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Eleven observations present science can not explain.
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PostPost subject: Eleven observations present science can not explain.
Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 7:30 am

2014-3-01 This is the 5th draft and incorporates "Two tests to verify Gravity moves 'instantaneously' and why important." below.


Lists eleven observations present scientists can not explain that a Moebius Strip geometry universe does. The two measurements that must exist for a Moebius Strip Geometry Theory to exist and how to measure these two base observations. A third probable implication and how to measure it and three necessary conclusions.

Eleven presently unexplained observations by present theory:

1. Entanglement, why it is necessary to explain the quantum sea and what we see?

2. The speed of light is a constant with respect to all observers using a life form = as predicted by relativity, so why 300,000 kms? A way to deduce why discussed below.

3. Dark matter and energy, where are they and why can't we see them except by using their gravitational effects to infer there existence?

4. The 'missing anti-matter", our base physics equations require 50% of all matter to be A-M and we can & do create A-M in the lab, and there are glimpses elsewhere so we know it exists, so where is the other 50%? What base geometry explains, by inspection, the A-M's location?

5. 'Long term gamma blasters'(LTGB), there frequency increases with duration, so the bigger they are, the more you see, that's a violation of conservation, isn't it? (After I talked with astronomers about them in early 1993, our scientific community never used the "Long Term Gamma Blasters" in public again, instead recently they became Long Duration Gamma Bursters.

6. "Afterglow" = hot gases from vaporized planet seen by astronomers on one side of a LTGB sun. The gases fade out in a few weeks, but no credible explanation is given by astronomers, however this gas cloud remnant of a vaporized life bearing planet is directly predicted by my A-M debt theory.

7. Number of life forms expands by replication, this is an entropic violation isn't it?

8. Universe is expanding, by what force? A Repulsive force between the two sides of a Moebius Strip surface would account for the expansion and the transition zone between Gravity propagating at c increasing to instantaneous(entanglement speed) at a fixed distance. I think that distance is the width between the two sides of the surface or some fixed ratio involving that width.

9. The Big Bang evidenced by background radiation can be explained by a local Moebius universe sized replication event(from the replication split beginning instant), contrasted with our astronomers saying a short "inflation" moment is required where matter/light goes FTL. Doesn't going FTL violate their base theory premise, no FTL?

10. Anti-matter spurts from center of galaxies perpendicular to one side of a galactic plane, so from where comes the A-M?
Answer the aother side of the M surface.

11. Again, a must see effect of spirits splitting particles in our 'brains'. "Small black hole at center of Sun" is posited to explain the missing hydrogen our astronomers see missing from center of our Sun. Black holes don't stay small at centers of Suns.
Or alternative hypothesis: the missing hydrogen = our spirits replacing the A-M particle sent by our 'spirit' to conservation debt when spirit makes its Life Form Move, by taking a hydrogen atom back from the center of Sun and returning it to our brain, which would maintain local conservation on Earth, wouldn't it?

There are more but using a Moebius Strip Geometry does explain these eleven by inspection. Ergo, Gravity propagation speed has these limits, instantly at all distances, except where G speed increases from c speed between adjacent masses, to instantly over a fixed distance.

We can confirm these limits by using the two base tests(measurements) for the speed of Gravity propagation below, thus showing we live in a Moebius Strip Geometry Universe:

5-11-13 changed to from this "1. Gravity moves faster than a h-bar second between all masses at all distances = for practical purposes G is instantaneous," to G moves from c to instantaneous over this distance measured in h units. See A Natural Law: How gravity relates to c over all distances.

2. The geometric ratio that precisely predicts the speed of light in local Moebius strip universe, which in turn predicts the exact distance over which G goes to instantaneous from c adjacent between masses.

How to measure the above two assertions is the question.

Creating a test to prove G moves FTL is conceptually simple, and easily done with present off the shelf technology.

Two tests to verify Gravity moves 'instantaneously' and why important.

3. The geometric ratio between two parts of a Moebius Strip that predicts a "c" for any Moebius generation, is fundamental to deducing the Faster Than Light navigation equation for our universe, i.e. locating where we are on the surface of space-time.

This implication is a hunch.

Measure whether energy released by LTGB's = Cosmological Constant: Some facts about LTGBs,
a. they come from all over the sky at the rate of once a week. Recently we became capable of seeing weak ones that are much more frequent.
b. the energy released is directly proportional to how long they last, e.g. The Barbary Castle crop circle shows us the diameter of our Anti-Matter conservation debt made of frozen ionized hydrogen = about 3 degrees Kelvin.
c. they are the sign of a life bearing planet being vaporized leaving an "afterglow", what a sweet name,
d. as distances to further galaxies increase, then the Gamma Rays released will converge onto a low background level whose energy will total to the Cosmological Constant.

Three Conclusions:
1. Explaining the above unexplained observations by confirming the two predicted fundamental measurements can only mean we live within a Moebius Strip Geometry universe.

2. Once we do interplanetary FTL, then we can confirm the existence of our Planetary Spirit Line and thus confirm exactly when our conservation debt is due

3. Given the E-T's warning, we better get our act together to prevent Earth and us with it from being vaporized.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Sat Oct 31, 2020 10:50 pm; edited 2 times in total

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