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Why We Can Stop Sun Exploding 7-16-2024, Theory & Evidence
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PostPost subject: Why We Can Stop Sun Exploding 7-16-2024, Theory & Evidence
Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 8:41 am

8-20-17 Edit for clarity, added more detail on January 17, 1993 New York Times Science section article on Long Term Gamma Blasters.

God wish the E-Ts would help, but probably not. They have a lot to gain by letting us die. It is up to us to prevent this "event".

By the way, why would I tell you so publicly unless there was a shot at prevention. What would be the point of getting everyone's knickers in a twist.

1-21-17 Below was written on 8-03-2009, the editing is minor. As of today I am trying to find the URL for the Long Term Gamma Blasters that disappeared after I talked with the astronomers involved and the Sun Burns Anomalously article in Science News. Ask a solar physicist and they know about "the small Black Hole at the center of the Sun", but try googling that term and you get no results????

8-03-2009 I will start in the beginning and outline the story as I do when I am showing a stranger face to face. I usually only have a few minutes.

The fact we have a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter was a theoretical conclusion I posited in February 1991. It is now confirmed by overwhelming evidence published in our scientific literature. So be prepared to think, and then you will see. (Denying you are a real soul/spirit is the basis of materialism, e.g. Our economy serves machines/robots, not living beings; ergo machines have rights and can supersede us.)

One definition, "Objective" = we each agree that we are seeing the same thing/measurement with our properly operating sensory apparatus. e.g. You are reading real words made of symbols that describe this definition. i.e. Objective facts take two or more of us to be created.


Why the Sun will explode on July 16, 2024?

Deducing the actual date took awhile. I assumed the closest possible date July 16, 1997 from the evidence I had initially, and finally was inexorably led by the evidence provided to the certainty of July 16, 2024. Don't worry, there are tests and observations we can do that will prove the date.

The basic reason we are scheduled to roast is simple. No Free Lunch Forever in a conserved universe for objectively real SPIRITS to create and move their Life Forms around. However, by using a 'float for our conservation debt' created when we move volitionally, we do get an apparent Free Lunch for a predictable while. (= Diameter of our Moebius Universe/PHI = number of orbits a planet has after A-M debt is started. The bigger the orbital radius, the more time a living planet has. Why D/PHI will be explained separately.)

This exchanged based conservation theory began out of answering a crucial economic question by Ronald Coase in the "Problem of Social Cost" Journal of Law & Economics, October 1960, which led to discovery of the Objective Measure of Value used by all life forms to keep themselves alive.

This measure implied our universes basic geometry, which led to positing we are physically real spirits that must create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter when we move our bodies. This A-M debt eventually must come back to us, hitting the Sun on the way back home. Below is a description of the discoveries, deductions, and evidence that confirmed the initial theoretical conclusion.

The confirming discoveries, deductions, and evidence.

This evidence absolutely confirms the theory that you are, in fact, a physical spirit. Period. The DATE for Earth to be vaporized is not mine, it is the E-Ts date. They showed us most elegantly with the Missing earth Crop circle which is part of their 17 plus (actually 33 year) warning ritual.

In the conclusion, I will discuss why I think the E-Ts are not telling us directly.

1. It started with a brilliant question by Ronald Coase in "The Problem of Social Cost", Journal of Law & Economics, October 1960. He asked, "Who should society make pay for causing a cost to someone else?" i.e. What Rule of Liability should we enforce between us; or 'What do we define as Crime?'. It turns out there are two possibilities. Coase made a fundamental analytical error in comparing how the two alternatives affected the Quantity of Goods & Services XCed. He found no difference, when if fact, Not enforcing Strict Liability always reduced the Q of G&S XCed. In short, his answer violated conservation. Article On Coase's Error & Implications(Coase article link here)

2. I explain Coase's error and why it is important. He committed the 'fallacy of non-attribution' = he used an imaginary measure instead of a real piece of the universe as a measure common to all parts of the data he was comparing with his theoretical model. A fallacy all to common in science. (Objective means scientists must compare using real pieces of the universe.)

3. Led to question, "If we must enforce Strict Liability to maximize the Q of G&S XCed, then how must we humans work to make this be true?"

