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Lastest 8-19-19 A-M Debt Report questions, corrections, etc.

Author Message
Site Admin

Joined: Jan 01, 1970
Posts: 357
Location: USA
PostPost subject: Lastest 8-19-19 A-M Debt Report questions, corrections, etc.
Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 12:01 am

All N1CL report authors; will use this layout for their reports correction page.

Starting May 25, 2019, I will post changes to this Front Page(FP) resulting
from a question, challenge, verification, corrections & edits by myself before its first public question.

Your present unconscious worldview locks you out from acknowledging what I am saying.
Why is simple. No one will admit they are wrong in public and counter examples are few and far between.
Not admitting error means those in power get away with using government and corporations to protect
their power and wealth at everyone else's expense, by gradually infringing on our inalienable rights.
It works just like boiling a frog, gradually increase restrictions on Liberty until you are a boiled slave
to our wannabe masters. I pray most of you think better than frogs,

The solution is the method the N1CL uses to create "objective" news. This method is the key to
unlocking your awareness of our present common danger and how we handle future public problems.

FP ToDos here.

Check off with date when done.
1st ToDo 5-25-2019: Finish email list of those scientists, reporters, and politicians with their contact info, and put this list below Buddha quote etc.

2nd ToDo 5-28-18 write "How iG and RF work to conserve Moebius geometry universe." done 6-01-2019

3rd ToDo 6-7-2019 In deducing ratio of iG to G force, I learned we do not have an accurate value for G. Once you determine the two limits of iG/G; then one should be able to deduce both values. Implications are anti-grav & navigating around and to other objects in space.
6-8-2019 Or is it G/iG as IG is a constant at all distances and only varies directly with the sum of total masses involved. It must be G/iG as it is the weakest force and the equal constant with RF which varies from max at tangent line point from mass on opposite side of Moebius to zero exactly opposite other side surface. Proven by observation that dark matter orbits about 2.5 light years away from us.

4th ToDo 6-7-2019 Get comment function finished and add author correction comment(s) that can be added just below topic and above other public comments on a topic.

5th ToDo topic 6-23-19: I have deduced what the accurate value for the G force constant down to h is. It is an observation made but obviously no one has inferred what it implied. Look at it this way, the G force has two limits, one when Gc decreases to iG and the other is at the reported and confirmed measured value of iG. That is a lot of clues... :?:

6th ToDo 7-11-2019 ToDo write topic on why market will collapse and how to create sound money system FAST.

Questions, challenges, verifications, and accepted suggested corrections & edits,
listed from latest on top, then down to the first.

8-19-2019 1. Edit Conclusions & Ensuring Liberty For All Is Required

2. Added to my Science Blog: "8-19-2019 I got angry tonight at the NYT deliberately planning false charges of racism against Trump with no evidence.
Then I realized it was recorded and reported elsewhere. Reporters can't deliberately lie, especially when owners tell them to. Ergo, you work for the NYT making and reporting the news, then we know you are liars and no one will believe you.
They are done in the reporting business, as no one will believe them, nor any honest news organization. Good riddance.

Our hit keep going up, my edits are minor, and I suddenly relaxed, we objective truth seekers are actually the vast majority. God bless the internet."

8-15-2019 Added topic under Nullius In Verba URL: Why don't we take anyone's word for it?

More editing.

8-13-2019 Editing,
1. Animation script written for Petition video.
2. ToDo Market Crash topic

8-11-2019 Made sections reached by URLS:

8-10-2019 1. [size=18]This Front Page(FP) has Eight URLed sections:
1. How the N1CL creates trusted public news for all------------------------------,
2. Next Our Top Science News Report with Proofs, Petition, & Solutions--,
3. Below Buddha Quote, who notified letter, & relevant data--------------------,
4. Invest, N1CL Hows, Pay Stipulated Gross Revenues, Patent Royalties-,
5. Methods & Materials, Thanks & acknowledgements---------------------------,
6. Conclusions on What To Do about it------------------------------------------------,
7. Our Q&A Procedures---------------------------------------------------------------------,
8. Last our 1st Front Page & Countdown Clock--------------------------------------.

by Daniel B. Alter, '

2. Much small editing.

3. ToDos = A. Fix 1st FP so I can small edit, B. fix Site search, C. Comparison program between two documents that highlight differences.

