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#1: E-Ts do know why disconnection is in their self-interest. Author: DanLocation: USA : Sat Jul 11, 2009 6:36 am
20-11-18, 1st posted 4-24-15

20-11-18 comment, A successful disconnection can only occur after we hold our present leaders criminally accountable. EEk!, that is a process they will resist with every foul means at their disposal.
Doing that collectively is our only out. Should our present corrupt leaders succeed in using the thermonuclear war method, I expect the E-Ts will keep the planet for themselves. They win either way, we become moral or the E-Ts wind up with a nice water planet after the radiation settles down.

4-24-15 I just realized this, the E-Ts do know why a successful disconnection is in their self interest.

My first reaction to the Barbary Castle was this was a ritual, a very old ritual and that they did not know how to do a disconnect. I kept thinking, how could that be true? But the 50% die off in last year would have been seen by them, just by accident with enough trials, so the "ritual" is a justification for them causing the 50% die-off.

Ergo, the E-Ts know a disconnect is beneficial to them. Telling us, given we are unaware, would generate resistance.

Let me list the ways:

1. Planetary Spirit Line disappears and you do not even see the new one outside the Sun for millions of years.

2. Every E-T race that does business here, now has a straight shot here to continue to meet and do business. You lose the 'reef in space-time' and keep the planet. How sweet.

3. You keep all your built-up infrastructure here.

4. You keep all your present local suppliers and use of resources like water.

5. Do business, make friends. We do like to truck and barter here on Earth.

6. They get to repopulate Earth with their kind.

7. Maybe even save a few of us. Good for the conscience.

You get the idea.

I like us doing the disconnection. I know how to save many more of us than the E-Ts will.

Times awasting. Please help us now.
Last edited by Dan on Wed Nov 18, 2020 8:53 am; edited 2 times in total

#2: Re: E-Ts don't know why disconnection is in their self-inter Author: DanLocation: USA : Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:57 am
Upon reflection, they do know why they are doing as little as possible to help us We need to grow up as a society. Until we know what the "Objective measure of the General Welfare" is, then we can not be trusted with star travel. It would be tantamount to killing themselves up to planet deaths we would cause in our quest for empire.

Look at how the US is behaving as we speak. Attacking two poor countries as far as you can get away from us on Earth. Neither of which has done anything to us except try to be independent.

My oh my, there are little signs we may be waking up. Lets pray so.

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