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10-26-2019 Changing How You See Your Place In Our Universe
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Joined: Jan 01, 1970
Posts: 363
Location: USA
PostPost subject: 10-26-2019 Changing How You See Your Place In Our Universe
Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:38 am

Below this Preface are dated entries starting 10-19-2019 to 10-25-2019 entry on specific topics ordered
1st on top to last on bottom.

Writing this Front Page(FP) turned out to be more about teaching myself than awakening you
and everyone on Earth to the preventable danger we all face.

The truth about real scientific and political questions is hard to come by. It takes open to all public
disagreements to answer a public question. In short an actually enforced First Amendment.
Real free speech is always detested by the most insiders in high places, so when the enormous costs
of these covered up "contradictions" inevitably become public, suddenly heads roll.

Many thousands or more of you already know of this prediction as several bots and individual people
are always on the site. Yet not one question or comment from a stranger in 8 million non search
engine hits. I understand the enormity of what I am predicting, but not one question???.

Why no questions? The answer is simple, few of you seek the truth without fear nor favor. Our corrupt
leaders work hard to cover-up any facts that contradict the worldview they want you to see, like their
face to face contacts with E-Ts, click on "evidence". In short, they censor what you hear.
and you have to have approval from "the authorities" to speak. Say something they don't like, then
they first ignore you, then when your voice is heard they will slander and defame you.

As a scientist, it is just accurate facts and reasoning that count, not your wants, or pocketbook,
or others approval that matter. Your non response has made me realize that most people would rather
die than open their minds to changing how they see things. I'm stiff-necked myself in that regard.

We now have seemingly raised a generation of young people incapable of admitting that they don't know
or unable to admit when they are wrong. This suicidal behavior is deliberately encouraged by our corrupt
leaderships to maintain their power and control over us. We actually have a constitutional First Amendment
right to Free Speech = right to Publicly Disagree, yet you teach our children in public schools not to listen
and respond to disagreements?? High insiders block public criticisms for gain, which means those
who support shielding our children from answering criticisms are supporting corrupt insiders who think
you are ignorant sheep to be sheared.

Below I will describe some results of our societies pathological behavior, a disease called
Not Seeking The Truth going wherever the inquiry leads..The cure is obvious.The question for you and our
world civilization is, "Will we consciously and publicly become truth-seekes?"

Once my prediction is publicly confirmed by astronomers; then our financial collapse finishes.
This beginning financial collapse is baked into the cake because world debt is unsustainable; but I
guarantee our insiders will beat everyone else into hard assets. They know about this prediction and
thus could easily disprove it, if not true. They have have not done so. That means our insiders plan on
sacrificing almost all of us so they can survive. Think, then act accordingly.

For almost all of us, you don't question; nor care to question your place in our universe. You assume
what has gone on during your short lifetime will keep going on in the same way; so you focus just on
what affects you right now. That is as it should be after you consciously consider known future costs.

History shows that not being affected by large unexpected, unpredictable and costly to you "political"
changes is quite unusual. The bottom line is most of you show little or no foresight = little or no
self-awareness, The certain result is not foreseen Big Pain = Learn foresight = think ahead, or lose/die.

The reality is most political, social changes are caused by corrupt political leaderships. Physical calamities
from diseases, storms to earthquakes, and conservation debts, etc can be dealt with when we cooperate
honestly. It is the corrupt politicians who strive to incite strife between us to justify and maintain their
powers over us that we must expose and eliminate. e.g. The USA military industrial complex[MIC}
who use phony wars to justify violating our inalienable rights.

For myself,I am not getting younger. In the conclusions below I propose I should be put in charge of our
disconnection. That would be a lot of work, which I don't mind when I am dealing with willing people. Right
now, except for family, our insider politicians and well bought "scientists?" are not telling you about the
warning below.
Almost 8 million non bot hits on this site says they know. Clearly the Military Industrial
ComplexMIC could prove me wrong, yet they haven't. Why they ignore is explained below the Petition
on the FP.. They put you last, Themselves first, after all they believe they are your betters..

Ignoring is not going to change my predictions. You make our astronomers look now, or wait three years to
see the stars disappear with your bare eyes. Waiting means you die unnecessarily without time to organize.

Right now, I see much of the world being torn apart by factions who all share one common element,
MY Way Or the Highway! We will say and do anything to win!! This "turn us against each other" tactic
is pushed by our corrupt MIC leaders in the the democratic party, who would cause a civil war rather
than accept they lost an election.

I am directing this criticism directly at those individuals who support the democrats. Most of you want
to be honest, don't you? You don't really believe you have the right to force people to agree with you, do you?
You do believe we change leaders with peaceful elections, not false charges of non crimes, don't you?


They are truly on full tilt. When a poker player takes a bad beat = losing 2016 election by being out worked
and outplayed; then they get mad and start playing every hand trying to recapture their "money"; instead of
acting like honest adults and ask "What did I do wrong?". Trump is a master needler who keeps these
democratic suckers screaming in anger at his Tweet needles. They compound their lack of self-awareness
by saying they know whats good for everyone else. They act like they are entitled to tell everyone what to do
whether you like it or not, and whether or not their facts and costs are true and realistic.

The real trouble is many of you are not actually seeking the common good realistically. You apparently plan
on tipping the table over when you can't win. I don't think that is a good idea right now; so how about we all
take a deep breath and take the time needed to figure out where we sit in our universe right now?

I can only do what I say I will do on this FP, which is finish the video and Petition and send the emails out.
After that occurs, it is up to the rest of you. You can not claim you were not well warned. Unless you ask for
my wife's and my further help, we have family and some scientific matters we want to finish up.

Now it is the Republicans turn,
the party representing monopolies, the MIC, and run amuck corporations.
Their call for "free markets" is total hypocritical BS. Real free markets and competition are the last thing
they want; since those are the bedrock of an honest thriving society, We must break up our monopoly
corporations and only exempt them from liability to monies invested in them and used honestly. Above all,
they are not a person, and absolutely no stock buybacks!

From Adam Smith on, limiting liability was recognized as a license to defraud the public. Letting a corporation
give money to elected officials or bribe government agents must be severely punished by forcing their
dissolution. Businessmen don't like competition and when they meet they will try to create guilds, like the AMA
to restrict entry, while demanding unnecessary licensing requirements, etc, etc. Read "The Wealth Of Nations"
by Adam Smith. He describes this behavior to a tee. Ain't nothing new, just a kept ignorant citizenry. Awake!

10-25-2019 Are we starting to see an awakening. The push back from righteous outrage at the
Democrats assault on truth. The Dems are worst because they sold their souls to Hillary,
but the Repubs in fighting back are about to find out we meant it about No More Wars overseas.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Sun Oct 27, 2019 7:20 am; edited 51 times in total

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