4. Show them they/me/all life forms anywhere in our conserved universe are "own time cost minimizers", i.e. we each only have one unit of time per unit time to Get what we need to stay alive. When we take to long, we die.

5. Then I say, "We measure time by the speed of light, notice I just plugged us into e = mc^."( c = speed light, ^ = squared) The people I am showing always answer yes.

6. Why must we use this objective fact, unconscious own time cost minimization, as the necessary causal premise for a GUT?
Answer: All scientific theories are created by a life form like myself, and are intended to describe how the universe works to all life forms; thus what objective measure of value we life forms all use to quantify how anything helps or hinders us staying alive must serve as its causal premise. Again I always get a yes.

7. A single causal premise = a single surface common to all things, and it must be a surface with two sides, i.e. plus/minus so as to have movement with respect to ourselves.

8. Show them a Moebius Strip. DIRECTIONS: Cut a 2" wide strip from the 11' side of a piece of paper. When you bring the two short edges together it forms a wheel or hoop with two sides and two edges. Separate the two ends and then rotate one 180 degrees, half way and put the two ends back together. Joila, a Moebius Strip with one surface, one continuous edge and two sides.

9. Show them Bowtie point on a Moebius with its built in logical origin.

10. Ask, "Since we see our bodies move, that must mean there is a real objective cause for the movement? Answer = yes.

11.I posit we are physical spirits that have dominion over matter. They have been rumored to exist before.

12. So I ask, "What is the one thing a spirit could do to have dominion over ALL matter?" Answer myself, "Make a hole, split atoms." They agree.

13. Ergo, we split a molecule/atom in our brain and one part, the plus matter part triggers a neuron to fire(experimental confirmation exists) and that leaves the other half, the cost, the minus half = Anti-Matter.

14. "But we do not see any Boom Booms in our brain, so where is the cost, where is the Anti-matter?" Since it is not in the past or present it must lie in the future with respect to ourselves.

15. On a Moebius, that would be right on the other side which is also initially as far away as possible from us when you must go across the surface.

16. In a conserved logic form like a Moebius, do we get to avoid paying the cost, avoid our A-M debt forever?

17. We all know the answer to that question. Not a chance.

18. So what does our A-M debt look like when it comes home to roost. Since it is as far as possible from us, it must be coming from the other side of the Sun on the plane of the Earth's ecliptic. I posited at .5c(we separate at .5/.5c on each side of our Moebius universe's surface) totaling a separation speed of c.

Size? Life has been on Earth about 4 billion years so our conservation debt is a big boy now, about 500 km in diameter.

It is not meant for the Sun, but at .5c WHAMO, it hits the Sun on the way to Earth, and Earth gets vaporized.


I had no evidence of any kind when I made the prediction in February 1991. It was a thought experiment. I set it aside and continued working on the equation for a Moebius.

On February 10, 1992 I discovered absolute conclusive proof that my prediction was true and by February 14, 1992 I deduced that theory said we could possibly stop it, so I have been trying to warn you ever since.

What follows is the list of scientific articles describing observations that confirm every single material causal link in my theory and conclusion and a short why for each.


1."Geometric Harvest by Gerald Hawkins, February 1,1992 Science News Hawkins is a world famed mathematician. He had discovered that some of the early crop circles were extremely elegant proofs of geometric theorems never before published on Earth. The article described four of the five proofs he had discovered.

I was interested because they were approximation theorems, and a Moebius equation was essentially a "How do you locate yourself on a Moebius surface with only observations made from your location?".

We talked for a half hour about his math and then he asked me what I was working on and I described my thought experiment. The picture on the cover of the Science News, the Barbary Castle crop circle started to poke me in the corner of my eye. I realized it could be a picture of the Sun explosion I predicted.

After our call, I did some measurements and sure enough measuring from the center of the formation to the outer edges of the two concentric rings representing Mercury and Venus were right on the means of there orbits measured at the 'one spoke circle'.

I realized that only someone who had seen these explosions from space could have made the crop circle. I was stunned into ecstasy. that lasted about 45 seconds, then I remembered I was standing on the planet to be vaporized.

What was the message given in the Barbary Castle circle?
It says, "In six(or seven) units of time Earth will be vaporized, The clock starts from the time this Circle hit the ground.".

