental disasters like Fukushima,
but we not be able to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

Your willful refusal to take "A stitch in time saves nine." can only mean one thing.

We have no explicit public code of honor and morality; and thus
most of us can not put the survival of Earth before yourself.

Honor and morality have a simple premise: Keep your word.

Right now our scientists, news people, public politicians and officials, businessmen,
and the majority of people don't keep their word in many matters.
Without social repercussions, there is no incentive to keep your facts straight.

Without honest news we can not unite to face a common danger,
ensuring Earth will die on July 16, 2024 from your willful refusal to seek the truth.

To keep News reports relevant and accurate,
we list corrections and changes to past reports first.

6-15-18 Updates to this N1CL Beta site. Edits & corrections to News reports, new topics.

6-12-18 The Center Point of Scientific Analysis Is Yourself

6-03-18 What Measuring Boundary of What We Can See With Light Shows

5-24-18 Measuring the Objective Boundaries of Our Universe With Light

5-15-18 added Thesis to Why is Economics the Mother Logic of Science?

3-25-18-title Not reporting on Good for All = massive financial collapse! 3-03-18 first draft

3-23-18 Added new Forum "Expose Government Waste & Corruption"
First topic: Seattle has 2.2 employees per capita vs Portland??

3-19-18 The Benefits of a Quantum Entangled Communicator Invention. started 3-08-18

Why did we invent the N1CL?

Objective facts are created when two or more us can agree we see or measure the same things.
For example, scientific facts mean any of us can potentially verify them for ourselves.
A scientist or reporter must be a honest eyewitness to create scientific facts and real news.
Ergo, the facts in or implied by truthful statements are relevant and as accurate as possible.

Until there is a way to find out who reports objective news, then it is
impossible to determine which news reports are objectively True.

The reason we haven't found out who tells the truth is simple.
Scientists and reporters don't have to answer "Public Challenges" to their reports.
A self serving custom designed to show that they are never wrong.
Not only are they afraid to answer challenges in public,
but worse; "and unfortunately, all too often, they show they are bought and paid for."
from the Preamble to The Principles Governing a Scientists Behavior

The No First Cost List is how we stop this self-serving behavior by by paying 50% of Stipulated Gross Revenues(SGR) to those who Report, question challenge, or correct, thus creating truthful News.
Facebook's Anonymous "Fact Checkers" Censor And Block Political Free Speech;
and track & sell your private data without your permission.
The List prevents tracking, protects your privacy, anyone can disagree.
How To Be Be Paid for the Ads you see.

Creating objective truthful news can only be done by We, the People, not by unchallenged special interests.
The certain consequence of NOT paying to eliminate dishonest public reports is

"I'm not upset that you lied to me; I'm upset that now I can't believe you." Nietzsche.

The full sequence of objective proofs are listed below the Buddha quote.

They include Theory plus all the published scientific reports.

Our "scientific establishments" have covered up some of the crucial evidence proving this prediction.
Historically normal behavior for scientists protecting inadequate established theory.
Be well paid to do the three basic tests that prove this prediction!
We can't rely our governments or scientific establishments to do these tests.

Question & Answer(Q&A) Procedures for Challenges & Questions

by Dan Alter, scientist, co-inventor of the N1CL, Patent# 8566730 issued 10/22/2013
and co-inventor of the
Relative to "c"(speed of light) Velocity-Vector Meter, expedited patent pending.
This invention enables instant entangled communication between
objects moving at different relativistic clock speeds and enables FTL space travel.

Short Autobiography

Initial Invitee Registration Conditions

Initially, only those who show they qualify to help with prevention will be accepted for full membership.

Why is simple.
The N1CL LLC will use at least 20% of SGR to develop Faster Than Light(FTL) instant entangled
quantum communication to interstellar distances and building FTL spaceships.


We are going to allow invitees who want to help build this tool fast to retain the
rights to any patents based on the pending patent described below, with these conditions.

1. You register as a non Full Member. Those who don't want to participate as a Full Member
developing FTL can register to comment and ask questions, etc.

2. You must use the private internal message system of the N!CL to give your qualifications to
become a Full Member working on building and developing this FTL communication tool and FTL travel.

Register Now, we won't release your email to anyone,
internally or externally by software design.

