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Patent Enables Instant Cell Info XCs & FTL Star Travel

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PostPost subject: Patent Enables Instant Cell Info XCs & FTL Star Travel
Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:07 am

21-1-03 edit, Changed title to "12-31-19 Use Relative to 'c' Velocity/Vector Meter For FTL",
20-12-18 Edited & changed title to "Use Patent For Entangled Cell Phones & FTL"

20-12-28 title to Patent Enables Instant Cell Info XCs & FTL Travel 21-1-03 Added Entanglement intro.

We are looking for investors, researchers, scientists, and engineers who wish to participate in developing
FTL star travel & communications while sharing in all downstream profits etc.
Participation conditions & hows in bottom section.

Quantum entanglement is, "spooky action at a distance", as Einstein called it.

It is the instant exchange of information between any entangled pair of plus/Minus paired particles,
or groups of entangled particles, i.e. the Plus particle/group switches to Minus instantly at all distances, or vice-versa

Now you could, in theory, vary which particles to switch to send patterns in code = instant messages to any distance.

They demonstrated this with batches of particles separated North to South by hundred plus miles in 2005.
Joila, lets put one half of these separated batches in orbit and we have instant communication.

PROBLEM They lost entanglement. Why? How do we fix it?

The reason present quqntum entangled researchers are losing entanglement between ground and satellites is simple.
By relativity any change in relative velocities between entangled pairs creates a difference in clock speeds,
so the only way to regain entanglement is to measure the clock speed of the objects to be entangled, like cell phones or spaceships,

This requires a way to measure any objects Velocity & Vector|| Relative to c, the speed of light. so entanglement can be regained and retained.
Hence our patent for the "Relative To c, the speed of light||velocity-vector meter" that does not need quantum computing to work.

Think fast, Only selected investors and researchers will be licensed to use and work on this tool.

We need to quickly develop quantum entangled cell phones and at least local FTL space travel.
It is highly probable that we will lose the present satellite based internet by 2024.

There are at least two ways of losing satellite cell communications.
1. A major solar flare causing a Carrington event, and
2. We are adding literally 10 or more satellites a day in both polar and equatorial orbits that intersect other
many times a day. Plus there are literally a million pieces of space debris in opposing orbits. Once a major collision
occurs the resulting massive increase in space debris that will clean out our satellites, ergo no satellite
communication. just optical fiber, radio, line of site microwave, and cell phone towers.

By adding quantum entangled communications system we can maintain communication between all of us

To share in the profits from helping develop this revolutionary communication tool you must,
1. Register on the N1CL
2. Submit amount you will invest and/or listing relevant skills. Acceptance will be by invitation only.
We require committed knowledgeable investors, programmers, communication system designers, and
3. Upon acceptance register as a Full Member of the N1CL.

Members of this group will own and share by mutual agreement in the royalties from the patents they
develop using the base patent after July 16, 2024. Before then all patent royalties will be reinvested in
development the communication system and local FTL ships we meed to disconnect our
A-M conservation debt.

We will choose from a List of registered N1CL users who agree to these conditions:
"I want to join a N1CL private association to develop instant entangled quantum
communication & FTL travel using the patented Relative to c|Velocity-Vector Meter.

The amount needed to invest or skills you bring to share in royalties will be decided on a case
by case basis.$10 million+ from a company with talented employees go to top of the invitation List.
There will be a cutoff for new investors/intellectual talent that will be announced with short notice.
Specific conditions for joining will be fleshed out below. edit them more later.20-4-09
Any patents you develop based on "Rel to c|Vel-vec Meter" are yours to keep as long as you
pay the royalty on the "Rel to c|Vel-vec Meter" to this association or Dan Alter & Margaret Milanowski.

To Do's for our programmers are described below the
How Will We Use the N1CL To Build,Test, & Use This Tool(c/v-v meter) To Do FTL?"

4-28-17 Added third claim fully described in url below.

3-27-17 'c' equals the speed of light.