Two independent pairs of eyewitnesses saw a light beam down over the field at about 1:35-45 AM on July 17, 1991, six months after I made my theoretical prediction.

I asked myself, "Could we stop this?". I spent the next three days thinking it through. The answer is YES in theory. We spirits make the debt, ergo we can disconnect it when we know the exact mechanism.

I started researching crop circles. It was clear mankind with its present technology was not making them. Later it became obvious that only E-Ts with FTL travel could be doing so. Anyone who claims otherwise by citing some of the obvious circle hoaxes, or claims we are not being visited by E-Ts has not looked at the data carefully, or is a fool or a liar. Our governments have gone out of there way to claim they are hoaxes and hide E-T visitation data. More on why later.

Recently foreign governments like France, England, Mexico, etc have started to release their contact and UFO data. Thank God.

I started my warnings by the end of February 1992.

2. On January 17, 1993 a Tuesday, I bought a New York Times on an impulse. In it was a Science section and an article on 'Long Term Gamma Blasters. Gamma rays are the signature of matter/Anti-matter explosions. These explosions lasted up to many hundreds of seconds. No one could explain them.

The next day I started calling the five astro-physicists named in the article. The first was in England. My first question was, "How does there frequency vary with duration?". His answer, "The longer they last, the more you see."

My oh my, the bigger things are the fewer you see in a conserved universe. His answer was direct evidence that a local conservation violation must be occurring for this observation to be true.

First Big Implication It meant that as long as the living planet died first, the A-M debt went away. So could we simulate death of the planet long enough for us to disconnect?

Second implication. There is the same number of orbits around a Sun for all living planets before their A-M debt comes due. A close in planet has its A-M debt come early, a further out planet takes longer. Thus since more potential life bearing planets on average exist as you go out from a sun, then you see the result, "the longer these explosions last, the more you see".

Big Scientific Crime After I talked with the five scientists named in the New York times article, and I had described my theory to each; I never saw the term Long Term Gamma Blaster mentioned in the scientific literature again. Now to my knowledge, no astronomer will say in public that there are two distinct groups of Gamma Ray explosions coming from space, short Gamma bursters lasting a few seconds or less, and the Long Term Gamma Blasters lasting many hundreds of seconds with an "afterglow" on one side of the exploded sun.

In addition on the site Long and short term Gamma Blasters sky map. lists all 'Gamma Bursts" as they are now called. Can't find the site anymore and now they deny there are afterglows. They deliberately truncate the data and do not show the complete blast profile of the Longer Term Blasts which last for many hundreds of seconds.

3. The Shoemaker-Levy comet's first piece struck Jupiter exactly Three Sidereal Years after the Barbary Castle was seen being put down at about 20:13-15 UT on July 16, 1991.

The 20 pieces of the comet struck 8 minutes and 40 seconds behind the limb of the planet, the exact time it takes light to reach Earth from the Sun. I remember one of the ill educated TV commentators saying to an astronomer, "Could this happen to us?".

4. The "Missing Earth"(Longwood-Warren) crop circle was first seen June 26, 1995. The field was empty the day before. See the working page I used to discover the conjunction of the two asteroids in the circle here. Missing Earth crop circle.

5. 1997 Hubble sees "the afterglow' of a Long Term Gamma Blaster about three hours after event 7800 light years away. It expanded and faded away over the next few weeks. These 'afterglows' have been observed in a number of LTGBs. No explanation given by our astronomers. "The Optical Counterpart To The Gamma Ray burst GR970228 Observed Using The Hubble Telescope" 'Nature' May 29, 1997 page 476.

6. Anti-Matter jet comes out of one side Galactic center perpendicular to plane of our galaxy.

7. The conclusive confirmation "Sun Burns Anomalously" in Science News about year 2000. It says the only way they could explain the deviations from standard theory of how Sun should burn is if "Sun has small black hole at its center.". Wowsers, My theory of how A-M debt works says, We Spirits are shaped like a very very long U shaped channel and when we split a water molecule, one piece of the hydrogen triggers a neuron, but the other is flipped into Anti-hydrogen, which the U channel attracts and Sends Under Sun between two sides of Moebius spirit and on to other side of Moebius to our accumulating A-M debt which we Spirits stay attached to.

