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#1: 20-11-29 Why The E-Ts Know We Are An Immoral Planet Author: DanLocation: USA : Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:32 am
20-11-21, 20-11-29 Changed title from You Are Immoral When You Won't Admit You Are Wrong
to "Why The E-Ts Know We Are An Immoral Planet"

Publicly agreeing on, and then enforcing a universal Moral Standard is a political decision.
The standard is obvious, it means deciding to NOT deliberately hurt others except in self defense.
Politically that means seeing to it our leaders enforce that Law using elections, especially on leaders.

What has kept us from doing this up to now.
It is those of us who have gotten away with never having to admit fault.
I win, you lose no matter what.

Exposing these liars requires a No 1st Cost List.
It publicly exposes people who make dishonest reports.

A society that lets sociopaths rise into positions of power will inevitably with FTL
let these criminals justify attacking another planet as an act of self defense.

I think those past hard experiences are why the E-Ts treat us as immoral.

It was a report of an interaction between an E-T and a lady abductee in David Jacobs "Secret Lives".
He is a historian at Temple Univ.

She woke up during a procedure on an E-T ship and said, "You don't have any right to do this to me?"
The E-T replied, "Yes we do."

A moral question with a moral answer.

The E-T said We, i.e. a societal decision, not personal.

Morality is life enhancing and preserving, not destructive. That means NECESSITY defines
its boundaries. Letting leaders Lie, Cheat, Steal, and Murder with no consequence is,
by inspection, the height of civic immorality.
Many of us blindly vote as partisans Who Elect Leaders We Know Commit These 1st Costs,
just so you can feel like a winner. no matter the costs to all.

The E-Ts can't tell us this is acting like an unconscious member of a herd.
All they can do is show us we face a life or death for all choice. Become civilized or all die.

We, the people, have to realize we must hold our leaders strictly accountable
for ordering murders, attacks on other countries, etc.

Start thinking. The common good comes first:
We politically elect leaders who will enforce No 1st Cost above all on other leaders;
or we all die because a majority decided to remain the partisan enablers of criminal leaders.

Last edited by Dan on Sun Nov 29, 2020 3:50 pm; edited 17 times in total

-> Survival Only By Bringing Corrupt Leaders To Justice

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