8-07-2019 1. Pruned atrting up from bottom.

2. Add another category to Section Summary = How WOUs work, Stipulated Gross Revenues paid out, Patent royalties, wtc.

8-06-2019 1. inal version Notify Letter: "A warning email sent xx-xx-2019

Subject: A life or death threat to your life.
cc: Our politicians, large telescope astronomers. and science reporters, etc.

You each were notified because you have a direct
or implied fiduciary responsibility to protect Earth.
No 1st Cost List
Speaks for itself.

Please relevant eyewitness verifications or disproofs.


Dan Alter"

2. Post topic: "My, not OUR way"

3. Post topic: "Thoughts on the Art & Practice of Science"

8-04-2019 1. Used K-Dog quote to rewrite Conclusion & What To Do; now I am stuck with being George, and I have to do it.

2. Cleaned up Methods & Materials.

8-03-2019 1. Added below Petition: "The Messier 3 globular cluster is over 8 billion light years in the past.
It will verify that along with all galaxies over 38.2% in the past will no longer be visible.
By July 16, 2020 another 61.8% of the remaining 38.2% will be blocked by our Planetary Spirit Line.

The July 16, 2018 to July 16, 2019 cycle now repeats, as each of the following five sidereal years
will repeat the 0% to 61.8% sequence of remaining past starlight vanishing. After July 16, 2023
there will be no starlight, until Earth is ZAPPED on July 16, 2024, unless we act together."

2.Changed Petition to "We Demand Our Politicians Publicly Verify This Prediction NOW!"

3.Copy notification letter:
"A warning email sent xx-xx-2019
Subject: A life or death threat to your life.
cc: Our politicians, large telescope astronomers. and science reporters.
Dear Notified,

You each were notified because you have a direct
or implied fiduciary responsibility to protect Earth.
No 1st Cost List
Speaks for itself.

Shows you how to prove me wrong,

Dan Alter"

4. Added at top above headline: A warning email sent xx-xx-2019
Subject: A life or death threat to your life.
cc: Our politicians large telescope astronomers., and science reporters

7-29-2019 Rewrote "Why did Margaret Milanowski and I invent the N1CL?" section. Expanded and clarified. on Fallacy of Non-Attribution.

Added this line above Buddha quote: "Look on the bright side, our astronomers could prove me wrong, and I would be off the hook. God wish."

Cleaned up how A-M debt works.

7-27-2019 Rewrote "a riddle:" section:
"B, Faster Than Light travel:
Because you can synchronize your ship's outside shell relativistic clock speed
to the appropriate frequency at your location on the surface of space/time; then,
a riddle: All locations on the surface of space/time have a different
frequency, but the frequency you must set to go FTL is always the same?

Why is a relative to 'c'|v-v meter needed?

Because objects moving at different percentages of 'c' have different
clock speeds relative to one another as predicted by the Theory of Relativity.

Thus synchronizing clock speeds between objects moving at different relativistic clock speeds
enables instant entangled communication between any two or more synchronized objects at any distance."

2. Re-titled FP header to "We Protect Criticisms, The Basis OF Free Speech"

7-25-2019 Added: "Why is the far past starlight now being blocked?
We are spirits, we block anything going behind us in time going faster than
light(FTL) between the two inner sides of our "Moebius strip geometry universe". At
six years to go, the interactions described in the theory synopsis start blocking all past starlight

2. Moved Methods & Materials to 4. position in Summary, Conclusions to 5.

3. Added MT: "Acting as God is doing love of us, one to one.".

4. Those above ToDos, I will add a couple more before I must do the do. Procrastination in action, postpone by adding to the list.