After Anti-hydrogen passes under Sun, polarity of U channel switches and it now attracts a plus hydrogen atom from Sun and sends it back to the hole in our Brain left by removing Anti-hydrogen molecule. That Would Look Like A Small Black Hole At Center Of Sun.

By the way, black holes do not stay small at center of Suns, a real one would very quickly grow and our Sun would disappear.

I misplaced my copy of this "Sun Burns Anomalously" article and in searching Science News archives could not find it. Hmmm, I have my copy somewhere. Ask a solar physicist about Sun Burns Like it has a Small Black Hole at its center and they say, "Of course.".

8. Our universes Missing Anti-Matter explained by Moebius Strip geometry universe, by inspection. The Plus and Minus matter are on opposite sides of the Moebius surface. All our base equations require Anti-Matters existence.

9. Dark matter and energy also directly explained by how Moebius geometry universes divide and grow in number.

10. Repulsive Force, I posited the necessity for such a force years back and can describe geometrically how it must work and why. It works like this, No plus and minus particles can be exactly perpendicular to each other on opposite sides M surface. It is a straight line force running between the two sides of surface. It ends once the particles disappear around the curve of the surface. It is inversely proportional to the straight line distance between pairs.

Once they 'can not see each other because of Moebius curve' Gravity takes over.

I believe we can deduce the Repulsive Force's exact measurable nature from this geometric description.

There are more confirming observations but these will do for now.


First and foremost: Why are the above scientists complicit in lying to all of us? They do know about me and what I say.
It has to be more than fear, changing names, hiding government websites etc. means active actions from high in government.

Established insiders are paid to block any information that shows they are not in control. Inevitably, the Big Ignore will kill us all unless I get you to speak up in public using the N1CL.

The most important one is the answer to this question, "Why and how can we disconnect our A-M debt, in theory at least?".
First, in order for our universe to become this big, these disconnections had to be performed for Moebius Strip Universes to replicate themselves. They have to be done by self-aware, rational, civilizations. No auto pilot. Because our universe is but one of at least '2 to the 70th plus power universes', that is a lot of disconnections. In short, we could not exist unless it has been done many times before.

Second, by inspection, a Moebius always has a hole through it somewhere = an out, slippage.

Third, my original argument, Spirit dominates matter, spirit caused the debt, ergo, spirit can become self-aware and disconnect from debt.

The fact that the debt goes away when a planet dies before its date with its A-M debt confirms we can disconnect.

Why are the E-Ts treating us like ignorant savages?

1. Short answer, any civilization run by a Three Monkey Society leadership is, by inspection, not civilized.
a. Look at the way you have treated my warning, you have all tried to ignore the Big Bad Wolf at the door. That's childish.

2. Would you let us loose among the stars with FTL travel? Now there is an appetizing prospect, a bunch of aggressive, warring savages with hydrogen bombs and star travel coming to your planet.

3. Without an agreement to practice No First Cost by the members of a society, I doubt the E-Ts can help, unless asked in public in a self-aware manner. I pray this suffices.

4. Last, since disconnections are quite rare, and the E-Ts 'warning crop circle ritual' feels very old, they may not know how to do a disconnect.
a. They are abducting and treating us like cattle, saving our genes I expect. Its a sin to waste the meat when you know it will all go away soon.

Why is our government doing business with them? Disclosure Project witnesses and others report seeing our military in face to face contacts with E-Ts. A 3MS civilization with actual flying machines would create a "control us problem" for the E-Ts. Since our leaders are short sighted and greedy, bribing them with technology would be easy. Plus, the E-Ts appear to have literally, by many many witness accounts, mind control over us.

Why Must We Ask The E-Ts For Help?
After thinking over their actions with respect to us, the chances of them letting our government keep a spaceship capable of going to other side of Sun this July 16th seem very low. Would you let us have one in their shoes. I have heard ex military people claim to have seen short range Blink-ships being tested on our military bases. I have seen unimpeachable video by an ABC news crew taken over France in 1975 showing a blink-ship in action.

Since they are ethical, notice they avoid responding to our military's aggressive actions against them, they can not treat us as cattle once we point out that we know about our conservation debt and think there is a way to stop it with their help. We will see.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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