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The Costs Of Biden Voters Denying Proofs Of Ballot Stuffing

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PostPost subject: The Costs Of Biden Voters Denying Proofs Of Ballot Stuffing
Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 1:55 am


Election fraud is an old story. Those who count the ballots in secret win the election.
Now it is so blatant that many hundreds of witnesses report seeing it; which is confirmed by
other impossibilities like 130,000 ballots for Biden, but not one for Trump in one jurisdiction.

The cost to us personally, especially between family members and friends is devastating.
When one of these so called Progressives deny to your face that there is no election fraud;
they smugly quote the Washington Post or MSNBC who say that no fraud is occurring;
which means they are literally calling you a liar.

Nietzsche said it best: "I am not angry because you lied(cheated) me;
I am angry because I can no longer believe(trust) you."

Think of what that does within a family, between friends. Always before we had political
differences but we each accepted voting for the losing side in an election because we believed
they were honest. Now we learn our so called Progressives are literally wannabe tyrants/aristocrats
who must be obeyed or they will use the power of the state against you. They want to deny you
the free speech right to object, to call out a crime. You are to silently give up your very liberties
because their public virtue signalling demands they force you to do their bidding.

Their belief that they can ignore cheating as long as they win is intolerable to honest free
people endowed by their creator with inalienable rights.

Inevitably, families break apart, friends are split asunder and a free people will resist the
violence these criminals must use to enforce their diktats or liberty dies.

Wake up Progressives or you will in many cases, split yourself from family and friends;
while attempting to destroy our free society for power over others.

Independent non major media News outlets;

Here is fhe evidence for voting fraud
Censored News
Zero Hedge
The Liberty Mill
signs of the times
Gleen Greenwald, an honest left wing reporter
'Its(journalisms) core purpose, the only thing that really makes it matter or have worth, is reporting what is true, or at least what evidence reveals." Glenn Greenwald via The Intercept
He left when they censored him in violation of his editors agreement to not censor him.
Clusterfuck Nation

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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