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#1: Navigation tools for a Starship in a Moebius Universe Author: DanLocation: USA : Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:15 pm
8-13-17 First mention of form c velocity/vector meter takes and measuring how much you are being accelerated in a Gravity well, using general Relativity.

There are two things you need immediately, one measures your speed as a percentage of c, the other how strong the nearest gravity well is.

The theoretical mechanism of the first is described in 'Einstein's Missed Implication' TEST Shows Relativity's Base Reference Frame

Speed: In practice a four faced pyramid will do with six edges and four tips. You can shoot light between mirrors at the tips of the pyramid and interpolate speed by the differences in arrival times.

Gravity well: You can use the same tip mirrors to infer interference with speed as a gravity well affects the ship.

I added this comment to "Shown by where light is" topic;

11-11-11 Synchronized General Relativity clocks separated by less than a meter can show differences in a gravity well.(In latest Science. I will put in citation later.)
In the same inertial frame of reference Special Relativity clocks do not; ergo by combining clock pairs at right angles in the same inertial frame of reference = a spaceship; then that ship can measure where it is with respect to an outside gravity well.

-> n1cl-1 Dan Alter's forum

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