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The 65 ME Asteroids orbital radius and diameter calculator
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PostPost subject: The 65 ME Asteroids orbital radius and diameter calculator
Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:19 pm

7-27-17 Add "From what point of view are we looking at solar system from in Missing Earth(ME) crop circle, Earth's Northern or Southern Pole? Answer South Pole.

Why? The inner asteroid in conjunction must move faster than outer asteroid.Ergo, the direction curve points shown in conjunction is the direction from which asteroid moves in its orbit. work it out for yourself, then use Red Shift5 or later version to see for yourself.

1-15-17 Revised and clarified. Actually minor changes. Not bad for over seven years from first posting.

I predict the date shown by the positions of the 65 asteroids in the Missing Earth(ME) crop circle is July 16, 2024 at mm:ss UTC, 26 minutes and about four seconds before The ray from the Sun strikes Earth at 10:47:35 UTC AM.

At first I thought it was July 16, 2009 because the Conjunction lies on the 9 o'clock axis of our North heliocentric coordinate system, but that date was wrong. The E-Ts used base 7 = 21 years from the "start counting from date" = July 17, 2003, exactly 12 sidereal years after the Barbary Castle circle was placed down. What a relief from six years to 33. Boy wrong predictions can be nice sometimes.

It seemed obvious that the circles representing each asteroid would vary directly with their actual diameters,
but, the circles representing the 65 asteroid's actual diameters did not seem to match their actual diameters, with few exceptions. A big discrepancy??? The clue was Thisbe, its circle was bigger than it should be.

As you see in the ME, the 65 asteroids are all on the same orbit. In reality their orbital radii may vary by hundreds of millions of kilometers from inside Mar's orbit to outside Jupiter's.

The E-Ts had a problem, how to show each asteroids actual orbital radius and diameter while keeping crop circle size manageable; plus unmistakably, and oh so elegantly, show active intelligence at work.


1. They assigned a circle representing each asteroid that is proportional to its actual diameter, then;

2. they varied the size of the circle representing each asteroid's diameter by the percentage that its actual orbital radius was from the mean of the 65 asteroids orbital radii;

3. they placed the modified circles representing each of the 65 asteroids on the mean of the 65 orbital radii;

4. The E-Ts used this formula to vary size of circle representing each asteroid;

diameter of circle assigned to each asteroid by its actual diameter.
divided by each asteroids percentage of orbital mean of the 65 asteroids.

The result:

When an asteroids orbital radius is less than the mean; then the circle representing it would be made larger;

when its orbital radius is greater than the mean; then the circle representing it would be made smaller.

i.e. smaller orbital radius = larger circle; while a larger orbital radius = smaller circle.

e.g. 100 km diameter/80% of mean = circle in ME increased to 125% of its assigned size.

e.g. 100 km diameter/125% of mean = circle assigned in ME decreased to 80%.

What a unique way to show us four variables with one circle that uniquely identify each asteroid as a member of this group of 65 asteroids.

1. Actual Orbital position on a given time/date.

2. Actual diameter.

3. Actual orbital radius.

4. Actual member of the 65 asteroids shown in the Missing Earth circle by showing its orbital radius is included in the computation of the "orbital mean" of the 65 shown.

There are hundreds of thousands of asteroids; by inspection, any particular group of 65 asteroids would have a unique mean for their groups' orbital radii.

Our astronomers can determine which two are in conjunction and all 65 members quickly within days with some want to.

That is slick! In "Geometric Harvest" Science News, February 1, 1992 Gerald Hawkins a world famous geometrician, demonstrates that some of the early crop circles were proofs of geometric theorems that had never before been published on Earth in ancient or modern mathematical literature.

The Barbary Castle crop circle shown on the Science News cover was one of Hawkins' geometric proofs. Once I recognized it was a picture of my original prediction of how Earth would be vaporized by our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter, it led to the following

four conclusions:

1. Only someones who had seen these living planet vaporizations from close by could have drawn such a picture = no one from Earth = E-Ts;

2. It had a date, either six or seven units of time from I assumed the date/time it was placed down = July 17, 1991 at 1:35 UT.

3. It took me three days of thinking to deduce we could prevent it; then I started waving my arms.

4. Good thing the start from counting date was July 17, 2003 and the unit of time was three Earth years as you will learn.

I strongly doubt if this simple graphical method of showing four objective asteroid variables has ever been done on Earth before either. All you have to do is show us on the N1CL a "previous to now" published use of this method to represent a given group of asteroid's positions, orbital radius, diameter, and mean of the group's orbits for a given date/time. Any takers? A prize will be given.


"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:54 am; edited 1 time in total

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