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12-29-19 Do the E-Ts want to help us?
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PostPost subject: 12-29-19 Do the E-Ts want to help us?
Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:40 am

12-29-19 edit

My conclusion is yes, the reasons why are quite interesting.
12-29-19 However as explained elsewhere we do or die by our own efforts. The warning ritual i all the help we get from the E-Ts.

This question actually boils down to, "Are the crop circles a warning, a wake up call, or a goodbye ritual?". I know the ritual is very old. That was my first reaction when I realized the Barbary Castle circle was a ritual hieroglyph that embodied a geometric proof never before published on earth, "Geometric Harvest" Feb. 1, 1992 Science News.

Initially I thought goodbye ritual and that the E-Ts were not wasting the meat as shown by their abductions and cattle mutilations; but those are so deliberately extreme.

The E-Ts can take from us whatever they want, but their actions embody No First Cost, except for the abductions and mutilations. When we act aggressively towards them, they just move away at high speed.

Many witnesses report our governments are in contact with them secretly including astronaut George Mitchell, yet no public announcements from them except through crop circles.

Later as I deduced how our universe expanded through 'splits', I realized that disconnections were a conscious act, that for our universe to grow, it had to split at least three times; thus disconnections were to be encouraged. Doing a disconnection implies some scientist who figures out it can be done and then how = a scientist like me.

Since disconnections occur rarely and I doubt that any race that achieves FTL star travel would need to remember exactly how over many thousands or millions of years as they can always move to a new planet; the need for a 'wake up' ritual is a necessity.

Since we are by inspection vicious savages who let our governments lie, cheat, steal, torture, and murder to get what they want; telling us how to 'disconnect' is to let an aggressive, very uncivilized species loose upon our galaxy and peaceful E-T star traveling races. There is not a single chance we would let that occur if we were in the E-Ts shoes.

So the E-Ts have a problem, "How do they get us to agree to be civilized so they can help us do a disconnection?.

The answer, of course,is for us and our leaders to agree to use the N1CL to solve our public disagreements.

As No First Cost practicing civilizations who want life and the universe to expand, the E-Ts are ethically obligated to help us; but we have to Grow Up FAST. We do or die.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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