Next is the Tell Them What You Just Said section.
It repeats the above with more details and implications.
The third, last and shortest section is What Must Be Done.

"I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act;
but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act."

Here Is Our Fate:

Missing Earth(ME) crop circle, put down the night of June 25, 1995.

Hmmm? Earth is missing. Could some hoaxers with a board and chain make this circle in the dark overnight?
It took a large movie crew over two weeks in daylight to replicate a half size version.
It is big, very complex and precise. The tram lines are 60 feet apart.

The E-Ts have given us a very graphic how & when warning.
E-T Warning Message Summary revised 3-20-17

There are two ways of prevention.

The simplest one requires 50% plus of all advanced life forms on Earth to die
during the last six months; e.g. a ten mile wide asteroid whacks us.
This method reminds me of the man asked by the judge if he had any last words before his hanging.
"If it wasn't for the honor, Your Honor, I would just as soon forgo the occasion.

Lets forgo the occasion by being well paid to do the three basic tests that prove this prediction!

In February, 1991, I predicted exactly how Spirit Directed Advanced Life Forms
created an Anti-Matter(A-M) conservation debt to move, and exactly
how it would look when we had to pay the conservation debt.
I had no evidence of any kind, it was just a thought experiment.

On February 10, 1992 I called Gerald Hawkins, a leading astronomer & geometrician about his discovery that
some of the early crop circles were extremely elegant proofs
of geometric theorems never before published on Earth.

His article "Geometric Harvest" and a photo of the Barbary Castle(BC) put down at 1:35 AM GMT, July 17, 1991.
were on the cover of the February 1, 1992 Science News. The BC circle pictured in exquisite
detail my thought prediction as applied to Earth with an implied date.

Since only E-Ts could have seen these unique Long Term Gamma Blasters close up,
we were being warned. It took me three days to deduce that theory said
prevention was possible, otherwise why bother to bring the subject up.

This oh so elegant geometric pictograph raised three questions we must answer.

1. Why Won't The E-Ts Warn Us Face To Face In Public??
They know prevention is possible. Instead they gave us the minimal public warning using,
two huge precise and elegant geometric pictures, the first on the Science News cover
Barbary Castle(BC) put down at 1:35 AM GMT, July 17, 1991.
shows the beginning, middle, and the end result of Earth's vaporization, the Afterglow.

The second circle shows exactly when Earth is first hit with the ray from the Sun and the result,
the Earth is gone. It is aptly named the Missing Earth(ME) crop circle, put down on June 26, 1995.

2. Why instead of trying to save us
are the E-Ts apparently only saving our genes and some abductees?

Could it be long ago they helped planets who were sociopathic societies like ours?.
Planets that did not consciously and thus politically practice No First Cost?

Helping means giving sociopaths FTL(Faster Than Light)
travel and thus how to find and reach the E-T home planets.

A sociopath: Someone(s) who will not abide by a public
objective moral standard. They are "I first" all the time.

I bet the E-Ts got burned badly by giving sociopaths
with H-bombs, like us, the FTL path to their home planets.

I bet that took a long bloody time to clean up, what do you think?

David Jacobs in his book "Secret Lives" on E-T abductees reported this exchange
between a lady abductee and her E-T abductor. "You have no right to do this to me."
the E-T answered, "Yes we do.". A moral question with a moral answer.
Notice the E-T said "we", implying a societal decision.

The third question and crucial question:
3. Who runs our government for whose benefit?
Is it for our common good, or is it for our lying greedy leaders doing secret business with the E-Ts???

The Disclosure Project has over 500 plus high government and military witnesses who
have publicly sworn on the congressional record that we did and do face to face business
with E=Ts, further that all our presidents from at least Carter on know about these contacts.

Not oddly, the first strong confirmation of my warning is the
proof that government scientists have actively suppressed the
conclusive evidence and tests that prove conservation debts exist.

We must know the answer: Who is working for who?
Clearly many of our present leaders are not working for We, the People now.

The only way we find out in time is by using the No 1st Cost List.

We make our own fate, ignoring is easy, seeking truth is not. Easy means Earth dies from tolerating
public dishonesty because its people are cowards afraid to admit they are immortal souls.

