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9-25-16 On using zero to create the base Moebius equation.
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PostPost subject: 9-25-16 On using zero to create the base Moebius equation.
Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:14 pm

3-25-18 Key property, must shorten below.
6-11-15 A Theorem, revised 6-10-16, 9-25-16:


Define "The two surface end points on inner surface of the base Moebius zero," = Your base Moebius zero is at the end of the Bow Tie Line where it hits inner surface of backside. Any pair of lines from another point on surface each ending on inner surface sides of the bottom end of BTL surface must form a unique angle.

"The two surface end points on inner surface of the base Moebius zero," and implicitly the end point of the zero defined by your location on surface of a Moebius can be defined as a ratio of frequencies between the three common ends points of the two zeros. Common means that one of the three end points of this triangle is your location. The Pythagorean Theorem applies.

4-22-15 To use zero for division, one must use the zeros at both ends of the units being divided. It is strange that the number around which all other numbers are centered in a coordinate system, a number which must be assumed to exist for us to count, is not explicitly understood by mathematicians, but has its key properties excluded by unconscious assumptions. Ergo logical errors are guaranteed in describing how our universe works.

Which zero is the center of our Moebius geometry universe coordinate system? Knowing which zero is the center zero is the key to 'division by zero' and thus FTL. This requires a couple more things.

Why I left out which zero is easy, you can deduce it from what I say here. That deduction will teach you how to think about a Moebius geometry. We need more smart people to help.

Navigation at FTL requires "division by zero". Stopping our conservation debt without most of us dying requires public cooperation to do FTL in time.

This means public guarantees that this discovery is used to save Earth first, and not just to save some of our criminal leaders, who would almost certainly not use it for the common good.

1-24-15 Added more characteristics and implications at bottom.

In looking at what we know about zero, it is surprising how rudimentary our knowledge is. Descartes needed to put zero at the center of a coordinate system out of physical necessity. The immediate mathematical possibilities were so immense that seeking a deeper understanding of its mathematical implications was not sought.

Necessity is the mother of invention, I would not have looked deeper into its properties unless driven to do so.

9-22-14 A Moebius Strip can create all possible 3-D shapes as long as there is a hole all the way through it somewhere. Ergo, it must be defined with respect to the hole fundamentally to write its equation. The result of this equation is to define the actual location in terms of base units, in our case Planck's Constant, of the location of any two or more points on the surface of a M.

A practical result. In order to disconnect our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M), we must navigate at FTL. Thus defining actual locations on surface of any M from where you sit on the surface makes FTL possible.

Zero defines the origin of any coordinate system and of course is a hole which has nothing in it, but a HOLE HAS SIDES = the surface of an M.

In order to count units properly, we must count from one of a units two ends = two zeros. Instead we started counting from the unit itself leading to small discrepancies in counting whens, e.g. AD and BC from a zero date start. The distance between 1 AD and 1 BC is two units of distance, so unless we denote which end we start from, discrepancies are sure to result.

1-24-15 1. Which possible zero for the base of our coordinate system is the question? By inspection it must lie on the Bow Tie Line Line of our beginning one twist M. A test: Once it is discovered then it can be logically tracked though all possible subsequent generations.

2. Since a zero separates units and plus from minus sections of coordinate lines, then it must do so instantly. Observation, we see entangled pair particles keep their plus minus relationship the same no matter the distance, i.e. when one half of the pair switches from plus to minus the other switches from minus to plus instantly. This implies instant G force transmission and that:

Zero can be any width it needs to be as long as we posit info between inner surfaces of a zero, i.e. between two sides of M surface is transmitted instantly = less than h-bar.

Again with some thought this implies how to do FTL space travel which mathematically requires:

3. Division by zero. Which is, of course, implied. You just have to define it properly.

4. 6-11-15 Division by zero creates two or more possible simultaneous locations. Given instantaneous, then the relationship between any two points on inner surface of zero can be defined as a frequency with respect to base zero.

Add more later.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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