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#1: God(us)Use Planck's Constant To Grow Our Moebius Universe Author: DanLocation: USA : Mon Feb 08, 2021 5:15 am
21-02-07 began, then latest change down to first.
21-03-17 Changed Title to: " God(us) Use Planck's Constant To Grow Our Moebius Universe".
21-03-11 Added equations for Maximum Surface Area(MSA) and how Edge Width percentage of MSA.
21-03-09 Added "What Coor System.... to abstract.
20-02-12 added EW how to derive prediction.
20-02-09 added operations made possible.


When you live in a Moebius Geometry universe you must understand How The Geometry Works?

A Moebius can only create identical copies of itself by cutting itself down its own centerline;
thereby doubling in Diameter, and creating an identical copy of itself looped through each others holes.
After the 1st reproduction, these sisters/brothers can help each other reproduce and grow(ain't sex wonderful?); thus creating all you copies of Our Father and a really gorgeous universe. Be nice if more of you grew up.

Then you can answer these three questions:
1. From whose point of view is doing the mapping from outside the "Map"?
The answer must be called the 1st cause;
2. Why is "stillness = nothing= no resistance = The infinite Black(so far so good)
must be the base premise a first Moebius = God must use to see itself?
By geometry, a single M can only produce an equal copies of itself looped
through each others hole. That process with the other M's help can go on ad infinitum,
Each reproduction doubles the size of the reproduced M, creating another equal copy of itself,

Which leads to this question:
3. What Coordinate System Shows You How To See and Measure the
Other Side of the Surface; From Where You Sit On any M's Surface?

An inevitable CONCLUSION; We are the Reproduction's Planet used to cut down
the Centerline of our universes so it can reproduce and grow. The chances of us
NOT having 50% of us die or simulate death in the last year is zero.
The E-Ts will see to it if necessary. Wake Up!

A Moebius is a single surface, with two sides and one continuous edge.
It has a built-in self referential coordinate system centered on the Bow-Tie Line(BTL)
that goes straight down and hits the center of the M's bottom side.

In order to see/map both side of a M's surface from where any observer sits,
you need two coordinate lines with each sides zero and lines facing the other;
as any observer looking from the other side sees its M universe as opposite and
upside down from its perpendicular pair point on the M's other side.
This requires a common zero unit whose length equals the edge width(distance)
between the opposite sides of these opposing Cartesian coordinate systems.

The zeros of these opposing coor. systems are necessarily separated by the Edge Width
of the Moebius which is deduced from this formulas for an M's Maximum Surface Ares(MSA).
MSA = 2DiametersPhi, where Edge Width Surface Area = 1/20.000 MSA.

This Edge Width(EW) is directly proportional to the radius of the M's center line';
so it can be exactly predicted in Planck units(h.

This new double coordinate system will show the causal relationships between all forms of
matter and energy measured with respect to Planck's Constant9h) where
h = the minimum distance it takes to measure one unit of time,
i.e. (hdistance = htime as measured by c, the constant speed of light.

This discovery explains how ours and other M "universes" operate,
These are some of the operations this coor. system makes possible:

1. Navigation at FTL,
2. Where on an Moebius and how to go FTL,
3. How To build FTL star-ships,
4. Quantum cell phones, when our present internet inevitably fails, we will need them.
5. Secure double sided encryption of unique data events,
e.g. Casting a secret ballot, recording it for comparison with time & place pf actual
vote and actual registered voter records at time of vote including death records.

It does show that an enormous and unknown wider universe
exists outside of our home M that we have yet to explore.

A drawing URL later:
Here is how to see this double sided Moebius coor. system,

1 Draw a regular Cartesian coor to its right,
2 Beside it draw another and reverse all the plus and minus ends,
3 Slide right C syatem over left C system.

Joila! Now you know what the other side sees, and so can now see
your location in the universe, literally what stars you can see at night.

Last edited by Dan on Wed Mar 17, 2021 1:29 pm; edited 17 times in total

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