How and why is the Earth now trying to prevent itself from being vaporized?
The second method requires public cooperation and means we can save more than half of us.

Why we can stop Sun from exploding, theory and evidence.

1. The simplest way to disconnect from our conservation debt is when over 50% but less than 100% of the higher life forms on a planet die during the last year, or simulate death by not moving at the same time, then our A-M conservation debt goes away and thus we are, at a much lower number, reborn to rise again. Cooperating to not move can be done by public agreement between ourselves.

The problem is that while humans can agree to not move, its getting the rest of the higher life forms on Earth to do the same, especially in the oceans.

We are, apparently unconsciously, not waiting for a pubic agreement to try killing off the oceans.

Since the 50% plus 0f advanced life forms on Earth dying in last year can only happen with a nuclear holocaust, a 10 mile diameter comet, or we all agree to NOT MOVE for a couple of hours at the same time, ensuring a disconnection is problematic without also using the the second methods.

The first way can be done "by accident". For example, when we "accidentally" cause radiation levels to sky rocket worldwide. Lucky us! Fukushima is taking care of that.
Why did EPA secretly try to increase allowed radiation in water by thousands of times?


Why Fukushima is still pouring radiation into our oceans.

We are a living planet, mother Earth knows what is coming and is using us to save herself.
Delay in verifying this prediction can only make this 50% plus die off method much worse for us.

The second way of disconnection requires Faster Than Light(FTL) space travel
which rests on the invention of the Relative to c|velocity-vector Meter described above.

Our scientists do know about my warning. After I talked with them in 1993 about the Long Term Gamma Blasters
our satellites were tracking, then the NASA sites that tracked these unique Sun explosions disappeared.

Gamma Rays are the signature of a Matter/Anti-Matter(A-M) explosion.
These Long Term Gamma Blasters come from all over the sky at about once a week.
They can last for many thousands of seconds.

Now our establishment astrophysicists publicly call them Gamma Bursters.
Worse they say they are extra-galactic with no Afterglow. A lie.

The Afterglow is the vaporized gas cloud from a former living planet.

In 1997 Hubble telescope tracked one Long Term Gamma Blaster that was 7800 light years away.
The Hubble saw its Afterglow fade away exactly as shown in the Barbary Castle circle.
"The Optical Counterpart To The Gamma Ray burst GR970228 Observed Using
The Hubble Telescope" 'Nature' May 29, 1997 page 476."
Real scientists don't lie.

Our leaders are building underground doomsday shelters
just for themselves.
Would the E-Ts save leaders who save themselves while letting their own people die without warning? Would you?

With our own FTL ships we might save some of us because life
bearing planets with conservation debts burn anomalously.

They are easy to detect because they burn like they have a small Black Hole at there center, just like our Sun.
(Real black holes don't stay small at centers of suns, do they astrophysicists?)

Perhaps we could send some of us to such a planet. Who would we save, our above described leaders,
or would we would try to save our best and brightest?

Patent pending "Relative to 'c' Velocity/Vector/Meter", & how develop.

This invention is required for doing a prevention that
saves most of us, as it makes possible:

1. Instant Faster Than Light(FTL) communication between spaceships & star systems,-----
or anywhere on Earth in case of CMEs, EMPs, or the loss of satellites from our orbital debris;
2. determining where we are located on the surface of our Moebius universe;-----------------
3. knowing where makes possible Faster Than Light travel;-----------------------------------------
4. E-T civilizations use a deducible common frequency' with "Relative to c|Velocity/Vector meters"
to communicate between other star systems and spaceships.

Frequency deduction done 4-28-17,
there is one very probable universal public frequency
for entangled communication between FTL capable civilizations.
What Base Entangled Frequency would E-Ts Use to publicly Communicate?

We did an expedited patent application on 2-16-18.
A Relative to "c"|Velocity-Vector Meter enables instant quantum communication at all distances. Real time instant communication is required for minimizing our certain losses and enables FTL travel that will ensure we can save our home, Earth. Awaken, think, act.

What Will You Do?

Are you going to consciously practicing No First Cost. Politically doing so is the only way Prevention will work:

Everyone I observe does not like being struck first, lied to, robbed, etc.
That fact makes No First Cost an objective public moral standard as each of us
can agree that being struck first should not be done
to ourselves and thus anyone else.
No first Cost sisters and brothers, equal citizens of Earth.