7-21-2019 Changed this when comparing easy and hard disconnections to: "There is a hard way of deflecting the bullet;
but it requires our present elected leaders in the USA and other countries to
make peace, and accept being held accountable. Not likely for our present
leaders, so unless we elect leaders who will try the hard way; we have their easy way!"

More pruning, Rewrote notification letter.

Emphasize we have apolitical problem blocking implementation of Hard Way.

7-20-2019 Reordered Buddha quote down, more editing, pruning & shortening, fixed some bugs.
My plan done next week. Perfection eludes us all, yet there are those blessed moments, ahh! Thanks be.

Added this key need below Buddha Quote: "3. There is a probable way pf preventing our complete destruction.
that requires public cooperation and honesty from almost all citizens.
Elect leaders who will enforce Strict Liability on our leaderships,
by voting out our present bribed, corrupt leaders in both USA parties.

Rewrote Methods & Materials ToDo put "Who can invest & How in What Must be done.

7-18-2019 Edit, prune, time is getting short. Emphasize PROVE ME WRONG NOW.

Rewrite "Why did Margaret Milanowski and I Invent N!CL?"

7-16-2019 1/ Rewrote Messier 3 section to: "Three Astronomical Observations Showing Our Anti-Matter Debt Exists,
Which Means Only Earth's Spirits Can Create It, and It Arrives on July 16, 2024
Hubble did the most recent. It saw the Messier 3 globular cluster existing 8 billion light years ago;
which is less than 61.8% from the Big Bang. As our Planetary Spirit Line(PSL) will block 61.8% starlight
from the past this July 16, 2019, then we can no longer see Messier 3 as the far past starlight is blocked.
Below are article URLs showing two more ways to confirm that past starlight vanishes at a predictable rate."

2. Much pruning removing redundancies beloe Buddha quote.

7-15-2019Change two lines bottom Main headline section to: "The bill has come due for the "religious", the "We are dead means no afterlife for me", "Dead is gone for everyone".
An A-M debt shows you have a real "Live on after death" self-aware soul. Poop, no free lunch; God, how could you??"

7-14-2019 1. Added under ...NiCL Enables...."Helping create accurate truthful public news is the greatest good anyone can give us."
2. Added Q&A URL at top.

7-12 & 13-2019 Edit, prune,
1. Expanded afterword,
2. Rewrite Captain forum description.
3. Put "How I figured out" into URL.
4. Rewrote posting rules for Full Members/Reporter forums.

7-11-2019 Put rephrase Top Headline on top right under clock.
1. 'Top Headline' from below restated as a question. Our astronomers can see the proofs now.
'(Who?) is Covering Up Proof We Could Stop our Sun Exploding July 16, 2024'
Register, put "Question" in topic header, it will be answered ASAP.
Question and Answer Procedures (Q&A) module done soon."
2. More editing below. remove topic on market.
3. ToDo write topic on why market will collapse and how to create sound money system FAST.
4. Add to topic "How WE OWE YOUs(WOUs) finance building N1CL" a very neat non de-basable money.
5. Changed 4 sections to 6: "This Front Page(FP) has six sections:
1. How the N1CL creates trusted public News for all----------------------------,
2. Next our Top Science News Report with proofs, petition, and solutions,
3. Below Buddha quote, who notified, why they ignore, more data-----------,
4. Conclusions and What Must Be Done---------------------------------------------,
5. Methods and Materials including Who Can Invest and How----------------,
6. Last our Q&A Procedures and then Our First Front Page--------------------."

7-10-2019 Reordered top FP, clock on top, put in summary top news headline at top page. Edit everything for clarity.
add definition Objective.

7-09-2019 Added under Headline: "Three Astronomical Observations Showing Our Anti-Matter Debt Exists,
That Only Earth's Spirits Can Create It, and It Arrives on July 16, 2024

The latest done by the Hubble that saw the Messier 3 globular cluster existing 8 billion light year ago.
When the Hubble looks again, it will not see Messier 3, which will confirm the starlight from the
far past has disappeared. Two other published papers URLs show two other ways will show two
other ways below this Introduction to confirm that past starlight is vanishing at a predictable rate."

