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How I figured out the E-Ts warning message.
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PostPost subject: How I figured out the E-Ts warning message.
Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:05 am

I might as well start with the last discrepancy and then go back to the beginning. I kept resolving discrepancies in my guesses as to the "when" they were telling us

1. Last discrepancy: All the 65 asteroids lie on the same orbit = the average of their orbital radii. Asteroids actually vary by 100s of thousands of kilometers in their orbital radius. I was sure they were showing their positions on July 16, 2009 and the first asteroid conjunction shown in the Missing Earth crop circle confirmed that date. BUT, the circles representing the asteroids were not correct, either too big or too small.

Here is what the E-Ts did to show us size, orbital vector from Sun, and orbital radius of each asteroid. They applied this formula to determine the size of the circle representing each asteroid.

Actual Diameter divided by actual orbital radius as a percentage of the mean of all 65 asteroids. D/%mean of orbital radius.

e.g. if mean = 100 and your orbit is 120%of mean and your diameter is 100 km then 100/120 = .8333 km proportional diameter for the circle representing that asteroid. When your diameter is a 100 and your orbit is 80% of mean, then 100/80 = 125 km proportional diameter for the circle representing the asteroid in question.

That is so elegant. I figured that out right after I figured out where the second conjunction was. The discrepancy between the circle sizes shown and the actual diameters of the asteroids shown was driving me wild.

Now lets go back to the beginning, the Barbary Castle crop circle put down on July 17, 1991 at 1:45 GMT (two independent pairs of witnesses saw the light come down over the field). On February 10, 1992 while talking to Gerard Hawkins, a geometrician about his discovery that some of the crop circles were extremely elegant proofs of geometric theorems that had never before been published on Earth, I recognized that the picture of the Barbary Castle crop circle on the cover of the February 1, 1991 Science News was a picture of my theoretical prediction showing our A-M debt causing our Sun to explode vaporizing Earth.

The BC circle says in 6 or 7 units of time you are going to be vaporized. After three days of thinking, I deduced we could disconnect the debt in theory, I proceeded to start warning you and tried to figure out exactly when. I initially assumed they were using Earth sidereal years. Later in 2004(God I was slow on the uptake.), I realized they had used Shoemaker-Levy comet to show us their unit of time.

Next S-L comet on July 16, 1994 at 20:13 GMT exactly 3 sidereal years after the BC circle hit the ground, they were showing us an example of that was going to happen to us and their unit of time.

Next, the Missing Earth crop circle which explained the forces involved and when.

I did not see the first conjunction until around 2005 and I thought we were to fry on July 16, 2009.

On July 17, 2009 I woke up and realized when they could make one conjunction, they could make two.

On August 28, 2009 I deduced where the second conjunction lay. At midnight, the 'you turn into a pumpkin' hour, on the top axis of our astronomical clock.

That same day, I knew I had to explain the discrepancy between the circles representing asteroids in ME to tack down a complete decoding of their warning message, and Joila, I woke up with the answer. Since they were not showing us the actual orbital radius of each asteroid, but they were showing us a common denominator measure = the mean of their orbits, so the circle sizes could show differences from the mean.


1. This warning message is very old, I will bet at least 10,000 plus iterations.

2. It is a society IQ test. When we are not technologically advanced enough to see the conjunctions; or a scientist like me has not made the theoretical prediction before the warning message starts, or I do not stick to my guns and figure it out, we fry = grow up or die.

3. It is a public message designed to go around and outside our leaders. The E-Ts have done business with them in private and know they are not to be trusted to make the message public.

4. The E-Ts are friendly. Warnings are a friendly act and they have never fired back at us despite our leaders ordering them to be shot at.

5. Besides IQ, it is a society ETHICAL test. Unless we are honest with each other in public fast, this disconnection will not happen.

6. Decode other crop circles: The message is so clear in hindsight, its syntax and grammar are so elegantly structured that I can see partially how these work. This implies that the other circles contain info we must use to disconnect, and our linguists can figure out what they say.

7. There are just over a 1000 days left to act and we need everyone of them. The rest of you had better wake up and smell the roses, I am tired of doing this alone, and I need to figure out "the equation" and I want and we need your help.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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