Doing that requires creating Truthful Public News with a No 1st Cost List.

Be well paid to do the three basic tests that prove this prediction!

1. Verify the must be caused conjunction in the Missing Earth crop circle. It shows exactly when the Earth is first struck by the ray from the Sun shown in the Barbary Castle(BC), the first large complex circle on July 17, 1991. using the The 65 ME Asteroids orbital radius and diameter calculator.

Who will do the other two simple tests that confirm the basic physics underlying my prediction?

2. A cannonball fired parallel to Earth's exact center will show that a part of Gravity from the cannonball will go instantly towards Earth's center, while the other directions will show a delayed signal = a blip blip signal. Wrap the sensors around mouth of the muzzle. Abrams tank will do.

3. Use the 1750 world wide tidal buoys to show Gravity from the Sun arrives about five seconds faster than light would arrive. Use the instant each buoy at right angle to tide reaches its highest point. We have the records going back many years.

What is the Only Way the E-Ts Might Help Us?

Mother Earth and the E-Ts are using our greedy leaders to keep our citizens ignorant:

Our oceans are dying with radiation from Fukushima. Your Radiation This Week describes Fukushima and our other nuclear reactors rapidly rising effects in our atmosphere.

This 'unconscious' action was permitted to happen by our "elected" politicians = we, the people. Ergo, a large majority of us have refused to acknowledge that not dealing with nuclear waste or other real pollutants(not CO2) will eventually kill most of us. "luckily" for us our ignorance is irreversibly causing the death of our world ocean.

Ignorance is not bliss. Right now we need to stop being a
Three Monkey Society. e.g. Obama's above secret action on radiation limits.

Public acknowledgment of what is happening to our ocean is required for us to use the "simulating our death by not moving" method, or possibly a more certain high tech method.

This is Why Fukushima is still pouring radiation into our oceans. The ice wall they are purportedly finishing now can't work as the URL so clearly explains.

Our dying oceans are confirmed by well measured spikes in radiation in the waters off the Pacific and NE USA coasts.

Here are some of the costs of the "good news". Scientists: "Unexpectedly huge mortality events" Happening. One must conclude our "self generated" radiation pollution from Fukushima is killing our oceans and thus most of us over the next seven years.

Apparently we built Fukushima because killing our "free pollution" based "civilization" is required for our survival.

The solution, of course, is to hold our leaders strictly accountable for not making polluters pay for pollution costs as they occur. Pain is how we learn to think. Time is short and our job is to save as many as possible.

How I figured out the Date the E-Ts showed us.

Awful glad my first guesses on the date were way off. I posited the nearest possible date for obvious reasons.

From six to twelve to twenty one and finally the only possibility left, thirty three years. Only when I realized the ME circle was showing us the start of the 21 year countdown literally two days before July 16, 2012 did I relax. A lovely extra 12 years to July 16, 2024. Wrong predictions, a scientists path to the truth.


First.Make the N1CL minimally functional with working Q&A and debugged. We are getting closer.

Second. Begin signing up Full Members as described above. when we have a working interface, then open to all.

Remember, only actually issued to the public WOUs share in the 5% SGR.

Third. Raise the capital needed to grow N1CL fast. See above initial conditions for becoming Full Members.
The N1CL uses We Owe You(WOUs) to borrow the money needed for Initial and Future Capital, Research, & Start-up Operating Expenses.

There are only 100 million WOUs in our treasury and there number will not increase.
However we or you can sub-divide them. This means cut one in half,
then its share of the 5% of SGR is cut to 2.5% SGR per half and so on.

Our devout PLAN is to keep the issued number to under 20% of the total, thus increasing the amount of the "5% in perpetuity" repayment percentage to issued WOUs.

Our success rests on your realization that we require a N1CL
to create real honest NEWS for all so we can become a civilized world.

6. 2-4-2017 Needed A-M debt Disconnection Tools, Measurements & Must Do's Force NASA to show us where they are keeping the Long Term Gamma Blaster event record and force them to list those with Afterglows, the gas cloud from a vaporized living planet.

