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21-04-07 How To Co-operate With E-Ts To Save Earth

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PostPost subject: 21-04-07 How To Co-operate With E-Ts To Save Earth
Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:03 pm

added Greer URL, 2018-3-27
added ZeroHedge report & conclusion 21-03-23
Moved copy conclusion to top 21-04-07

21-03-13 A conclusion
I have concluded that Earth's Planetary Spirit Line(PSL)
'is being used to cut down the centerline of our universe,
enabling it to split in two, double in size, and not curl in on itself'

Earth's disconnect, then reconnect to a new A-M conservation debt,
is essential for our Moebius geometry universe to reproduce itself.

The chances of the E-Ts not doing this disconnection are ZERO, with or without our cooperation.

21-04-07 Second Conclusion
However, they are Legally = Ethically
required to publicly help us cooperate after we ask properly.
We have to show the E-Ts we have become civilized by publicly
1. Politically making our elected leaders enforce our laws on criminal leaders.
To do that in time requires using the No 1st Cost List.
Eek! you would have to admit when you made a mistake in public, UNTHINKABLE!

2. Showing the E-Ts we know what frequency & how to communicate
instantly at entangled speed with their home planets.
The No First Cost List Copies E-Ts Internet Interface

Evidence and Reasoning.

Proof the USA Govt Does Face to Face business With E-Ts
Since these 800 G-13 and above USA government and military employees made their eyewitness reports
in public sworn testimony before Congress, coupled with all the abductee reports and govt admitted
UFO sightings; then I think you should strongly consider what Grandad Grumps has to say below.

Added 21-03-23"UFOS Moving At Non Human Speeds Government Reports To Be Released" at ZeroHedge.com

My prediction about when our Sun will explode Unless Prevented is conclusive. Our top leaders will have
no compunctions about doing the Thermonuclear War method to save just themselves. Wake up!

This is a comment from a Paul Craig Roberts Integrity Has Vanished From The West article on ZeroHedge.

Our leaders are actively ignoring and lying about my warning, coupled with how easily E-Ts
abduct and control us with "mind control", makes his hypothesis all to likely.

Grandad Grumps Tue, 03/27/2018 - 04:04 Permalink

"Don't kid yourself, Putin is in on the scam. At the highest levels of government, they are all on the same team ... which is the team that controls humanity. Above the visible top levels of government is a secret government that works for the real owners and controllers of this world. The secret government interfaces between the seen and unseen world. I am as yet uncertain whether the “controllers” farm us as physical food animals or they feed off of us by shearing our spiritual auras or if they solely use us as slave labor. I am thinking it is some combination thereof. But they do seemingly possess the technology to walk into bodies by severing the silver cord and attaching their own (hence why there is a big club and we are not in it). Even with the technology, there are likely spiritual limitations. This is why the protection of the Armor of God is beneficial."

I have pointed this out elsewhere, the E-Ts are not wasting our genes. Earth gone is of great benefit to them, not only by removing
a Borg like species that would attack them once we learn how to do FTL, but no more Planetary Spirit Line they can not cross.

Worse, the E-T races controlling our governments response to there existence don't seem to practice No First Cost either, but they do practice necessity.

21-03-13 A conclusion
I have concluded Earth is the planet whose Planetary Spirit Line(PSL)'
is being used to cut down the centerline of our universe, enabling it to split in two,
double in size, and not curl in on itself'
; the chances of the E-Ts not doing
this disconnection are ZERO, with or without our cooperation.

Quite a pickle. Granddad Grumps summed it up well. We are spirits, inherently copies of the divine,
and so we make our own fate. Wake Up!

"We can ignore reality, but we can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality." MilwaukeeMark ZeroHedge

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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