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#1: How Biden has ensured an economic collapse starting NOW Author: DanLocation: USA : Sat Jan 23, 2021 9:22 am
21-01-23, edited 21-01-28

Biden is clearly senile, literally a rubber stamp for everything on the corrupt "progressive" agenda.
His dozens of executive orders have instantly destroyed most high wage union jobs everywhere
in the USA and its trading partners by closing the XL pipeline = pipe-fitters union and most other
unions except public school teachers and Govt employees.

Biden has closed all oil and gas leasing on or offshore in federal lands and waters, destroying
Alaska's and the Gulf states oil & natural gas economies.

Ordering immediate implementation of the climate accords, despite the fact that CO2 CAN NOT and
does not cause global warming, instead it is required for plant growth and makes desert plants use
water more efficiently, as the greening of the Sahara reported by NASA shows.

Since the Democrats stole the election, they think like thieves = NO FORESIGHT.
Why would you destroy the unions who helped you get elected?

Biden ordered allowing a massive number of illegals to cross our borders, so overwhelming our hospitals and other
social services. This will put millions more actual US citizens out of work, who already suffer massive unemployment.
Plus he has ordered the release of convicted illegal immigrant felons, instead of deportation.

Keeping children WHO DO Not get covid out of school ic criminal and has killed many of them already.

Mandating an untested vaccine for 100s of millions is literally insane. The horrible side affects are already showing up
everywhere in the world, especially for people over seventy. The delayed side effects will be catastrophic.
Worse it is well less than 90% effective, while cheap cures 99% plus success rate are suppressed.

Trump and now Biden refuse to order the use of two massively well proven treatments for covid,
hydorxychoiquine and Ivermectin, both with 99% cure rates costing under $30.
Doing that shows they are both well bought by our Medical/Industrial complex.
That is Mass Murder for profit by our Medical Establishment and our well bought politicians.

Mandating masks that literally can not work as dozens of peer reviewed studies show is criminal.

When you put in office a man and woman who refuse to see the costs these contradictory policies inflict
on their base voters and the majority = everyone else, then you must conclude Biden and the democrats
are ignorant virtue signalling do badders.

One thing is for sure, this election has brought out into the open just how corrupt our bureaucracies,
our presidents, and most members Congress, and the Military Medical Industrial complex are.

Guess Who Let This Happen?

Look in the mirror, Liberty and Justice for all are not kept when a citizenry refuses to admit when
they are wrong. Who tolerate lies from the News Media, and literally have become pigeons to be plucked. .

Only the pain of necessity makes people think and then act to bring accountability upon our thieving leaders.

Last edited by Dan on Fri Jan 29, 2021 6:30 am; edited 3 times in total

-> Survival Only By Bringing Corrupt Leaders To Justice

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