7. What are the consequences of the breakup of Earth's Three Monkey Society?

8. Figure out exactly the fixed number of orbits a living planet has once its conservation A-M debt starts. 1-21-17 Did so last night. A simple geometric relationship: Diameter of center line of a Moebius/Phi. With FTL we can get to it using a wormhole opening that comes annually, getting back will be another problem.

9. Saving our sea animals genes becomes necessary and thus possible once we recognize our oceans are dying.
10. On writing a GUT Explain why 0/0 is the base premise for describing how the base forces of our universe interact from where we sit = writing a simple GUT theory that ties the four basic forces together from all life forms common point of view: Own Time Cost Minimization. Zero the number is the key. Understanding how we use it to manipulate the number line lets us see ourselves and above all our location with respect to the rest of our marvelous universe implying FTL travel. Using zero(s) to count numbers more accurately.

Had not E-Ts warned us how our sun explodes, we could not save ourselves.

Our leaders both scientific and political are incapable of admitting when they are shown wrong. Many deliberately educate their and our children to be offended when disagreed with. The exact opposite behavior required of an honest citizen and especially a real scientist.

Prevention requires we know precisely where our A-M debt is at. Can we determine the location of our A-M conservation debt?

It is up to We, the People to make our fate. "No fate but what we make." Terminator 2.

Some crucial recent changes:

7-17-15 There are two questions that must be answered to do a disconnection using a FTL star ship. 1. Why is the speed of light exactly 186,000 miles per second? That answer comes from deducing the basic geometric ratio in a Moebius geometry universe that directly predicts the speed of c across M surface using Planck's constant. Done??(How & Why please).

2. Exactly where is our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter, so we can go to it with a FTL star ship and deflect it from its course? By using the Pythagorean Theorem properly this can be done. See e|Phi article.

Edited 4-27-15 Where & How we can go Faster than Light

The fiddling with the temperature record is the biggest science scandal ever.

How do we fix this behavior?
We use 50% of Stipulated Gross Revenues(SGR), half or more to the reporter and up
to half to the clarifying questioners, editors, verifiers, and challengers.

Who can Report, and Respond by Challenging, Correcting, or Verifying?

Any registered user who agrees to use the Q&A Procedures of the N1CL to Report or Question;
and answer any challenges mano a mano to their reports when made.

The Details Are Explained Just Above the Q&A Procedures Below

Since these words in these Reports, Questions and Responses belong to you,
then you agree to accept your "first hit" share of the 50% of N1CL SGR as full
payment from the N1CL for its use, publication, and sale of your part in a Q&A.

Who decides how much reporters, challengers, verifiers, questioners,
and editors get paid from the 50% N1CL SGR pays for news reports?

Our registered users first hits on Q&A Procedures reports reward who gets paid by this formula. Subsequent hits by same person don't count.

Total 'first hits' on N1CL News Reports receive 50% of SGR.

Each reports number of 'first hits' per month is divided into total 'first hits' per month on all reports.
This division gives your reports share of the 50% SGR per month. We pay monthly on the 3rd.
Second hits and on from same registered user don't count.
Your N1CL News reports keep earning money as long as new first hits keep coming.

You, the Public create and verify our news. Not biased, self-serving, reporters working
for the corporate "news??"papers and TV networks who think they are unchallengeable,
and especially the so called peer reviewed scientific journals who think a PHD means
you can screen out papers that show your theories are wrong or mistaken.

Stipulated Gross Revenues(SGR) are all revenues from all sources except for:
How does N!CL allocate SGR percentages?


We are going to allow invitees who want to help build this tool fast to retain the
rights to any patents based on the pending patent described below, with these conditions.

1. You register as a non Full Member.

2. You ask using the private internal message system of the N!CL to become a Full Member working on building and developing this communication tool and giving qualifications.

3. Interested parties who want to help develop instant entangled communication anywhere
and FTL travel will be required to put up $10,000,000 and will receive 1000 WOUs each;
unless you can show necessary personal expertise in building of entangled clocks
and other necessary skills. Experts will also receive 1000 WOUs.

4. All invitees will become Full Members and agree to share all research without quibble or royalties until July 17, 2024.

