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#1: 12-06-2019 We live in a Moebius Strip geometry universe Author: DanLocation: USA : Sat Nov 08, 2008 8:46 pm
1st written 2008-12-09, edits 12-19-2013, edit 12-06-2019. 2022-10-06

To explain you need to see how to make a Moebius. You can also use a folded dollar bill.

First, take the long edge of an 8" by 11" letter size paper and cut off an 1.5" strip.

Second, put the two short ends together and make a wheel with two sides and two edges.

Third, separate the two ends and rotate one end 180 degrees or a half twist; then put two ends back together. Joila! a Moebius. A single surface with two sides and a single edge.

1. The short answer is that a base Moebius Strip universe has a single surface common to all points of its space-time.

2. It is a two sided surface. Yes it is, look at it, a side is defined with respect to an observer who can sit 'outside' the Moebius. A side prevents you from seeing the other side from where you sit.

3. Ergo, there is a distance between two sides, or the 'sides' would occupy the same points in space-time. That is forbidden because the opposite side points are opposite in sign, i.e. plus/minus matter or space. When plus minus matter meet they explode with 100% matter to energy conversion. Big bang; thus the two sides must be separated by a Predictable Distance determined by any Moebius's generation number where the actual diameter is measured in 'h' units = Planck's Constant. I posit that the initial Moebius radius is one h-bar in length, i.e. h/2(pi) where the M's center line circumference = h.

4. Two sides means we can separate matter into equal parts of plus and minus matter as all our base physics theories require.

5. A Moebius can replicate itself by being cut down its middle which doubles its circumference.
However that also results in a 2 twist Moebius strip which can no longer replicate itself,
This is caused because its opposite edges push against each other expanding its surface by the equation to its maximum limit of 2Diameter squared Phi,

The Moebius must wind up choking itself, unless just before the cut meets its starting point, unless the E-Ts use our A-M conservation debt to used keep us a 1/2 twist Moebius with room to grow.

1. A Moebius geometry universe explains where the Anti-matter is that our base physics equations require.

2. It shows directly where the Dark Matter & Energy is.

3. It explains the why & how of Entanglement.

4. All generations of initial One Twist Moebius can theoretically go to any other point on the surface of space-time of any other 1/2 twist base universe Moebiui. Theory and doing are two separate animals.

Add more later.

I deal with with this issue directly and tangentially in other articles and topics as I explain how I deduced the existence of our conservation debt.

Questions would make me explain this better.
Last edited by Dan on Thu Oct 06, 2022 6:00 am; edited 15 times in total

#2: Re: Why do we live in a Moebius Strip geometry universe? Author: Daniel : Thu Dec 11, 2008 9:10 am
So what is the "matter" between the two sides of the moebius?

#3: What is matter between sides surface Moebius universe? Author: DanLocation: USA : Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:37 am
No matter just frequencies/energy. To go between, you have to change into an opposite set of frequencies; or have the energy to punch through to the other side, e.g. "Huge Anti-Matter particle jets shoot out of only one side of many galactic cores.".

-> n1cl-1 Dan Alter's forum

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