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#1: Governer Jay Inslee does not know we are Carbon based life! Author: DanLocation: USA : Thu May 01, 2014 8:20 pm
Dear Washington State Governor Inslee,

In the Seattle Times Washington of April 29, they reported you said C02 is a pollutant and must be taxed.

Apparently you did not take High School Biology: C O H N = Life is based upon Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen. With Carbon being the base element because it has the open spaces in its atomic shell to combine with all the others in literally an infinity of ways.

Without Carbon Dioxide for vegetation on Earth to breath in, then no plants, then no food for us to eat or Oxygen for us to breath in.

CO2 is a wonderful fertilizer for all plants. Ask any professional gardener. In fact the increase from about 270 ppm in 1700 to 400 ppm today has increased planet plant biomass by 10% plus over CO2 staying at 270 ppm.

Gad, what a terrible pollutant, the basis of all life on Earth.

For someone with a college degree to say this implies a couple of possibilities. Gov. Inslee doesn't remember his education or skipped biology, OR he is dishonestly pushing a political agenda to screw the people of his State out of their money and micro manage everyone's life. Just another wannabe dictator.

I suggest you call the Inslee's office and let him know what you think of his ignorance and/or dishonesty.

Respectfully Yours,

Daniel Alter

CEO No 1st Cost List

I am a scientist.

-> Find climate change causes & how anything else affects Earth.

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