7-06 to -08-2019Rewrote top FP, moved FP correction link to right over story. Rewrote What Must Be Done. More pruning and clean up below Buddha quote.

7-05-2019 Added URL "Prevent A-M Debt Hitting Sun" to News URLs space.
More small edits at top.
ToDo add on more URL to new forum: "Enforcing Universal All Moral Law" put URL in News URLs space"? Done.

7-04-19 Added below clock: "Put latest editor's pick topic-comment URLs here: Pick by total up/down votes plus comments soon.

Doing Science, Politics".
Add more category URLs.
More editing, clean up.

7-01-19 Put as our purpose headline on top FP: " The N1CL Enables Anyone's Right To Publicly Report & Question NEWS".
Changed header to "The N1CL Gives Anyone The Public Means To Report &Question"

6-30-19 Extensive rewrite and expansion of "How iG and RF work to conserve Moebius geometry universe." topic.
Added under
Two Proofs Our Anti-Matter debt Exists, When It Arrives, and That We Are Spirits
are explained below this Introduction.

Added above my name:
This Front Page(FP) has four sections:
1. Above what the N1CL is and how it works--------------------------,
2. Our first Top News Report with proofs and possible solutions,
3. Conclusions and What Must Be Done--------------------------------,
4. Last our Q&A Procedures and then Our First Front Page-------.
by Daniel B. Alter,

Changed 2nd headline below main to:
Two Astronomical Observations Showing Our Anti-Matter Debt Exists,
That Only Earth's Spirits Can Create It, and When It Arrives

The published papers URLs with explanations are below this Introduction.

6-29-19 Edit FP tdo to bottom, trimmed 20 lines or more. Emphasized Political choice we face.
ToDo Start petition, then send out email list.

6-23-19 Edit developing patent conditions, prune, stronger sections on holding high leaders swiftly accountable.
Added ToDo on value G force constant.

6-20-19 Rewrote Summary and its 4 sections to emphasize we have political problem
and only an election will save us.

6-15-19 Edit Climate Article pointing out that they stopped updating DEOS Gulf Stream pictures without explanation.

Changed 'select' to 'elect' leader of disconnection = US presidency. We have a political problem, completely corrupt political leaders with very few exceptions. Don't know how to make getting elected happen but no other choice that I can see. We must reform the system starting at the top.

Our leaders secretive process of blocking public access to relevant measurements done with purportedly public monies explicitly dedicated for public use must stop.

Moved Author block for any article to just under its link.
Emphasized only actual authors respond.

6-13-19 Changed Summary 3rd part to point out
We have not agreed on a universal moral rule.:
Third: A conclusion implies What Must Be Done,

We live on a planet whose citizens refuse to enforce the only universal moral standard:
No First Cost is it.
Until we agree on enforcing it, we will not appoint the person who will see to it we do "What must be done."
6-07-18 Edit down to the 2 'past light measure' articles.
More pruning.

Edit Q&A bottom FP which suggested comment function ToDO.

6-01-19 Changed "A List Of Who Defends Their Public News Reports" to "A List Of Who Protects Anyone's Right To Report News"
at very top FP

Added headline just below above: We will, above all, protect anyone's right to speak freely on any subject.

5-30-19 Added "Introduction" to What Must Be Done at bottom FP above original Q&A
Added Intro to "Methods & Materials just below What Must Be Done.
Edited above introduction for these correction pages.

5-28-19 ToDo: write Put URL "How iG and RF work to conserve Moebius geometry universe."

5-27-2019 1. More pruning and editing. In "How I figured Out" section introduced it with It started as a question og liability, then explained Coases's question and implications.
2. Wrote section explaining Theoretical background with iG and RF included.
3. Added topic "How iG and RF work to conserve Moebius geometry universe."

1. Finished the above introduction to this 'correction list' for the N1CL FP.
2. ToDo Finish email list of those scientists, reporters, and politicians with their contact info, and put this list below Buddha quote etc.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Mon Aug 19, 2019 8:14 am; edited 90 times in total

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