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#1: "Why we are of one mind." Author: DanLocation: USA : Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:04 pm
(2-9-17 edit) We all see through the eye of I. We share this one universal kind of mind, and so can consciously become of one mind. The Buddhists described this split between the one and all as the Atman = individual and the Brahman = universal mind, the base energy of existence. Schrodinger expanded on this in describing how modern physics showed that the "observer" the one, is always one with the 'observed".

So the real 'objective' scientific question is: How do we do that?; or, "What geometry permits the one to become many, each of whom share the same geometry. A universe's geometry is reflected in its Natural Laws stated in measured constants like e = mc^. Once one discovers our universe's base geometry, then we can discover scientifically = "objectively" how we work geometrically to be unique self-aware individuals.

We are Moebius Geometry Spirits, and we have all the basic powers of the first one, the Father, especially free will.

So are you people going to admit what you are in public, so we can disconnect our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter?

I will be damned if I know. I think almost all of you would rather die than admit you are in fact totally responsible for your immortal soul since God is by definition, immortal.

The existence of a conservation debt proves the above assertion, that is exactly what 'conservation' means. The bill always winds up accounted for in an immortal universe.

We feel, especially loneliness; so the one become many through self-replication = life forms. We have created a company of equals for ourselves.

The ball is in your court, will you act like you are one with your neighbors here on Earth to save Earth?

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