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On Doing Science
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PostPost subject: On Doing Science
Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 12:40 pm

6-1--2006 Scientists try to create a theory that makes perfect predictions.
Ergo, the only path to 'perfect' theories must go through wrong predictions = our errors, first.
All theories begin and end with us. No wonder we don't like mirrors.

5-03-2007 Science is all about due process, just like democracy.

It is a trade, a craft, an art, an adventure.

I am lucky, I am self taught. A necessity given where science was and is at on Earth. Since I have children and I would like it if they choose to be scientists, this 'topic' is my attempt to teach them and anyone else who thinks about becoming a scientist some of what I have learned about my trade.

One thing I know for sure is that making a discovery, figuring out what is actually going on for the first time feels wonderful. I have felt it more than once. I have truly been blessed.

First rule: get to the edge between what we know and don't know, find a question, then step across the line with a prediction about how to answer it. Your off and running.

5-20-2007 Right now I am working on the dual origin coordinate system required to model a moebius. It has very interesting properties. I showed a young lady how it worked by showing her a moebius strip and explaining why you needed two origins to see each of the 'perpindicular pair points' that define our two sided surface. i.e. you can not see every point on surface from only one origin, at best just half.

The Riemann hypothesis seems relevant here. More later. The 'critical line' could be the edge of a moebius strip as defined from moebius equation. With dual origin coordinate system may explain Riemann's conjecture about complex plane.

In practicing science at a fundamental level it is always required that you show what you have learned to people of ordinary education: Show and Tell with only measures of cause and effect we all can see used.

I think one of the biggest problems with theoretical scientists is that they get to abstract. Ultimately, if we can not see, touch, bite, smell a theories predictions, it ain't science, just Bull.

5-23-2007 Since the simplest set of symbols one can devise define the basis of a good theory, e.g. e = mcc; and there is not much more abstract than these symbols that directly reflect 'abstractions' of logical rules and concepts. but since they are of reality, no matter how tiny the use of e = mcc in there construction; then necessarily they innately reflect realities basic 'abstractions'.

6-12-2007 I figured out the Phi circle day before yesterday. It gives us the 'dual origin' coordinate system we need to see both ends of all the two sided surfaces pair points from 'outside'. It lets us put ourselves outside out moebius using our imaginations. It will let us see where our 'conservation debt' goes after we disconnect it. I have never felt comfortable not knowing this. After all, it is our poop. It belongs to us.

This ' deduced circle' makes me uncomfortable. It points to an outside we can not see yet. I always knew I would reach a new edge and here it is. For now, I only have undefined questions, we will have to find most of the answers by asking the right questions.

This final component for finishing the equation has filled me with forboding instead of elation at a major discovery. I had always wanted to be wrong about our conservation debt. Knew I wasn't, but now once the proof for this is done, we are cooked unless the rest of you wake up.

It is certainly not the dying that bothers me. I look forward to the other side. It is us. Denial is a kind word to describe our actions towards each other and the planet. My 'that' prediction has been on the front page of this site for over 18 months and not one question about it, not one, Wowsers. Not even a 'your crazy'. Complete ignoring is the biggest denial tell of all.

6-13-2007 Must get proof done of Phi/phi. All they need to show is that: "If and only If you place a Phi diameter circle around a moebius of phi diameter that intersects bowtie point axis of phi moebius, then Phi circle is the only circumference circle where one can draw two lines from opposite sides of Phi circles circumference to ALL perpindicular pair points of phi diameter moebius. Ergo any other diameter circle will have points on circle 'shaded'."

Contact Robert Kaplan at Harvard, Gerard Hawkins and head math at UW Jack Lee. Ran into Kieth at Dexter today and he was trying to poke holes in it by deforming shape of Moebius and wound up confirming when he realized one could reduce all 3-d shapes to 2-d.

About using Phi/phi to see between two sides of moebius, it seems obvious that by rotating Phi circle with respect to internal moebius one could draw a straight line from edge to edge of Phi between two sides of moebius and that one can deduce the angle of rotation needed to do this.

What about time, going backwards and forwards in time. Once we can deduce our locatioon 'outside of surface of moebius' does that not put us outside of time? yet i know there are constraints. we still can not remain in a body and go behind ourselves in time.

Must check out crop circle DB. It seems logical that if E-Ts have discovered this Phi/phi relationship, it would be reflected in some of their circles. I have always thought that since they were using a 'ritual hierglyph' warning, they did not have base equation. We'll see.

6-15-2007 Since 'doing science' is a public business, publishing discoveries and new data is required; thats why the List was invented. Right now, I must write an article on my Phi/phi discovery that meets the criteria that anyone with an adequate high school education can understand it.

So what questions must the 'gentle reader' have answered to understand what you are explaining?

1. Why is defining your coodinate system important with respect to the field of data you are explaining. In my case our 'moebius strip shaped universe'.
a) Explain by outlining what led to this discovery.

2. Why is Phi/phi so important = fundamental?
a) start with why Euclid had to develop the "Extreme to mean ratio" and conclude with "universe reeks Phi/phi".

3. How does one use this new 'coor. system' to observe and measure the data?
a) two 'origins'?
b) How do two 'origins' resolve down to one center of a circle where we implicitly sit/
c) Why does this let us step 'outside' our universe in at least our imaginations?

4. What possible measurements could verify that we live in moebius universe? (thats a good one)

5. How do we use this coor system to 'see' between two sides of surface/
a) Why two sides of surface?

6. What are the implications?
a) for doing science in future?
b) practical, i.e. navigation = locate oneself in universe.
c) Why does it give us Star Travel?

7. How does this relate to our immediate global problem, 'Our A-M debt?

8. Where do we go from here = conclusions?
a) Why out symbols must in the end reflect the basic structure of universe? Is this a Platonic Ideal?

9. Notes and Bibliography: I like notes in text if they are short and to the point.

I must start with an abstract which would basicly be the above outline.

Methods and Materials: The Questions, Published confirming observations(your job is to find the disconfirming ones, needless to say, i don't know of any), Reason through to necessary conclusions, Tests to verify or disconfirm.

Questions Raised: These are both practical and speculative, the latter being most improtant.

This last category should go under Conclusions or be part of conclusions.

As usual, I never read the directions first( I have looked at 'how to write a scientific paper book before a long time ago.). I do intend this to be a real 'scientific paper' so I will try to meet the forms presently used; but I will write it first using above form and then perhaps change if past forms meet my intentions.

6-15-2007 This is a list ToDo Suggestion. In building this Interface, the one thing I have come to appreaciate is "No Questions". That meant I got to go back and edit and remove spelling, grammer, and stupid errors. Also i got to "take back" things I said. It is not a real permanent "Public Record" yet.

So a QUESTION, Since I liked being able to edit what I said first using the actual Entry Form; and in fact, my own feedback plus others is appreciated and absolutely necessary, and the purpose of Questioning what we say on the record is to Correct Mistakes and Learn New Things; ergo: Why Can't We have A Grace Period = Edit Period for this to occur before we fix the record? We can keep track of the changes ala WriteBoards.

6-26-2007 What are we conserving? With our Phi x phi = 1 coordinate system we can answer that question. How much faster must we move between two sides to maintain conservation? What can't we change = the past = all of the past? Questions, questions, I will dream on it. I try to sleep 10 or more hours a day. Take b-6 50-100 mgs before sleeping and you can remember your dreams much better. Dream, dream, so nap nap. Its a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Tue Feb 18, 2020 2:16 pm; edited 1 time in total

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