5. Above terms especially apply to billionaires and governments.

This invention fixes the problem our physicists found after they demonstrated
instant entangled quantum communication between separated "entangled clocks
here on on Earth, then they lost entanglement when they put one half in orbit.

They lost entanglement because Relativity says the separated entangled clocks now have different
clock speeds. My invention fixes that problem and also implies how the E-Ts do travel at FTL,
that means so can we. Which helps ensure prevention and also makes it possible for us
to send some of us to other nearby life bearing star systems.

Register Now, we won't release your email to anyone,
internally or externally by software design.

Below is the heart of the List, the N1CL Question & Answer Procedures.

Read and think.

Question & Answer(Q&A) Dialogue Procedures

Anyone can Become a Member!

Anyone can "Recommend/Not-Recommend, Warn, or Dispute Public Facts". The N1CL calls doing this a "Yes/No"!

Anyone can Question a Member's or Yes/No person's postings on their Public forum!

How Do Entries to N1CL Public Record Work:
You have 10 minutes after submission to edit, change, or delete your entry on your N1CL Public Forum or Q&A; then the entry is locked. You can always add more replies to your topic, or an answer in a Q&A dialogue to clarify until the other party answers. Also you can use open to all comment forums first to improve entry without answering questions on your comments.

To Ask a Question:
the Questioner and 'the Member or "Yes/No" person'
agree to respond in turn,
until the Questioner accepts the answer, or they agree to Disagree giving reason(s); using the 'Last Response' mechanism described below.

To Forward The Q&A Dialogue; either can check the "I beg to differ with you with reason(s)" box.

There are Four Ways to End a Q&A Dialogue:

1) The Questioner can check "I accept." and say something;

2) the Questioner can Accept by Default by not replying within 36 hour;

3) EITHER on their turn, can check 'this is my last response'; to which the OTHER can Accept by checking "I accept"; Or by Not Replying within 36 hours;

4. After stating reason(s) checks "I Disagree with the Last Response".

Changing an 'acceptance by not replying in time' to an 'I disagree' must be done during next logon.

Non-Members can not be questioned on the N1CL record about their Q&A dialogues with a Member or Yes/No person; but anyone can question their "Yes/No's".

The N1CL Interface's Best Feature

The Automatic Consequence giving users the Public workload each can handle: Unless your Dialogues are current; the N1CL Interface automatically blocks you from asking or being asked a new question.

Except for 'not replying' to a 'this is my last response'; Staying Current is a reply within 36 hours after your notice e-mail is sent. The block is automatically removed when you become current. Except for larger organizations, you can block new questions at any time by stating a reason; e.g. vacation, sick.

Show Your Honesty To All By Becoming A Full Member

Question a Member-'No/Yes' person |
Apply for Betamembership


Honest Businesses and People Are Not Afraid
To Answer Public Questions From Anyone,
Especially About Their Public Warnings.

FIRST WARNING & COMPLAINT stays Until Public Response On N1CL Public Record by USA President.

Scientist COMPLAINS Our Political Leaders & Scientists are IGNORING WARNING of Preventable Sun EXPLOSION on JULY 16, 2024

SECOND QUESTION "Why won't any of our elected leaders ask about a scientifically verifiable warning about a certain cataclysmic danger to all?".

Why is simple. They are all charter members of our Three Monkey Society(3MS) Leadership. They never ask, "How do my actions or inactions cost others(you)?.

I can scientifically prove why NOT enforcing our laws on leaders; always massively reduces our wealth and collective time alive. Our leaders will kill us all unless we make them act.

How we can measure a 3MS effects on the common good.

What Must Be Done

The only way we will survive this is with citizens and leaders who will swear to speak the truth in public.

A big personal benefit. Anyone can prove they "Stand Behind Their Word", especially people in government and business.

How to create Trusted News about Yourself or Anything else. Any person, business, or organization can join the No 1st Cost List after they accept these three agreements:

(1) You swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when using the N1CL Public Record;

(2) you agree to answer questions from anyone about anything you put on the N1CL public record, as long as you and the questioner;

(3) agree to the Question and Answer(Q&A) procedures and 'Best Feature' inside.