Some Claims

1. Once we can measure what any objects speed and vector with respect to 'c' we can maintain
entanglement between clocks and entangled computers moving at different relativistic speeds.
For example, creating instant communication between a clock/computer on earth and any satellite or
spaceship at any distance from us in space.

2. Implicitly, this enables us to determine what "zero frequency" an object can generate around itself
at any location on the surface of space/time, to show the surface it is going 'zero with respect to c'.
Once we can do that we can go FTL.

3. 4-28-17 E-T civilizations that use Rel to c velocity/Vector meters to communicate will have a common
entangled frequency to communicate between themselves. This frequency can be deduced and then listened
to with our own Rel c|Velocity]vector Meter.
What base entangled frequency would E-Ts use to communicate?.See URL above for a more complete description. What a neat test.

There is only one simplest way to build this "Rel to c|Velocity-vector Meter". You have to use its basic structure
to create the measurement.

As I come up with more uses I will list more claims.

How Will We Use the N1CL To Build,Test, & Use This Tool,
the (Relative to c|Velocity-vector Meter) To Do FTL?

To Join, Register first, use private message system addresses to "Develop Patent" saying

"I want to join N1CL private association to Create instant entangled quantum communication & FTL travel."

Make a refundable deposit of $10,000

Your deposit or check will send you to the N1CL internal message system to list why we should invite you.

After you submit your qualifications, you may be invited to join. Your money will be returned if you are refused.
Governments, corporations, etd will be asked to invest more or they will be excluded.

Once invited, you must sign a NDA.

Terms of remuneration are, for now, listed on our Front Page(FP) and will change to fit your particular circumstances.

Those who can only offer money like the billionaires who want to go to Mars using a chemical rocket will be
charged accordingly. Plus they may choose anybody they like to work for them as long as those people become
full N1CL members and sign the NDA.

Every member of this private association will agree explicitly to blow the whistle on anyone caught violating the NDA.

Governments will pay at least the Billionaire membership fee. The price of them being "not to be trusted".
Maybe we should pro rate their pay in price by GDP.

All research and development procedures and results must be shared between members of this private N1CL
association first. We will release them to the public as soon as possible for private use once we have tested results
and members have had opportunity to file patents.

The 'group' will provide patent services to expedite the patent process.

On patenting your research and discoveries:
We all agree that the first to publish a workable idea within the group has patent rights and can file within one year
with the patent office.

However, you also agree that you will not restrict the use of your invention and royalties will be
reinvested in development until after July 16, 2024. Maybe we can lobby our governments to give us another
four years for investing these royalties on our survival, We are trying to save Earth.

Upon proof of Not Sharing your research you will get kicked out immediately, especially a government and forfeit
your share in the royalties..

5% of this associations gross revenues will be paid into a Whistle Blower fund.
We pay 10% of this private groups WB fund upon the decision to kick out a transgressor of the NDA.

Any member of the group may use the research results to do or build anything they want after we release
them to the Public, as long as you pay the royalties on your uses of the Rel to 'c'|Vel-vec Meter.

Dan Alter & Margaret Milanowski will be paid 5% of all "Rel to 'c'|Vel-Vec Meter" royalties paid into this
private association for inventing it and any other revenues it receives, plus the full 5% royalty on any use
of the patent outside this association. Our 5% will be reinvested except for necessary living, travel, and
organizing expenses.

The N1CL is going to try to build two FTL ships to be used in disconnecting our conservation debt.
Hopefully the rest of you will be interested in us doing so successfully.

We will post progress reports frequently.

Why a private association

First, answering questions from everybody would take up to much time. We will post results frequently.

Second, if I give this invention away you would not do anything. Free lets you dither.

Third, Making you qualify by paying 'royalties' in this fashion forces those of you who want to go to the stars
to compete or be left behind, also the patents resulting from this research will be very valuable indeed,
should Earth still be here.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:33 pm; edited 30 times in total

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