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No First Cost List forums on Mechanics & How Tos, Questions & Answer Dialogues, & N1CL Help Wanted  
Member forums, copy/n/ paste into Q&A forums to ask a question  
Public Forums open to all who register. No questions from anyone.  
No new posts Prevent A-M debt Hitting Sun
Create & list what needs to be done, discuss & comment on these steps needed to prevent A-M debt hitting Sun.



Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:57 am


No new posts On doing science.
While the purpose of science is easy, discover how make perfect causal predictions where we can't do so yet. The art and craft of doing science are usually seat of the pants. Also we must discuss what to do about our roadblocks, the professional academics who block public discussion of scientific matters making them roadblocks to discovery. Above all they do not like to admit 'wrong predictions', and so make few predictions, the life blood of advancing scientific knowledge.




Fri Aug 16, 2019 5:40 am


No new posts What is Objective Moral Behavior, and do we choose to be a moral people?
Comments and discussion about us, why we behave the way we do, and our refusal to discuss what public morality is and how it must work when you live by exchanging money for Goods & Services..



Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:09 am


No new posts Ensuring Liberty For All
We face a political question, What is a universal moral law and how do we enforce it, especially on our "leaders".



Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:37 am


No new posts Political Economics
Here we discuss what our governments should and should not do. How our economy works. How our government affects for good or ill the total Quantity of Goods & Services Exchanged(Q of G&S XCed), our Liberties, and thus, what We, the People should expect from our governments and from each of us as an honest citizen.



Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:07 am


No new posts Government Waste, Incompetence & Corruption
Report any city, county, state,country, or government entities' wasteful, spending; incompetence, especially the corrupt spending that results from so called campaign contributions.



Sat Mar 24, 2018 1:06 am


No new posts Find climate change causes & how anything else affects Earth.
To discover the whats & hows that create the 'climate' which keeps Earth alive and us with her. We want 'objective' reports. "Objective facts are eyewitness measurements and observations that can be, and then are confirmed by other honest reporters.". Peer review is done by everybody on the No 1st Cost List. That is the only way a real science can work, since its information is for all of us. The public review starts here in the N1CL public forums. We will incorporate the Q&A here in some form later. Remember here you are not required to answer questions about your post ever. You can use an anonymous handle. This is here we test the waters and look for logical and observational discrepancies. We will see how it goes.



Thu May 01, 2014 8:20 pm


No new posts End of the world Jokes, Stories that teach lessons: Poker story
e.g. Failure to take cheap insurance against any real possibility of total loss of Bank Roll is really Stupid. Other good story lessons are appreaciated.



Wed Jan 25, 2017 6:53 am


No new posts Who and what needs help.
In "political economy" we can identify problems and general solutions, but that does not identify actual people and specific places and things who need help now. Here is where we can do that.



Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:06 am


No new posts Felonies Committed & Ignored By Our Leaders & How We Bring Them To Justice
Here we point out the crimes our present Three Monkey Society leaders commit and How they use their control of big government and business to avoid prosecuting each other. We need names, dates, actions and especially inactions on glaring evidence of crimes by leaders and big business. Who the judges are that give them cover. Who are the elected representatives who will not demand the Law be enforced? Who will demand these legislators say they sill so enforce and call them on it when they don't instantly. Above all, we must track Who Gives Them Money ultimately, through which front organizations? In a society where no one is above the Law, accountability starts at the top, or Liberty and Justice for All die. Come on fellow citizens, which of you will act in public at the only central place we can meet to do this, the No 1st Cost List. Do I stand alone?



Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:34 am


No new posts The Peanut Gallery
Anybody who registers can talk about what is said in any N1CL forum, particularly Full Member forums. Comments on how its said, what is said, and anything else said in any forum are welcomed. Feedback, especially anonymous feedback can be very useful.
We will send a "you have been mentioned" e-mail to any Full Member mentioned by name or n1cl#, and any non- Member Registrant who is mentioned by their registration handle.
No swear words or personal attacks. e.g. "You f-----g moron." is a no no. Repeat it and you will be banned upon verified complaint. But "Your proposal is simple minded, moronic, poorly thought out, etc because....." is fine. In short, attack ideas, not the person.



Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:43 am


No new posts Reviews of Health suggestions & products by those who have tried them.
When I buy anything online I love those with lots of reviews, because you learn what the effects are from many people. The benefit is that we can learn which products and suggestions fix our unique problems, and which don't, keeping us healthy without the self-serving medical establishment interfering with our free exchange of useful health information, as guaranteed in USA's first amendment. The cost of healthcare will literally drop by well over half after we start doing this. Anyone can do a review, try to be as accurate as possible, include the details. We will use a 5 star rating. Let's find out what works for what.



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This URL is for those of you who deny the E-Ts existence.

Click on "evidence" at SiriusDisclosure.com The Disclosure Project has over 800 govt witnesses who swore before Congress to their direct E-T contacts.

This climate url speaks to how corrupt much of our scientific establishment has become.

Why rising CO2 levels Can NOT cause global warming.

Cimate Fraud Whistleblower Rewards Program

Why is handling the massive scientific disagreement with the AGW(Anthropogenic Global Warming = (man caused) proponents crucial to disconnecting Earth's Anti-Matter debt?

Our leaders and thus most of you will not seek the truth about our real place in the universe. Why is explained by ignorance and self service. Until our society openly deals with this easy to resolve scientific disagreement, I must conclude we will not act to prevent Earth from being vaporized.

These links deal directly with How to Prevent our Sun from exploding.

How do we prevent our Sun from exploding July 16, 2024?

How to find the two conjunction asteroids shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle.

This math is required.
How to use a circle to relate 'e' to Phi.

Confirming objective reports.
National UFO Reporting Center

Crop Circle Connector

2-4-2017 Needed A-M debt Disconnection Tools, Measurements & Must Do's

HOW can we get these tests DONE?

Contact Congress

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