Anyone Can Ask a Question for free. No one can question a 'non-member questioner' about their Q&A dialogues.
How you can post a Yes/No for free. Anyone can post a 'Yes/No' (Recommend/Not Recommend, Warn, Dispute Public Facts), about the public actions of any person or organization; as long as they agree to answer questions from anyone, only about their Yes/No; subject to agreement (3).

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April 27, 2005

Disconnect Links [x]
This URL is for those of you who deny the E-Ts existence.

Disclosure Project has 500 govt witnesses who swore before Congress to their direct E-T contacts.

This climate url speaks to how corrupt much of our scientific establishment has become.

Why rising CO2 levels Can NOT cause global warming.

Cimate Fraud Whistleblower Rewards Program

Why is handling the massive scientific disagreement with the AGW(Anthropogenic Global Warming = (man caused) proponents crucial to disconnecting Earth's Anti-Matter debt?

Our leaders and thus most of you will not seek the truth about our real place in the universe. Why is explained by ignorance and self service. Until our society openly deals with this easy to resolve scientific disagreement, I must conclude we will not act to prevent Earth from being vaporized.

These links deal directly with How to Prevent our Sun from exploding.

How do we prevent our Sun from exploding July 16, 2024?

9-21-12 How to find the 2 conjunction asteroids in the "Missing Earth" crop circle?

This math is required.
How to use a circle to relate 'e' to Phi.

Confirming objective reports.
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Dan: "Societies are far gone in depravity when toleration is considered good in itself, without regard to the thing tolerated." A. K. Chesterton
15-May-2018 19:53:53
Dan: MilwaukeeMark Tue, 03/27/2018 - 04:20 Zero Hedge: Experience has shown me, when lied to people are presented with the truth, they build a tsunami of anger and expletives and hurl it back towards those who are trying to expose the failure in their logic. Americans have successfully been Balkanized and getting through to those who have been lied to now is almost totally impossible; God knows I've tried. When reality finally arrives, it will be in the form of a mushroom cloud, or closed banks, or empty grocery store shelves, or as they are loaded onto rail cars. We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.'
27-Mar-2018 08:37:27
Dan: Zerohedge comment by koan Sun, 02/11/2018 - 19:12 I'll sum up the article for you; "Think for yourself" and "Question authority". You may have heard of the Descartes proposition "I think therefore I am", but it was written out in a fuller form by Antoine Léonard Thomas. dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum or in English: "I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am". Doubting makes all the difference in the World.
12-Feb-2018 01:39:00
Dan: “I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.” - Nietzsche
23-Jan-2018 11:16:47
Dan: "questioning scientific hypotheses, even scientific theories, is what all scientists should do, if true science is to advance. That is why the Royal Society’s official motto is “Nullius in verba,” Latin for “Take nobody’s word for it.” Ironically, the Society rarely practices this approach when it comes to climate change." Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris
21-Dec-2017 09:32:34
Dan: "The hardest thing to see is yourself."
13-Dec-2017 18:44:35
Dan: "Seek truth and all else follows."
06-Dec-2017 15:45:43
Dan: Back to Ishkabibble's observation that we are in fact 'one world', there is no outside unless we plan on exchanging with other E-T worlds. So the question is raised: What system of Laws do we live under? Obviously wars between nations would be prohibited. Clearly with only one worldwide market, just individuals exchange or groups of persons who freely associate to XC with anyone else worldwide. Wowsers!!! that means politicians are to protect the freedom for all free people to engage in uncoerced XC with other free people. i.e. protect the peace between us. Gee willikers, hmmm; it seems that duty has escaped at least American politicians hasn’t it? Whose fault is that in a purported democracy??? Peace between we citizens of Earth is a political choice. It is time we acted like grownups, don't you think???
02-Dec-2017 20:35:11
Dan: "Russian Insider 12-01-17 Western politicians are like schoolyard nerds who, fearing the tough kid, huddle together to look bigger. Every Russian kid knows that seeking safety in numbers is a surefire sign of a scared wimp."
02-Dec-2017 09:24:35
Dan: Russian Insider 12-01-17 "As for the EU it is “enjoying” a much-deserved irrelevance while being mostly busy absorbing wave after wave of society-destroying refugees proving, yet again, the truth of the saying that if your head is in the sand, your ass is in the air."
02-Dec-2017 09:20:39
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