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Covid Cures & Links Showing Govt & News Media Lies

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PostPost subject: Covid Cures & Links Showing Govt & News Media Lies
Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2020 1:22 am

2020-3-10 Who created, effects, what to do etc, 2021-08-15, 2021-08-21, 21-9-02 edited.

No 1st Cost List
Explains why our leaders are deliberately mass murdering Earths population
and how we stop their crimes against humanity.

2021-08-21 Mike Adams shows Covid 19 has never been isolated as standard vaccine creation
requires to demonstrate a vaccines effectiveness.

Read this to its bottom as he reaches my conclusions independently. He and his company are licensed, certified,
patented experts in isolating viruses for vaccine testing. Our "leaders" deliberately ignored this Standard Operating Procedure.

European Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.
Its doubled since April 18, and only gets about 1% of adverse events within 1st few days.
The USA VAERS is heavily censored by the CDC, which is consistent with Adams report..

Latest USA VAERS(Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) from Pandemic News Covid news worldwide.

2021-08-15 Proof Ivermectin cures Covid at low cost & extremely low side effects.

20-12-19 Proven Drug That Prevents/Cures Covid-19

Portugese court rules PCR tests 97% plus unreliable

Doctors prove hydroxy works

Doctors write open letter to Dr. Fauci on Hydroxychloroquine, zmax, and zinc sulfate

Prof. Francis Boyle exposes the biological weapons origin of the coronavirus February 20, 2020
Prof of Law Francis Boyle Univ. of Illinois Chicago, is the author of the Bio-weapons and Anti-terrorism act of 1992
which forbids the development of bio-weapons. The USA wrote and Congress ratified this act. As you
will learn, the USA built the coronavirus with money from China that Dr. Fauci paid out to our virologists
at Fort Detrick. Hard to say which country deserves the outcome more, given China and the USA were
both intertwined like a pair of poisonous snakes. Corruption seems to be both governments middle name.

Hydroxychloriquine cure for Covid.
There are numerous other Doctors who report the same success rate. $30 in home no hospital,
no $30,000 payment from the govt to the hospital etc. EEK!!
This is a double blind study. Many thousands worldwide treated successfully using the above
combination and over a 99% cure rate; versus the death rate of everyone not so treated.
Sure is nice to know our leaders will murder millions for money isn't it?

By the way Dr. Siegel on Tucker Carlson you cited a New England Journal of Medicine study
purported to show Hydroxy was ineffective and also another similar study.

Both were withdrawn after it was shown they used bogus data. Hey Dr. Siegel, how about an
acknowledgement you screwed up?
Honest Drs. and real scientists admit when they are wrong,
and thank those who show them their useful mistake.
Are you working to cure people or for enriching the Medical-Industrial establishment?

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Fri Sep 03, 2021 6:54 am; edited 30 times in total

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