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Our Scientific & Political Establishments Are Corrupt

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PostPost subject: Our Scientific & Political Establishments Are Corrupt
Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2021 8:47 am

21-04-01 Added Boyle quote on Fauci
21-04-08 Added "United Health Professionals" url,
added (by) as it was directly implied and stated publicly elsewhere by Boyle,
plus a Second Conclusion.
21-04-23 Added "Political" to title "Our Political & Scientific Establishments Are Corrupt"
21`-05-25 Added Ivermectin studies link and
"It is literally the only place on Earth where reporters = 'any publishing scientist'
has agreed to defend their news for all on a permanent public record."
21-05-29 Added "Quarantine The Vaccinated" from FP as 5th conclusion.

The fact that the No First Cost List had to be invented is absolute proof
our scientific and political establishments are controlled by wealthy insiders.
They use corporations exempted from liability by their well bought politicians
to lie and steal from the people. "He who pays the piper calls the tune."

For example: Prof. Francis Boyle at the University of Chicago & author of
the Bio-Weapons and Anti-Terrorism Act of 1889 reported on Dec 10 2020
"let me just report that the research was approved and funded by the USA
at Fort Detrick North Carolina level 3/4 bio-weapons lab (by). National Institutes of Health and the U.S. National Institute
of Allergy and Infectious Diseases under Tony Fauci. They all knew all about it. They all funded it. That Wuhan BSL4
was also a WHO research lab. Imagine that, the WHO being a sponsor of China’s First Fort Detrick!".

Prof. Boyle is joined by United Health Professionals, an organization comprising thousands
of medical professionals who charge that this phony Covid pandemic is criminal medical fraud.

The buyers of our so called scientists want power, not truth for all.
Both the buyers and their well bought scribes and pharisees including the highest paid civil servant
in the USA government, Dr. Fauci, along with his many govt accomplices, must be brought to Law.

Five Conclusions
1. There are many honest scientists, but above all, to call yourself an actual
scientist means you have to Speak Out in public on the No 1st Cost List.
It is literally the only place on Earth where reporters = any publishing scientist
has agreed to defend their news for all on a permanent public record.

2. As for you dutiful "mask wearers and vaccine takers"; you are being played.
Over 30 peer reviewed studies show that
One or two doses of 'Ivermectin with zinc cures 99% plus of Covid cases.

Even better, one dose taken while uninfected prevented any Covid infections
in over 900 front line emergency room and ICU medical personnel for over 9 months,
while the control group had over a 50% infection rate..

3. Healthy children do not get nor do they pass on Covid Keeping them out of school is criminal.

4. 33 scientific studies show Masks DO NOT WORK as the pores in them are literally
a million times larger than a nano = billionth of a meter sized virus.

Example, in our family we had a Covid case who recovered with lung and
stomach issues, after she was treated by Drs who refused to give her Ivermectin.

Luckily, I knew of many studies showing that one to two doses of Ivermectin with Zinc cured over 99%
of Covid patents with long term side effects. She took two doses of Ivermectin and is fully recovered.

You are tolerating crooked, well bought fake scientists who will not answer to thousands of
medical and other scientists who have publicly PROVEN these bought FAKE scientists are liars.

5. Added to top FP:
"When we choose to use the method of prevention that saves most of us;
then we Must Quarantine The Vaccinated with vaccines designed to spread
deadly infections to almost all. Ironic what believing proven liars gets you."

Most scribes(scientists), pharisees(bureaucrats), and politicians now answer only to rich insiders.
These monied psychopaths will destroy Liberty and Justice For All
and almost all of us just to save themselves.

Wake Up, as right now you are acting like terrified serfs, who are about to become dead pigeons!

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Sat May 29, 2021 11:47 pm; edited 24 times in total

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